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John Dennis: How the Grassroots Can Help Ron Paul Win Ames


1) Make calls
2) Hit Milestones: 1 million calls
3) Win Ames


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Thanks for getting this going!


As someone with telemarketing experience, I guess I should get on this. Like, yesterday.

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Signed up! This is a fantastic opportunity - thank you so much

John Dennis!!


sign up everybody!

the system is user friendly and you have a script in front of you when you call. Familiarize yourself with it and start calling!

source of the phone numbers?

Where do the list of names/numbers come from? What about the do-not-call list - are they checked against it?

you can get your 1st Q answering

by signing up and go through the website. there is a section that tells you.

Signed up!

Will start calling tomorrow! Cold calling is easier than you think! Just go with the flow, you'll be talking about something that's natural to you and easy because you know a lot about the subject. Just remember to be polite and respectful. Ron Paul ftw!



I'm scared to death of cold calling but,

this plan makes some of the best sense to get a strong showing in Iowa. All they want on this call is to identify Ron Paul supporters. Hell, even I can do that. I challenge other supporters that would not even consider cold calling to give it a try. This is something everyone can do to really make a difference.

Thank you!

Many are also afraid of calling, but after a while it's just a step up from doing outreach at a table or flyering. You'll always have a person that is rude, but there are many many more that are pleasant to talk to. You'll have so many more opportunities to make an impression for Ron Paul too... and people appreciate that a real live person is actually calling on behalf of Ron Paul.

Anyways you are right. Anyone can do it! It's easy!

It's also the best way to make a direct impact on the straw poll results.. Having a ground game for this effort is not as useful because voters are so spread apart. We need to connect through the air. If we succeed in this effort we as the grassroots will have taken our activism to the next level and we will be an unstoppable force.

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Don't be scared!

The website gives you a script, and makes it SUPER EASY!!!!!!!


This is a great strategy for

This is a great strategy for winning the Iowa straw poll. Please join.