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US Warships Moved To Syrian Coast


Even as the Obama administration prepares to launch a full ground war in Libya while expanding its drone attacks inside Yemen and Pakistan, US warships are being moved towards the Mediterrenean coast of Syria, precisely in line with forecasts that the Bilderberg Group intended to launch a massive new war in the Middle East, with Syria being its prime target.

In addition to information received by Infowars from military sources at Ft. Hood who tell us that troops are being readied for a full-scale U.S.-led ground invasion of Libya by October, the Obama administration is simultaneously considering opening up yet another front, by moving the USS Bataan amphibian air carrier strike vessel, along with 2,000 marines, 6 war planes, and 15 attack helicopters to a location just off the Syrian coast.


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Prison Planet isn't a news

Prison Planet isn't a news source, I'm sorry. I agree with the comment below about it bein a constant source of sensationalist drivel or non-verifiable speculation being reported as fact. Alex Jones does some really good work but how he's always sayin, "it's now admitted," or "we have the documents to prove..." regarding the craziest assertions just gets on my nerves cuz it just ain't true. He'd be taken a lot more seriously if he quit all that.

The truth is shocking enough without all the hyperbole piled on top. Make your case and prove it. I can hardly stand listening to him anymore.

^^^ I agree.

I like to link stories I read here to other sites to spread the truth, but whenever it comes from Infowars or PP I can't do it. Too sensationalist and rarely accurate.

2000 marines?

I do not think 2000 marines are going to accomplish much in Libya unless they are going to fortify some compound somewhere. ie. like the foreign legion.


Smells like...

Sorcha Faal.

one thing I learn is that

one thing I learn is that Infowars has a 100% record of being wrong when predicting wars.

I like Infowars, I read their news almost daily, but they are absolutely clueless about what the future military actions will be.

In the last 5 years every month they said invading Iran is imminent, they announced a war between N and S Korea like 10 times, they said world world war was about to start when Georgia upset Russia few years ago...I'm tired of this kind of sensationalistic news.

This is why US won't dare to touch Syria, it would take a full invasion to take down that country:

"Syria for the few past years has reached out to Russia to obtain modern weapons that included many modern anti-tank and anti-air missile systems that will further improve its combat capabilities. In early September, 2008 The Syrian Government is in line with Russia to purchase MiG-29SMT fighters, Pantsir S1E air-defense systems, Iskander tactical missile systems, Yak-130 aircraft, and two Amur-1650 submarines. Russia's foreign minister said his country's sale of weapons to Syria won't upset the balance of power in the Middle East. The sales are "in line with the international law" and "in the interests of strengthening stability and maintaining security" in regions close to Russian borders, Sergei Lavrov told reporters during a visit to the United Nations in New York. Also Russia plans to turn a Soviet-era navy site in the Syrian port of Tartus into a permanent naval base, RIA Novosti reported, adding that 10 Russian warships are deployed there now while Russia expands the port. Israel and the United States have said they oppose further arms sales to Syria because the weapons could fall under the control of Iran or Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon.[10]"


I Agree and Disagree

I agree that it is very unlikely that the US will "go to war" with Syria (maybe a little Libya inspired bombing, come on, thats what anti-war presidents do)

However, the fact that Syria has obtained limited numbers of somewhat modern Russian weapons will make little difference. Having trained with militaries from all over the middle east I can tell you the training and discipline they have will negate any gains the weapons give them.

The more advanced the weapon, the better training you need to make effective use of them. The insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan have been successful because of the KISS principle. Keep It Simple & Stupid.

Agree and Disagree...

A bigger determent to engaging in acts of war against Syria is their relationship with Russia in general.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

You do have a point there. :)

You do have a point there. :)

I was trying to point out

I was trying to point out that Russia has big security interests regarding Syria, notice how USA is not gaining much in the area, if they gain Libya or Syria, they will lose Egypt or Yemen, not to mention the Saudi Arabia situation can be exploited by Iran, China or Russia.

I think right now is not about USA taking over Middlea East, but is about the big powers setting for good the new zones of control for the next decades.

Oracle concerning Damascus

Sometimes I wonder if someone is purposely trying to play out parts the Biblical storylines.

Some say this Oracle was fulfilled in the time of Tilgathpilneser, but from my reading of it, her cities will be deserted forever. So Tilgathpilneser fulfulling this doesn't make sense from my comprehention, as Damascus has since been rebuilt. Forever is forever, and so rebuilding would not happen. So, it could be predicted that somebody would choose to play the role as the ultimate destroyer here, and make sure the "deserted forever" part plays out. Thats the point where I think somebody is doing this crap on purpose to be sure it plays out by some sick twisted design.

Just observing some potential possibilities and a play on words on the matter, but I do hope I am wrong. Please don't bash me for my reading, thinking, comprehention, or lack of complete knowledge on the topic. I don't know anything for sure, just thinking and saying what I think I see happening.


More information....Moscow upset


"The economy's not a class you can master in college. To think otherwise is the pretense of knowledge."

Looks like Lindsey Graham was right

about this one.

It seems as if there's no end to the amount of countries that Israel wants the US to attack.

Give AIPAC the boot, and cut Israel off the foreign aid list, and off the "ally" list.
Don't vote for any pro-Israel candidates.

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Syria is the biggest ally of Iran so the whole region could totally explode...

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