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Yes, I'm critical of the Paul campaign staff

Because they are seemingly doning nothing different from last election. They're letting our man get bullied by the media neocons without even a word of opposition. I would have thought that the campaign staff, with a couple of years to prepare, would create a strong group of credible Ron Paul supporters to "think tank" what to do to combat all the biased media. There are people out there that could help, if they were only asked, and enlisted. There's people like Jesse Ventura, Judge Napolitano, Preacher Baldwin, even Rand Paul...and many more that could be tapped for spokespeople. Media professional should be enlisted to openly question the reporting. Public relations people should help guide the national effort, and even legal council to challange some of the discrediting attempts. We DO have some campaign laws. In other words, don't take this lying down! Fight back, quickly and hard. Even if you have to step out and create contraversy, which is not exactly Ron Paul's style, but he's going to have to do something to wake folks up. And Ron Paul, himself, needs to sternly address this. He's getting quite a bit more microphone opportunities these days. I say SOUND OFF.

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I see the word "fight" in some of the comments

But last time we got hammered for "fighting" with them and they used it to discredit and belittle the Doc. HE is not that way and chooses to remain calm and collected in his demeanor. We should be too. It is VERY difficult for me to do as I wanted to be an attack dog the last time but I am trying to change. God!, I was civil to Bill O'Reilly in my note to him earlier today! THAT'S tough.

Choosing words carefully, being careful about spelling and sentence structure will show them we are not a bunch of malcontents and bumpkins but informed, concerned and intelligent Americans instead. Again, I am working on that!

Stay AWAY from the 9/11 conspiracy and other controversial stuff and stick to the issues facing America and the new President this cycle! Don't argue with an idiot...just walk away! The idiots are going to vote for someone else anyway. Like Obama. (I couldn't resist!)

As I have said before, the best way to answer most questions is to answer it with another question. Get the person that asked it THINKING! That is the object anyhow! Point them to the web site(s), books, or some place where they can get the information THEMSELVES. Don't expect to have credibility yourself, let the "info superhighway" give you that. As Dr. Paul says: "have some fun with it".

Bottom line, the more WE emulate him the better we will all be! WE can put him in Obama's chair!

Give us clear vision, that we may know where to stand and what to stand for - because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.
~ Peter Marshall, US Senate Chaplain 1947

The problem with political campaigns in general is....

that they are necessarily complicated and multi-disciplinary in nature.

They involve publicity, logistics, psychology, polling, graphic arts, travel and event arrangements, scheduling, recruitment, training, planning, security, grassroots liaison,.... and that doesn't even begin to mention STRATEGY.

Being a libertarian, Dr. Paul's inclination is to let the grassroots run amok in the market place of ideas. The only problem is sometimes they come up with Money Bombs and sometimes they come up with Blimps.
And with campaigns you don't always have time to let the cream rise to the top.
You can't afford to let people waste their precious time, money, and ENTHUSIASM spinning their wheels(or worse) being counterproductive.

Your idea sounds like a good one. But who in the campaign is in charge of listening to, evaluating, filtering, and then ACTING upon good ideas?

I happen to know of one idea that has been proposed to the campaign that is potentially a real game changer. There was some positive feedback, but then....

Some ideas (most actually) have a limited shelf life. And not everything can be handled at the grassroots level.

I know that Ron Paul CAN'T do this alone. He HAS to have a staff that will make good decisions for the campaign. And part of that job is listening to, evaluating, and responding to ideas from the grassroots.

The Virtual Conspiracy

I agree with this

But for now its up to us to fight back against these attacks. I hope that there are people in the campaign staff that are looking at whats getting thrown out there and are able to "unspin the spin" if you will. Find ways of saying the same thing that resonate with voters and make the ones critical of the message look disingenuous. Look at that Frank Luntz group and how well they responded to Rands ad. Make ads simple like that and they work. Say what you want to say in a way that favors positive thinking. Say what you want to do and why you want to do it. For instance saying you want to legalize drugs on its face sounds like you want everyone to use them, but if you say "I dont want people locked up for years for doing something that doesnt hurt anyone else" it sounds way more reasonable. Say what you want to do and make the point of why you want to do it in the next sentence that most can agree with. Thats the key to good arguments and political ads.

We not They

It is our time to show the world what we can do. We can make a difference! No campaign staff shall be responsible, we shall be to blame if there is a loss. For it will not be Ron Paul that loses, it will be the idea of freedom that takes the biggest blow. This is about so much more than an election. It is about the absolute survival of our union, of our lives, and the lives of our children. The campaign staff can do nothing compared to what the power of the people can accomplish. You must stand up, take responsibility for your lives and your liberties, and spread the message. Tell your friends, mechanic, barber, plummer, everyone you meet. Spread the message in libraries, elevators, buses, gas stations, every where you go you must proclaim the virtues of freedom. Ron Paul has stated before this is a mission of the people, he just happens to be lucky enough to be a part of it. There is much truth to that statement. Embrace it and commit yourselves to the cause of freedom before it is too late!

This is a poor argument

If everything really is up to us, then why even have a well-paid staff?

No, professionals who have been through it before, and smart, talented, adaptable young people need to work in concert with all of the supporters and groups who would practically take a bullet for Ron at this point. The excuses are running thin. Hire some campaign veterans, fire any remaining chaff and use the talents and energy of the most valuable resource available... the supporters.

And then what? Hope they register as republicans and

vote in the primary? That's a tall order.
We're going to lose if everyone doesn't quickly realize we have a primary to win. All of your advice is TOP-NOTCH after the primary--after.
Until then we need to focus on registered republicans who have voted in the last 2 primaries as they will account for well over 80% of those who actually vote in the primary.
If we keep running a general election campaign the primary will be lost for sure.


I am talking about the millions of us out here who are on the sidelines. The people who, right now, would give their lives to the cause of freedom. Our daily lives must be saturated with our cause if we are to have any hope. This is so much bigger than an election. If you chase a vote you forget the people. Think about what grassroots really means. Think about what is happening in this country today and realize that millions and millions of Americans and even more around the world are balancing on the spear of a revolution. Do you want to look back at these times and regret not taking every single chance you could have taken to educate as many people as possible? You guys do your primary thing and if we get in your way shout. But the people of this country are ready to take back their lives and I join Ron Paul in saying Im lucky to be a part of it.

If folks like me hadn't been giving our all for years and years

You would not even be here. Remember that. Right now we are in election mode. Primary election mode. I watched a movement build so big in the 90's there was almost a revolution. Then 9-11 happened and millions went right back to sleep. Thousands of the leaders of the movement were also arrested and killed. You're lucky to be part of something way bigger than yourself but if it's not expressed in this one last chance for a change from within by an electoral win, we will wind up in a worse position than we've seen yet.
I've been fighting this fight since 1987 and will be the first to say don't get discouraged from waking people up if we lose. But I'll also be the first to say we will definitely lose if we don't focus on likely primary voters. Otherwise all we're doing is helping phonies write their phony speeches.

as have I

been in this fight a long time. I realize there is a political strategy, I can assure you. But there are Ron Paul supporters out there who have never been political, never cast a vote, and never heard anything that wasnt a lie. There is such an intense apathy out there among the people. People who have been saying what Dr. Paul has been saying for longer. I grew up among people like this and they all feel completely ignored, betrayed, and hated by a government that has walked on top of them their entire lives. They see Ron Paul as already lost. They know in their heart of hearts that a candidate that thinks and feels the way they do has no chance in today's world. I am saying keep up your strategies, work for the primary, but let's show the downtrodden we are here. We stand beside them like no one ever has and we are strong. It is in that strength we will find the people's support for Ron Paul and an election will not stop us.

Have you talked it over at any campaign meetings?

You should bring it up before you guys go door-knocking next saturday.



"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

I'm not joking

People bitch about something they're not even involved in. Put up or shut up is the basic message.

Problem is...

The root of the problem is that good campaign staff is equivilent to "sell-out".
The folks that were great campaign staffers were folks that can be bought and sold. They have no integrity, they sell their political souls to the highest bidder.
The people that DO have integrity don't have too much experience in politiks.

I'm suspicious too. Dr.

I'm suspicious too. Dr. Paul's biggest weakness is the fact that he can be terribly naive and overly trusting. It's my opinion that his campaign staff deliberately sabotaged his campaign last time. If it was me I would clean house and make sure I did not have any saboteurs on board.

Turn off the TV Propaganda.
Find out what's really going on!
"Your portal to reality!"

Don't kid yourself. Ron Paul

Don't kid yourself. Ron Paul is not naive. He is a very cunning fox and he knows what up. He got rid of that awful Eric Dumdodo bird years agao didn't he? Look, there were a few things that got to me from last time - the database mixup in Iowa, that they didn't pursue legal charges in that fiasco in Louisiana, they didn't go after the party with that awful fiasco in Nevada, the shutout of delegates in Texas,and they didn't do anything about the way the delegates were treated at the national convention. Most of all I would like to see them spearhead very comprehensive training for local people to take over local GOP positions and get delegate positions - perhaps they are doing that for all I know. Maybe have more outreach to the grassroots besides those fundraiser letters. Perhaps they think that C4L is sufficient for all that. Anyhow, a lot of people griped last time and were mad at the way the money was or wasn't spent on bunk ads. But you know, in the end I was very impressed with RPs forsight to hold the money and develop C4L...how cool was that? He made a machine that has carried it all through to today and is going strong. I think C4L has been a strategic and critical component to RPs continued success! I trust RP fully because the more I see what he is up to the more I witness the sheer brilliance and cunning or this amazing man.


His campaign staff is his family.

Think about it.......sabotaged ? By who, I ask ?

The only thing that matters

The only thing that matters is getting a win at this point. School's out and this is our last chance.


Old Hoosier saying - Would you rather win ugly or look good loosing ?

Play the hand dealt, we can win with what we have.

It's early so let them do

It's early so let them do their thing. They have a lot of good things going on with lots of new people. Have some faith..Jesus. How much can you possibly know about what is going on within the campaign anyways?


we can know alot about what is going on inside the campaign by what we see from the cheap seats...

and obviously most people here aint seeing much...

which most likely means that those who are NOT paying attention at all aren't seeing anything...

what good does it do having ron paul on TV if throughout the rest of the day the TV ignores, belittles, mocks, and overlooks him... and the campaign does nothing about it...

i understand ron is a man of moral character-- but that doesnt mean we have to have a campaign that appears to be run by lambs...

this is not a resume building experience... this is IT...

THIS IS OUR CHANCE------------------------

why blow it-- if it aint working find something that does...

if that doesnt work--- try something else...

If you pick on the media then

If you pick on the media then they leave you out even more..He needs to play the mainstream game to be included. That's how it works.

I totally agree

I totally agree with what you're saying here, as I've been thinking much the same myself.

The establishment is trying to use the media to censor the campaign, co-opt it, and block him out.

The campaign staff is way too passive in addressing this.

And they need professional, pro-active internet marketing to utilize one of the best grassroots support in history.

So far - they're wasting opportunity. Its not good.


I disagree

The central authority is keeping their powder dry while the grunts do the heavy lifting. Ever been a grunt before ?


I honestly don't notice a difference between campaign RP and non-campaign RP. Even more important then teaching the message of liberty, he needs to teach people that, if they want different, THEY need to DO different. That means, first and foremost, not taking their cues from their favorite media personalities. He needs to do this live, gingerly so as to not appear the bellyacher and not alienate the media. Keep repeating INTERNET, INTERNET, INTERNET!

Personally I don't want the media to "like him." Simply put, the media are the bad guys. I want everyone to learn to NOT TRUST the media. That's the only way I see anything positive coming of this.

There are huge swaths of the public with no interest

in the Internet and it's probable they will never use or be exposed to it willingly.

I agree with many who posted

I agree with many who posted here. I think the campaign and Ron himself need to get somewhat more contextualized. He's got to really draw the contrast between himself the rest of the Republicans and Obama in a down to earth, understandable way.

When I listen to him in the debates, it sounds good to me, but I've already understood his argument. For the bulk of the Republican base, all they know is TV pundits and radio talk show hosts, and so don't get a firm grounding of his arguments. I mean, I'm 21 years old, I can watch youtube and find info on the internet easily. My generation of Republicans can get info easily and are overwhelmingly libertarian -- but the majority of Republicans are older and don't utilize the internet. So when they hear Ron talking, I fear they don't have a fundamental grasp of what he's getting it.

For instance, I remember watching a video someone put together of everything the Ben Bernank has been wrong on. Bill O Reilly doesn't show that..he shows Megan Kelly and Kimberly Guiylfoyle in short skirts and high heels talking about some drunk mother. But calling to mind the fact that this guy, who's been wrong on pretty much everything and indirectly controls the value of your money and the prices you pay, would help distinguish Ron from the rest of the crop and really relate to the people.

Stupid is as stupid does

The campaign staff have no idea what they're doing. The Ron Paul 2012 website is evidence of that.

It's like a bunch of people got together who have no experience, no expertise, and hardly any marketable skills at all, and threw together a cardboard "campaign" because, after all, how hard could it be?

I see no targeted campaign strategy, I see no attempt to appeal to demographics, I see no attempt to clarify divisive "gaffes" (Ron Paul's Osama Bin Laden statements). I see no capitalizing on hot button issues.

I do see a bunch of supporters money being flushed away on a bunch of incompetent people, however. Dr. Paul, I don't mean to be rude, but if someone isn't performing up to snuff, DUMP them!

Challenge everything and the path will be clear.

Google Ron Paul

When you do you will be directed to this site....
And when a newbie shows up they will be treated to spoiled brats bitching that the central authority is not taking care of their wants and needs, cradle to grave.
We have a job to do. It is YOUR responsibility to do what you can, when you can. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, if Paul wins will you give ALL the credit to the central authority. We already know what you will say if he gets beat.

The word is Toil

Good Grief !!!

well said...

what is going on..?

i dont quite understand it... we have had 2 years to prep for this--- they knew what they faced last time-- and seem content to let the media run right over them again-- people say that--'look at how often ron is on tv now compared to last time'--- great-- thats all fine a dandy-- but when those same networks on which ron appears are talking about the election-- they dont even mention his name---

and if they do-- it is in some reference to him not being a serious candidate...

i suppose when you act like a serious campaign-- you might get respected like one...???

hire a serious campaign director-- missed out on ed rollins-- adding a heavy hitter like him gives a campaign 'legitimacy' right from the get go.... i know that is not how it should be-- but we dont live in a world of should be...

we are all doing our part at the local level-- my fear is that it will all be for naught if we remain the laughing stock they made us into the last time....

we are letting them get away with it...

time to step up and play hard ball ron.... you are doing a hell of a job--- its the people in the campaign, those in charge of your image, who are hurting your chances...

just look at your own web site...


I hear people saying Paul needs to fight
Paul needs to be more aggressive
Paul needs to attack

Why on Earth would he do that ?