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Delegates for 2012!

My question is what are the plans in place to help get as many possible delegates in place for Ron Paul in 2012. I'd like to see a formulative plan I could follow in my home state of Kentucky as well as ones others could follow for unbinding delegates at local and state conventions and whatnot that RP doesn't win in the primaies. (Lets hope he can win us alot, he had many second placee finishes, especially in big sky country in 2008, and lets hope those transfer to victories with the reshaping of the GOP we are witnessing and the influence of Tea-Partiers.)

Also, do you know what states have proportional versus winner take all delegate awarding for the 2012 caucuses and primaries. I've looked online but haven't found many answers but maybe thats because I haven't looked long or hard enough. :P

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become a local coordinator for your state:

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