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Rand Paul & Dennis Kucinich Talk About Obama Libya Lawsuit On CNN


Airing Date June.15, 2011

Rand Paul & Dennis Kucinich Talk About Obama Libya Lawsuit On CNN

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I was expecting John

to start interrupting and "eh uh ahuh meh" like he did in the last debate.

Wow what a tag team

both said exactly what needed to be said in easy to understand and diplomatic language. Whenever I watch these interviews I practice in my head what I would say if asked, and I find it so difficult to not lose my cool or tell the interviewer off for asking stupid questions or peddling status quo propaganda. These two did a fantastic job getting the message across and I'm sure a few more just joined our numbers with that at least on this issue.

They ain't gonna let them do

They ain't gonna let them do that again. That was too good.

John King - Very hard to take.

Repeating all kinds of propaganda in the face of what these two people just said. He's surprised to see the two of them together? Lindsay Graham the "conservative"? Ugh.

I think Rand should have replied "They're wrong" re: Lindsay and Mccain. It's not just a difference of opinion - the constitution is crystal clear on the issue. they all took an oath to it, and they shouldn't have to go to court and sue the president to get him to adhere to it.

Lindsay Graham and McCain are liberals, outcasts of the party!!

They should be ram-rodded out of here by now and plain tossed out of office. The Tea Party needs to get work on them!

I agree

Lindsay Graham and McCain are dead wrong almost 90% of the time. It must have taken some restraint for him to be gentleman on the issue.

What a

great showing by both of them.