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Yes, I'm critical of the Paul campaign staff

Because they are seemingly doning nothing different from last election. They're letting our man get bullied by the media neocons without even a word of opposition. I would have thought that the campaign staff, with a couple of years to prepare, would create a strong group of credible Ron Paul supporters to "think tank" what to do to combat all the biased media. There are people out there that could help, if they were only asked, and enlisted. There's people like Jesse Ventura, Judge Napolitano, Preacher Baldwin, even Rand Paul...and many more that could be tapped for spokespeople. Media professional should be enlisted to openly question the reporting. Public relations people should help guide the national effort, and even legal council to challange some of the discrediting attempts. We DO have some campaign laws. In other words, don't take this lying down! Fight back, quickly and hard. Even if you have to step out and create contraversy, which is not exactly Ron Paul's style, but he's going to have to do something to wake folks up. And Ron Paul, himself, needs to sternly address this. He's getting quite a bit more microphone opportunities these days. I say SOUND OFF.

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Fighting for individual

Fighting for individual freedom is no joke.

Because that is what is under attack.

If you don't attack back, you are guaranteed to lose it.


Chian of Command

Paul is our chief executive, if he fights its because we failed.

Did we fail ?

tea party

ron paul is certainly not defined solely by the tea party..

Ron Paul can't be everywhere

and do everything but, he could enlist help from trusted aides to counter the negatives and help him fight. We do a lot of that by going after biased, in the tank media but, sometimes a spokesperson could show up on fox or cnn and help get things right....just saying my two cents.

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Large exodus of C4L staff on leave of absence

Top staffers at C4L are now on leave of absence so you may see some changes in the campaign shortly.

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Hire Tom Woods

Hire Tom Woods, hire Tom Woods, hire Tom Woods!

Campaign Contact Information?

It is frustrating to try to push the Ron Paul message and not feel like the campaign is helping. For instance, when Dr. Paul is on TV and the interviewer asks him where people can go to get more information, he says "www.RonPaul2012.com". However, when you go there, you can't find any of his position statements. How can we convince people to look at him if they can't find out what he believes?

He has written 50 position statements in his recent book Liberty Defined. I would suggest that each section be put up on the website so that people can read an articulate description of his position. That would be the best way to get his platform out.

By the way. Why am I posting this here instead of the RonPaul2012.com site? They don't even have a comment/suggestion button on the site. I feel we have a much better chance of winning this time, but our campaign staff is still working like it is 2007 and we are just trying to get the topic of the discussion to shift a bit. The topic has shifted, so let's actually run a campaign to win.

I agree, the web site for Paul this

I agree, the web site for Paul this time is just not as good as the 2008 site. It lacks features and has been like that since the start.

Campaign staff... Fix it, guys! Ron is already running!

I am by no means a

I am by no means a professional political or campaign advisor, but I do pay attention to campaign strategy.

First of all, it seems the media is working especially hard to marginalize Ron Paul- especially since the recent debate, as evidenced by reporting such as CNN's "poll" giving Ron Paul "zero" votes, Bill O'Reily's segment of showing Ron Paul's debate answers to coo-coo clock music in the background, the general reporting of describing the growing "isolationism" in the party, but not even mentioning Ron Paul, and even John Stewart and Ann Coulter attacking "libertarianism" and the supposed stupidity/irrationality of libertarian philosophy.

If I were working as an advisor to the campaign, it would be unacceptable to not be aware of this criticism, and more so, not to be doing anything to counter it. Instead we've heard hardly nothing from the campaign- no defense, no effort to distinguish or clarify themselves, or argue why Ron Paul is right/the best candidate. Our critics are winning, and our poll numbers are slumping because we're letting them attack us and get away with it. When people don't hear you tell them why something is wrong, when you're utterly silent, then they're going to believe whatever people say about you.

Secondly, as much as I love and support Ron Paul and agree with his answers at the debate, I would not necessarily say he won. He doesn't win by default- just having the right answers isn't enough. The purpose of a debate is not just for media attention and to answer questions. It's an opportunity to stand apart, and to define the candidate. Ron Paul didn't do that. I admit he's not the strongest speaker, but he still could have at least done more to distinguish himself and make clear to the audience that he has the most principled record, that the other candidates have come his direction, etc. We cannot just assume that voters already know this.

After the debate the campaign released a good argument against the other candidates on their website. WHY IS THIS TYPE OF ARGUMENT NOT BEING MADE IN PUBLIC??? I'm not advocating attacking individual candidates, or attacking them at a personal level. But by drawing the distinction and demonstrating that Ron Paul is the ONLY principled candidate who is serious about what Republicans are now calling for, the campaign would have an excellent opportunity to emerge as a "leading" candidate- perhaps not in the polls, but at least on the campaign stump (that's how you become a leader in the polls by the way).

If this idea, along with the policies/issues, cannot be articulated with a positive attitude, then there is no chance of winning. You're not going to see a miracle where voters just wake up for no reason/without any effort from the campaign and realize "hey, Ron Paul's been right all along, and he's the most principled...." If we want to win, we cannot rely on that type of wishful thinking. We'll only get there with strategy and targeted effort.

i agree 100%...

there is no push back by the campaign...

it is not that hard to create a press release is it???

why not put out a press release every day???

either correcting the lies-- the smears-- and the ignorring of ron paul...

or getting his message out there---

ron has been doing this for 30 years and winning... this campaign is going down the same elementary path as last time...


What are we doing differently?

I just became precinct committeeperson in my district. This is absolutely key to getting delegates.

I read in the bible yesterday about how some people will look but they won't see, they will listen but they won't hear, they will read but they won't understand. A big portion of the US population fits into this biblical phrase.

We must recognize that if we want liberty and freedom we can't rely on a central campaign to bring it to us. We must as individuals take up the reigns and do it ourselves.

Point taken, however: The

Point taken, however:

The campaign is under attack from the media - and the media is what brings (or does not bring) the initial impressions and ongoing perception management to millions of people.

Not having a professional, ongoing strategy to counteract that on continual, daily basis is the road to failure.

The campaign's job is to create the proper perceptions, and channel the grassroots online to maximum advantage.

Many of us are saying the same things. Many of us have tried to help and have hardly been contacted by the campaign.

What does that tell you?

how about a press release

from the campaign telling people to do just that....

people need guidance---

the sheeple need to coerced by the campaign... woken up---

they will continue to think ron paul is a loon because that is all they hear from the media,.,,


why did we not hire a proven commodity as campaign director??? ed rollins??? it is weird--- people say that benton is fine-- and that we should not have to playthe dirty games with a professional political director--- well then why the hell are we running within the republican party--- if you are not willing to play ball with professional techniques and strategies--- why play with that party???

we ned to kick it in a gear at the campaign level... it is their job to convince the masses--- and so far they aint cutting it...

ron paul is barely mentioned as even being a candidate....

just look at the press release that describes huntsman as the only candidate as being anti-war---->> and he has not even declared yet,....


I would rather not hear people rant against Jesse. He is part of Dr. Paul's family and from what I have seen he is the best person to protect Dr. Paul.


but is he the best person to run his campaign...

i think that is a clear 'no'...

Wow, Bravo!

well said.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Ron Paul needs put himself front and center

He needs to aggressively campaign against Obama's policies....this is not a competition about whether he can beat his peers...he needs to show the states that he is the best man to throw political punches at Obama. I have yet to see his campaign coordinators use their brains.

I agree. The campaign does

I agree.

The campaign does not seem to get it. They have to try extra hard this year to stand out from everyone else, even though Ron Paul himself has said this.

I'm glad we'll outlast most, but unless the tactics change we won't challenge Romney. The campaign needs to decide if it's goal is to WIN AN ELECTION or if it's just to EDUCATE.

We won't have enough time to do both. As of now, Ron Paul is still trying to educate. At some point he must stop educating and run to get elected. I don't know that this will ever happen. Rand might do this, though.

And just look at the Tea Party

How the heck did the campaign let Bachmann take this over. First it was Palin, now Bachmann. The Ron Paul campaign acts like "what tea party?". Man, these are critical issues that the Paul campaign doesn't even know what to do with. I think they need some starch in their shorts! Way too complacent for this big league fight. Ron Paul deserves better!

alan laney

I'm collecting every fact I can find about Ron Paul

How many people have delivered over 4,000 babies, written six best sellers on economics, act as economic contributors to three business networks, is considered a Middle East policy expert by agents for the CIA and heads his own Congressional subcommittee?

Do you have them all written up somewhere?

That'd be cool to have (if you want to share:).

dude, you don't know what the

dude, you don't know what the hell are you talking about!
Look at how much progress was done in the last 4 years regarding media relations.

In 2007 Ron Paul was lucky to be aired on CNN once a month at 3AM and he was ridiculed during almost every interview or debate...this days he's basically choosing which shows to appear on, he's treated with infinite more respect, he doesn't even have time to talk with all the Media interested in his opinions.

Politics it's like a chess game, takes intelligence, time and you do one move at the time, you don't just grab a baseball bat and level the checkerboard to show how tough you are.

Ron Paul is probably the most intelligent politician in the world,I'm sure he knows best how to deal with everything regarding politics, lamenting about some biased polls won't do any good.

Remember what MSM did to Rand Paul and in the end it didn't work, if Ron Paul has real support he will win, the games played by some MSM pundits won't matter...remember that for every biased TV poll there's another 50 online where Ron Paul is winning. MSM readers and viewers are down dramatically, only the brainwashed and helplessly stupid are taking MSM seriously, so they are not Ron Paul material anyway.

Where is the campaign's

"Rahm Emanuel" (you know what I mean, someone who is a pit bull for Ron who deals with the media).

Unfortunately, with this

Unfortunately, with this straw poll win, we may not be seeing as much of Ron on TV. Just sayin'.

I think more should be done to define this movement..

to prevent from being manipulated by the vicious circle of socialism and hanging ourselves out to dry.

The campaign staff is boring because they are still looking up to develop their platform.

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Maybe we'll get another Ron Paul blimp.

If so, I think those of us who donated to the Moneybombs should get free sightseeing rides, don't you?

Support the Constitution of the United States

Not really in favor of a

Not really in favor of a blimp. Use the donations to hire COMPETENT, professional, results-based staff and FIRE THEM if they are not generating excitement and headlines for the candidate. One of the bedrock principles of the free market is competition. If staff cannot compete they should be booted out. Non-performers are a drag on the entire organization and this is it, baby. Last chance to do it right.

I agree that not enough is

I agree that not enough is being done.... but I think the people you mentioned, with the exception of Senator Paul don't have much sway, and in the case of Jesse Ventura and Baldwin, would actually make Ron Paul come across as even more of a fringe candidate.

I would also add, making use

I would also add, making use of Rand on the campaign trail would have to be done sparingly, for the same reason Ron Paul had to be used sparingly on the campaign trail when Rand was running.


Well said - VoiceofReason.

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