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Economic junkies: How public funds could stimulate the free market?

Please feel free to refute this theory on stimulating the next intellectual revolution.

This article is to explain how the social utility/human action/values of the American marketplace originally channeled by the family institution has been separated from the ecosystem and how the eastern contradiction to science will bring the new age philosophy to sustain itself via internet media.

Taxes are outlined by the theory of bureaucratic behavior and the persistence of government intervention over the social utility of the marketplace.

According to the second law of thermodynamics, the total entropy of any system will not decrease other than by increasing the entropy of some other system. When a system is isolated from its environment, the entropy of that system will tend not to decrease. Therefore, the energy of that system will have to be technologically brought into the system and disbursed.

The second law tries to equate the artificial retention of entropy through technology filtering energy into the economy with the organic processes of separating ecosystems into bio-regions and nurturing the natural entropic state of dividing inherently sustainable systems.

The economy is the system isolated from the ecology; thus, without entropy our economy retains a constant rate of energy centralizing around inefficient channels of producing finite resources. This encodes the American mind into a consumer driven idea of economic sovereignty undermining the foundation of creating a free marketplace.

Therefore, without sustainable education creating a platform to entrepreneurship in the marketplace, (permaculture + austrian economics) Americans grow up with 18 years of education without knowing how to sustain their necessities… fields like permaculture will teach young minds to sustain their families easily off of local resources and therefore successfully leave school with a foundation to go back to without having to worry about the insecurity of unemployment rates.

In permaculture it is okay to stimulate ecology by using waste from the decaying system of keynesian economics as a means to facilitate sustainable solutions because once a system is sustainable all income is profit... so lets use the public school system while it is still of value and stimulate the minds of the young people so they may save face and eliminate debt.

The new generation is coming no matter what as the internet generation of leaders begin to merge the economic sciences and deductionist philosophy of the West with the cyclical, more wholistic interpretations of ecological structures retained from the East after conquest.

This will bring us a new age of thinkers and a singularity of structure but to do that people like you and I have to come together and spread the message outside the world wide web and into the practical world by showing this world how to live.

Thank you SO MUCH for reading.

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