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Ron Paul as Robinhood (video I made)

Ron Paul as Robin Hood Obama as Prince John

if someone can embed this video for me be my guest.

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Very creative...

I really liked how you did the comparisons between Ron Paul and Obama. The music was great too. Nicely done.

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This was exceptional!

I would imagine it will be "pulled" soon for copyright infringement (no doubt it is a Disney cartoon and Disney is VERY protective of their stuff). But it was really, really well done.

Who wrote / sang the song "Landslide" about Ron Paul. That was terrific.

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Robin Hood, itn't he the poor

Robin Hood, itn't he the poor man's hero guy that takes from the rich and gives to the poor?

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No Robin takes the poor's

No Robin takes the poor's money back from the rich, thus he isn't stealing he is letting people keep their own money. Also it wasn't "the rich" it was the king/the government he took it back from.

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Thanks for sharing your creative work, ry!

I'm not sure how far we can take the analogy between Ron P and Robin Hood, but that Prince John sure sounded like Omb all right :-)

Well Ron Paul would let

Well Ron Paul would let people keep their own money rather than allowing the IRS to steal it. Robinhood was not a thief, he was protecting the over taxed. If you haven't seen or read the story since you were a child read it again as an adult. Prince John was also using the high tax money to pay for a pointless crusade against Muslims... Perfect analogy.