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Freedom Watch June 15, 2011

Anybody see Freedom Watch, Wednesday-June 15, 2011? The judge again brought up Ron Paul - challenging those he was talking to to admit that Ron Paul was the candidate to support regarding the Gold issue (interview with Lew Lehrman) and the war issue.

It is obvious that he is trying to tell his viewers that Ron Paul is the person in Congress who is addressing the major issues today and just happens to be one of the presidential GOP candidates (smile).

Much appreciated Judge!

Here is the video with Lew Lehrman - listen towards the latter half regarding Ron Paul:


Here is the comment from The Executive in Wartime transcript:

Last week, the House of Representatives meekly asked the President what his plans are with respect to Libya. The Senate has largely been silent. Today, ten members of the House--five Democrats and five Republicans, including Congressman Ron Paul who is running for President--sued President Obama and Defense Secretary Gates and asked a federal judge to stop them from waging an illegal war.

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found it


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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

They must have taken it down

On the video link I'm getting the wrong story

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