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(Video) Please STOP Criticizing Ron Paul's Suit!

Evidently, you fashionistas have never seen the good Dr. boogey down when confronting the banksters.

"Who took the money, who took the money away?"


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not sure what's so bad in cutting yourself some slack

if just by dressing well, you can easily convert a portion of voters. he just needs to spend a fraction of his money and it's well within his power to do so.. this is too much to ask of mr benton? do they always want to do everything the hard way? why not go to debates dressed in t-shirts then. hey as long as your message is good, there's nothing wrong even with being naked, right? libertarians just love grandstanding and making hyperboles.

sure if you could convert george bush to libertarianism by defeating him in a grand debate, it will feel pretty damn good. however, if you could buy him a beer and have him vote for you, why not? focus on winning pls

voters are IDIOTS and vote on

voters are IDIOTS and vote on EMOTION so Ron Paul needs a good suit!



Are we REALLY concerned about his suits, etc?

Vote for Romney, then !!!!



I'm still confused...

The talking heads are criticizing Ron Paul's ill-fitting suits, yet, the Taliking Heads are responsible for making them popular in the first place?

Stop making sense.

Re: confused

hey that's life during wartime pal