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Cain's message -- Muslims need not apply

Herman Cain, Republican presidential candidate and winner of this year's Arizona and Georgia Tea Party straw polls, has a campaign slogan: "Lets Get Real."
So I guess he was just keeping it real when he recently declared that he was not "comfortable" appointing an American-Muslim to his Cabinet or to a federal judgeship.
I guess it was just another mark of this realness when he announced
last week that he would require a loyalty oath from any Muslim seeking a job in his administration, but would not require the same for Christians or Jews. Cain added that he has never personally met a Muslim who would take an oath disavowing sharia law--laws based on the Quran -- so it would appear that none could be qualified for a job in the Cain administration.
Inspired by Cain's keeping-it-real mantra, I am going to keep it real:
Herman Cain is either a bigot, ignorant or simply a politician using fear mongering for political gain. Regardless of his motivation, Cain is in essence posting a sign: "Muslims Need Not Apply.
My Italian grandparents encountered similar discrimination when they immigrated to the United States in the 1920s and were met with signs informing them: "Italians Need Not Apply," meaning they would not be hired simply because they were Italian.
And before them, Irish immigrants were infamously "welcomed" with signs telling them: "Irish Need Not Apply."
Now, Herman Cain wants to bring us back to the good ole' days of
hateful discrimination against an American minority group -- to return us to a time before the 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibited discrimination by employers based on religion.
But while Cain's comments are alarming, even more concerning is that not one of the other Republican presidential candidates has denounced his outrageous statements.


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Cain would never be able to win a general with that type of bigoted thinking.

I must say that I was just stunned

at this line of thought on Cain's part. I know that some of my family are into the Muslim bigotry and fear mongering.... but to see that it was perfectly acceptable to have a POLITICIAN say such a thing on national television, and NOT draw "BOOOOOO"s from the audience made me sick to my stomach.

We won't even go into the irony of Cain himself calling for job discrimination!!!!!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!