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Ron Paul on Cavuto Show 6-15-11


Ron Paul: "Bernankee Has A Completely Different Understanding Of What Caused The Depression"

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I see the latest poll has "Bilderberg Rick" Perry At 8% already.

The Bilderberg controlled media has already started fudging the polls in favor of Perry..Disgusting.

Mr. North American Union Globalist Lackey kiss ass M.F.

Let's talk about the Great

Let's talk about the Great Depression. It must have been a very awful time because my dad spent his entire life preparing for the next one. He was almost self-sufficient when he died, almost 60 years after the Depression. Those people were starving. In our times, we do not know how to deal with that sort of starvation. In Louisiana, unlike most of the rest of our country, the Depression lasted much longer. We could probably subsist better than New Yorkers in a "new Depression" today because we have our "mud bugs" and our shrimp, even diminished by the chemicals that BP discharged into the Gulf. Another Depression is coming and the effects of the new one will surpass anything that we have ever known. In the last one, we were much more rural. Now, we are "city folks". No one knows how to grow a tomato, anymore. I am very pessimistic about our survival in another Depression.


Didn't anyone notice this?

I did not like the bad poll suddenly coming up on the three minute mark and Cavuto's remarks that others are running away with the buzz. It is like steering the imaging in a certain direction.

Rick has done nothing

meaningful to protect TX borders and control welfare for illegals.

We call him Slick Rick

in Texas for a reason. He plays the down home guy you'd love to have a beer and fish with but in reality DOES all the things you would expect from a DC clown. Namely pushing for the NAFTA super highway(destroying land and stealing property,eroding sovereignty),creating big brother mandates to force young girls to take cervical cancer vaccines(which have killed people) and supporting state property tax. Tell your friends and family! Rick Perry is a big gov Bushite.

Very true

Rick Slick is as fake as they come, always backstabbing you on actual issues. Also, I just thought it was funny that Bush-ite (without the dash) was flagged as: bushite. It is a nasty word after all. :)

Ron Paul Not Worried About The West Texas Fake, Rick Perry

Perry will not get one vote from Paul or Bachman. He will siphon votes from Rummy and then that makes Ron Paul a stronger front runner..I hope that Bilderberger runs now. I'd love to see that fake west texas kiss ass go down in flames.

Someone called my local conservative 50,000 watt radio station KSFO and told Bryan Sussman about Bilderberger Rick this morning. Appparently, pretty boy # 2, Rick Perry attended the istandbul meeting in 07.

and btw, in my opinion Ron Paul may win New Hampshire And Iowa and South Carolina. I think he is polling much higher than the establishment cares to admit. I think Ron Paul may know this as well.

I agree with Cavuto on this one...

RP should say, "Hey you IDIOT. Where were you when I was saying this x number of years ago?"

"It's easy to see what's going on after the fact. I saw this coming back then... and you were laughing at me."


I know it's not polite. But it would get some attention.

This is why RP is my hero.

He lives by his faith. He sticks to the truth and puts his personal opinions and feelings out of the public arena. This is what we should all aspire to. This is why I believe he is the only Christian in the race.


I think it's very

I think it's very presidential of him, that he doesn't personally attack other candidates

Timestamp 5:19

haha, look at Cavuto's reaction to Ron's assertion that he wants to repeal the Federal Reserve Act!!

Can't stand him...

Yes, repealing the Federal Reserve Act is CRAZY. Ron Paul is such a kook for even suggesting such a thing! Cavuto is a loudmouth jerk.

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

considering Cavuto has on

considering Cavuto has on every occasion been nice to Dr. Paul... im surprised you can't stand him.

lmao... took him a second to

lmao... took him a second to realize what he said. I didn't notice that the first time.

another BS poll up there 7%

another BS poll up there 7% what a joke

"He [Perry] would dilute the

"He [Perry] would dilute the establishment vote."


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LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

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He always does well on Cavuto.

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