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Need a little guidance

I have been a Ron Paul supporter since 2008 but have never been involved with a campaign before esp a grassroots campaign. I have voted sporadically through the years but honestly don't know what I am registered as or even how to find out (I live in Ohio). I have no idea how my states primary works or how to find out. I really want to get involved in this effort to spread the message of liberty but have no idea where or how to begin and it seems kind of overwhelming. Could someone please give me an idea of where and how to start on this journey? There are no meetup groups near me so that's not very feasible and I joined RP2012.org today! :)

BTW I have "converted" two democrats to Ron Paul supporters! Actually... I didn't have to do anything but get them to watch a video and Dr. Paul sold them on the message on his own. Both of them said that what made them come over to our side of the fence was that Dr. Paul was telling the truth.... something they had never heard from a politician.

Thanks for any help you can offer!