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I have just found a fantastic solution for filming police encounters.

I was looking for a camera to use for filming myself shooting and training. Something I could put on my firearms or hat, well I found this neat little camera. The Tachyon OPs HD www.tachyoninc.com/opshd.php , this thing not only is fantastic for filming myself practicing shooting drills, but also would be extremely useful for filming police encounters. It is small, light, incredibly rugged especially with the shield installed, has an internal rechargeable battery, records to sd cards which could be easily stashed in a pinch, and has a whole lot of mounting options. Just think about it, your hands are free, your not all in the cops face with an obvious camera, and you appear as more of a bystander. I think that these cameras need to be with everyone who thinks they will have an encounter with the police. Remember that police have qualified immunity, which basically means that police can do just about what ever they want, and it is their word against yours, unless there is video evidence which says other wise.

The camera is the new gun.

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Look what I just came across

in Popular Science Magazine, an eyeglass camera:


Too cool!



ps. inclding that term 'qualified immunity'


Wow hillarious

I now have ads for spy cameras on the side bar.

Qik application

Enables smart phones to send live streaming video to the recipients of your choice, and to your personal YouTube account. If the cops confiscate or destroy your camera, it's too late, your film's already been sent live and captured.

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heres the link to them


Qik Overview:
What is Qik

* Capture special or spontaneous moments on video using your mobile phone.

*Share the moments live or anytime later with anyone you choose.

Phones Supported:

How about

Example video


Shot with sunglasses camera. Clearly fast side-to-side motion gets distorted with the "rolling shutter" effect, but it's better than nothing.

Wow awesome quality and very

Wow awesome quality and very hard to spot. Now that's a good camera to record the cops!

...as long as they let you

...as long as they let you wear your glasses!

Easy fix

Just replace the tinted lenses with clear ones and you just look like a nerd.

for those who dont want to spend a fortune..but need/want

hidden camera technology, here is an excellent page with choices.
prices are between 15.00(the key chain cam.)to 380.00(tissue box camera) and all have different bells and whistles.


If you are a serious activist, or just worried about not being able to record your own run in w/cops, GET ONE OR MORE THESE ITEMS!!

I really want the pen camera!

I really want the pen camera!

Formerly rprevolutionist

the pen cam rocks!! Unfortunately I bought one a year ago

for almost 100.00!! :(


Get them now...before you need them!! (its just cool to know you have access to these items anytime you may need them!)

Thanks Jdayh, just what I

Thanks Jdayh, just what I needed. Those prices ARE the best I've ever seen!!!!!!

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They Don't Want Any Witnesses To "Their Business"

Today I got "noticed" by the bailiff that there are no electronic devices allowed in their courtroom.

Welcome to The British Admiralty Courts.

Of course The Admiralty Police don't want the American People to wake up and realize they are running the world's largest and most profitable kidnapping ring, or that they are a foreign for profit corporation masquerading as "our government".

The Oracle

I'm Curious...

...as to how many actually know what's going on and hide it as opposed to how many buy into the lies.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

I do quite a bit of video

I do quite a bit of video that most camera's cant put up with...

The GOPRO ( http://gopro.com/products/?gclid=CI_mm7zDuakCFUgaQgodVUiK8Q ) is by far the BEST I've seen, better thanwhat you posted IMO...

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I think the most important feature to look for in a camcorder

is one that immediately uploads the content of what you are recording to ur directed place on the internet

There is an app

for smart phones that does just that.

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It is called Openwatch

I have this app for my droid. I like it, it can be very handy. With the touch of a button I can start recording video or just audio, then when I press stop I can instantly upload it anonymously to their server. I haven't had to use it yet in an encounter, but I like that it is there. Also the app is free, just search for Openwatch in the marketplace.

At least the SD card can be removed quickly.

At least the SD card can be removed quickly. Pop it out, insert into phone, upload to internet, quick and easy. I bet this could be done in less than 30 seconds depending on the phone. You just stash the card or pass it off to someone trusted if needed.

Thanks DP brother

I was looking for something like this !

Isn't it ironic that more and

Isn't it ironic that more and more cameras are being put up nearly everywhere to watch the rest of us but at the same time there are many jurisdictions where they have made it illegal to video record the police?

Recording the police should not only be legal it ought to be a requirement. They work for us and we should have every right to record them doing their public jobs.


True, and it should also be

True, and it should also be mandatory that our employees at every level of government should have cameras trained on their desks, in their offices, board rooms, hall ways, police departments, oval offices, judge chambers, congressional halls, etc.

reedr3v's picture

I was just thinking last night that the

market surely will provide the means to resist tyranny as people need it more urgently. I envision ever smaller, less detectable, cheaper recorders, both visual and audio.

It has audio, too.

I forgot to mention this earlier it has audio. I also think it would mount quite well to your shoulder attached to a backpack strap.