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Libertarian Talk Radio?

Conservatives have Rush and Sean Hannity. Are there any GOOD Libertarian talk radio shows?

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Any stations listed on iHeartRadio App??

Under "All Cities" listed?
Am in the Left Coast city of Los Angeles and you guessed it...not one libertarian station is listed.

Jason Lewis

+1 on Jason Lewis.

He is very pro Ron Paul and a smart guy.

I disagree with him now and then but he is a non-interventionist anti-drug war conservative.

Tho he is pro Ron Paul, he doesnt mention him that often. He is very fair with callers too. We need to be calling him.

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No mention of Peter Schiff?

Listen to him on schiffradio.com. Also, a very good podcast is School Sucks which can be found on itunes.

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There are some..

growing libertarian shows, besides Alex Jones, Lew Rockwell, and Free Talk Live. Not sure what happened to Jack Hunter's radio show, but Mike Church, Jason Lewis, and WSPD's Brian Wilson are all very good. Then there's the Dave Champion Show and KMED's Bill Meyer, who can be very compelling.

Many others have libertarian streaks, and are starting to evolve in their thinking, like Beck (yuk), Mancow Muller, Andrew Wilkow. Even guys like Dennis Miller may be starting to see the light.

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I'm very cautious about those seeing the light....

Dennis Miller has repeatedly professed very neo-connish streaks. However, he would have to be constantly educated to think differently. I remember Sen Rand Paul in a recent interview had shaked his thought processes alittle. Its hard for the radio caller to do it unless you are actually being interviewed because the host can dissconnect you whenever they feel threatened. A good example of that is Mark Levin.

What happened to Jack?

Is Jack Hunter's show not broadcast? Whaaat? At least he's doing his TAC analysis. His latest one is on DP's front page, I recall. Still, because I've not checked, is his show not broadcast?? I await your answer anxiously.

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I like Freedom Files with James Burns

You can hear his show here.



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FreeTalkLive freetalklive.com



Jason Lewis

Nationslly syndicated. Very pro Ron Paul.


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Antiwarradio.com is EXCELLENT


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Mike Church. The dude is the

Mike Church.

The Dude is the man. 100% Ron Paul.

Andrew Wilkow. 85% Ron Paul.

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