The Founders Support Ron Paul

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The founders must be turning in their--- Oh, look!

They've come out of retirement AGAIN!

"We the founders warned you of the dangers of political parties. Now you have two powerful parties that conspire against the people, plundering you while they pretend to oppose each other."

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

We, the Founders, warned you! You didn't listen...

I've sent this to a dozen people. Who could disagree with their assessment of how things turned out? Who other than Ron Paul is addressing all of these issues?

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

The founders of the Republic supporting Ron Paul

Very clever and engaging! I wish that millions of people could see this and compare Dr. Paul with the dreck we are being handed by the political mainstream. Or is it "lamestream"?

I hope that the Paul campaign will employ this poster to its greatest advantage.

David K. Meller

"The worst thing that can happen to a good cause is not to be attacked successfully, it is to be defended badly". F. Bastiat

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, finally they attack you, and then you win"! Mohandas Gandhi

Must have balance

I don't want to go "Karate Kid" on you regarding the need for "balance" , but our friend warning against too much heavy-handed tactics has a good point...though personally I LOVE the "We the Founders" piece!!!

I, too, was exposed to Ron from the "Get a clue, Rudy" debate, but it was my mom who gently recommended I visit Ron's site as she felt he was a candidate I could really get behind. And lo, I HAVE!

For me speaking to new recruits it boils down to three things. Do you want a government that stays (1) out of your life, (2) out of your wallet and (3) out of other governments' affairs? Then Ron Paul is a man you need to support. That gets most talking, asking questions, etc. From that point on, let them take their trip down the rabbit hole and see how much they have been missing out on, but don't deny them their own journey as that carries its own merits and benefits.

In sales (yup, that's my profession) we've always been told "People love to buy, but they HATE to be sold." Let them BUY IN to Ron's message, don't try to sell it to them.

But having said all of that...I still LOVE THIS PROMOTIONAL PIECE...LOL!

Seems a little heavy handed to me

It's very creative and very well done. I understand where it is coming from. But at the same time, it seems a little preachy and like yelling at people. I know the passion we feel for these things and for the Ron Paul campaign, but I think this would be more apt to turn someone off to Ron Paul than to decide to check him out.

To me, as an outsider to all this stuff that a lot of you knew and felt for a long time it took me awhile to understand and learn about it. There are two types of people that are potential Ron Paul supporters - people that already know about "The Fed" and Income Tax and how those undermine our liberty, and those that aren't quite there yet. This is a "yeah!" type article for those first people.

I first started to listening to Ron Paul on the now famous "Guiliani huh-what" debate. The first hook for me was him speaking the truth about how we are responsible for our foreign policy. The other big hooking factor for me was that here was a politician that I finally felt like he was speaking the truth and at the same time seemed like a guy that was educated on issues and spoke from what he believed and not for some agenda or some pre-written rhetoric.

For me, the Ron Paul experience has been like a big pyramid. I saw the tip of it in the debates and it got my interest. Then when I started digging up Ron Paul video and speeches, I started to see more depth to what he was saying. I now know more and understand more about our foreign policy and our economy than I ever thought I would care to be interested in. There are a lot of things that I've grown up on that I just kind of assumed were the normal process of things that now I know are problems that can be fixed. But I had to come around to those myself.

If you know someone already feels upset and understands the Federal Reserve, the fiat system, the IRS and a lot of the things that are presented in this document, then I say heap the whole lovin' helping on them. They will understand.

However, if you are talking to a new recruit (like I used to be), start at the top. If you throw everything on them at once, or especially if you approach them in a threatening manner (as in how this comes across to me), you're just going to turn them off. Most people are not going to get excited by someone screaming to them that "The Fed is the evil monster destroying American liberty!". Not because they don't or won't ever believe it, but just because they don't understand it.

There are a lot of people that just have not thought about this stuff (yes, me again). There are a lot of people that will wake up to what is happening if they are given the chance. I think the hooks are stopping the war, protecting civil liberties, and cutting spending. That's enough to separate Dr. Paul from EVERY other candidate. This message then leads to the problems with the economy, the Fed, the income tax, centralized government, and all those other things that we like to talk about on this site.

I'm saying all this not because I disagree with the document, but because I am also passionate about seeing the campaign succeed and I'm afraid this type of passion will turn away more people than it will attract. Just my opinion though.


"You never know....until you find out."

Norbert please USE yer skills on this ....OK?

Why not take some time and edit up a "Norbert lite version 2.0" and use this as a draft? Go for it and post it. K? If you can only do the "text" part.... no prob....just do it man..... we respect yer brain!!!! I'll see that it gets into the right hands... or just email it to:

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One Small Correction...

7th "Warned you" needs a "to" after it (" keep your nation sovereign...)

Otherwise, absolutely outstanding work!

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father


This is really catchy and good.

I wish the names of the early statesmen had appeared under their photos. Let's see, from left to right, it's Franklin, Washington, ah... Madison?

Anyhow, well done. I hope many people see it and get the message.

DAMN! I LOVE that "Founding

DAMN! I LOVE that "Founding Fathers Support Ron Paul" page. I'm constantly amazed at the ingenuity, talent, passion, and intelligence of Dr. Paul's supporters. Maybe that's why I'm feeling hopeful.

Flyer Download links!

"You never know....until you find out."

Here's the download link to the above "Founders Flyer"

the "Statement of Faith Flyer" as well

Hat's OFF!!! to the combined efforts of these forum members:

Max (the IDEA man!!!)
transistor and Lord Xar for their graphic design skills

"You never know....until you

"You never know....until you find out."
Sorry about that---
try this for the Statement of Faith Doc: works!
Got people doing CHURCH PARKING LOTS every Sunday with this one...
it has Statement of Faith on one side and the Slim Jim on the other...great persuasion for the uninformed Christians (and there are MANY!)

Might as well throw in the Slim Jim download link as well. Here ya go:

Great job folks! & dead link

The "Statement of Faith Flyer" link is currently broken/not found.

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