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Colbert and Jon Stewart?

How about trying to gain support from those two they have a huge effect on clueless your people who don't understand the fundamentals of the issues? They had a effect on me a few years ago, but then again I'm not sure if their shows have the same guys at the top calling the shots like cnn and fox.

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Stewart voted for McCain in 2000 (I'm pretty sure at least)

He has mentioned it before if memory serves me correctly (I've been watching Stewart since he was on MTV).

That means he registered Republican to vote in the Primary (perhaps mostly as a protest against Bush, I was pretty tempted at the time to do the same, but instead registered Green as a protest against the two-party system in general).

From what I've seen, he has gone back and forth with RP, giving praise for some stuff, and coming down on other positions (such as the Immigrant Child Health Care issue, which I think Stewart responded to the "philosophical" answer, when Ron has always said that you take care of what needs to be taken care of and fix the system to alleviate the dependency going forward - i.e. give a man a fish as you teach him to fish...)

With all that said, It'll be most important to get RP on both these shows after he wins the Nomination.

Jack Wagner

He did vote for G.H.W. Bush

v. Dukakis according to the interview on FNS that I posted earlier (below)...not sure about McCain.

Over the years I noticed

they have their roles and as this campaign continues and you watch their shows, pay attention to how they handle issues and people it will become obvious to you what that roll is.
Good luck

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the only reason i brought

the only reason i brought those two up is because of the profound impact they've had on the young minds in the last few years they're very powerful when it comes to forming opinions showing politicians for what they are. that being said i understand that as of now we need purely republican support until the general election but if we are proactive in writing to them and initiating things by the time the general elections come by they will have proof of the actual popularity of Dr. Paul, simply to use their influence to our benefit. i guess my point is that they are just as much comedians as john lennon was just a musician, they have influence and they seem to support ron everytime hes on the shows, we could benefit from them in the long run if not immediately thanks for the discussion on my post i enjoy reading everyones views and respect all opinions! hope eveyones doing well and never stop fighting the good fight!

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

A bunch of clowns. What do you expect?

They are Comedians...

and Ron has been on both their shows...more could never hurt...I am sure the campaign knows who to call and vice versa...

Extended interview FNS w/JS


no mention of RP (and no others) but the main thrust is how the media plays a role in conflict, bias and sensationalism.

part of the interview was on TV.

It is better that Jon Stewart

It is better that Jon Stewart did not mention Ron Paul on Fox News Sunday. Ron needs to win Republican voters right now to secure the nomination. For that to happen, people like Jon Stewart and Bill Maher need to be quiet about their admiration for Paul if they want him to win.

good point


Both are Panderers -

They're both so in love with themselves they can't see beyond the mirror/prompt. Both of them. Only interested in what the hot topic is & to follow it. Both have writers that read what is written here Daily. They write comedic politics & they report it with their so-called witticisms. Folks who get their news from them have the vaguest sense of what's really going on.

Now - if you watch for entertainment value & really know the political horizon, it's funny. Unfortunately, majority get their political news from these COMEDIANS & consider themselves scholarly in world politics. Not the case. Bottom line is these 2 will probably not side w/ Dr. Paul until they are ABSOLUTELY sure he's the next Obama/trend.

On the upside to this, it looks like Dr. Paul is headed that way! He's the next new handbag/fuel-efficient SUV! Ron Paul t-shirts/stickers are going to be the new rage.

Just watch.

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Although I watch both of

Although I watch both of their shows - I feel that both of them are doing a dis-service to this country right now.

They have a huge viewership - and for many of the people that watch, its one of the only ways they have any idea what's going on in the world.

But rather than step it up and attack the real issues (TSA, police state abuses, illegal legislation and wars, corporate media lies and propaganda etc etc etc ... )

... they cover the most middle of the road, "non-controversial issues" - and therefore keep the more clueless in the audience even more in the dark.

At the very least they are contributing to the politically correct corporate news blackout. At the worst, they are participating:

Colbert had Kissinger on as a guest this week. Overall the tone of the interview was

- presenting him as a great statesman

- talking up his "achievements" as historic

- giving him respect

Meanwhile - this past week Swiss politicians were trying to serve him with a warrant for his arrest while he was attending the Bilderberg group meeting.

Kissinger is responsible for the deaths of millions of people. He is a leading globalist and dangerous psychopath.

Yet Colbert kisses his ass.

Did ask Jon Stewart to have RP on again...

I did start a thread awhile back, asking Stewart to have RP on again.


Young Independents and Democrats like this show, I believe.

last night

colbert did a bit on the RNC debate but no mention of paul.

that may have been a good thing.

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Jon Stewart did yesterday

and it was not a good thing:

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Both are Liberals

Neither will endorse Paul. I know Colbert acts like the conservative counterpart to Stewart, but he makes fun of Republican hypocrisy just the same while failing to call out Dems.

Stewart and Colbert ...

only care about getting laughs and about their shows... Colbert more so than Stewart. There may be hope for Stewart as he has spoken positively about Ron on occasions... Colbert seems absolutely full of himself.

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Jon has praised Ron a few

Jon has praised Ron a few times and explained how he is honest and have principle. Colbert might do the same since he tends to be the republican stand point, but who knows. Both would be awesome

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