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Ron Paul On Weiner; Also: Government Out of Citizens' Lives! Fox 6/16/11

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This was GREAT timing

To break into Ron Paul with Nany that was supposed to be Weiner. SO many people watched this clip... Waiting for the press conference... To have A big government person talking about they want to cut this and that... Showing how silly the whole big government viewpoint is.. Really I think they set it up like that.... so they could bait and switch to get more people in line with Ron Paul to show how not crazy he is.. after the Bill O' terd thing

Sick of Wienergate...

Can we move on? It almost seems like they used the Wienergate thing to eat up 2 mins of Dr. Paul greatness. EVERY new outlet including The Daily Show and The Colbert Report has been talking about this garbage for 2 weeks now. Everyday. It gets old. And does anyone really care?? I don't think so. It's funny how we can chastise President Clinton for doing what he did and Wiener as well yet Presidents such as Obama and others mock the constitution. But that's ok right?

Vinnie V.

Ron Paul On Weiner

not to sure about that title gentlemen.

not that there's anything wrong with that. ;)

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Mr. Weiner is a criminal and basically shot himself in foot....

As Ron has said it is time for Anthony to resign, for the good of the country and also so we don't have to hear it in the tabloids.

that was actually a pretty

that was actually a pretty good analysis on Ron's part, then the debate topic really let him explain that more so. If he had more time, he may have explained that it is not the government's responsibility to create jobs. Which is exactly what Romney is trying to promote, more big govt.



Ron Paul is an under rated comedian...

He has legitimately made me laugh a few times the last few months.

"[sarcastically] I need these laws so I don't take heroin..."

(best thing Obama has done for economy) "giving Weiner advice to resign"

(on whether he would hire any candidates in his administration)

"[after looking around like he is too cool to care who he is debating] I don't know, let me look them over"

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I think a topical joke is so unexpected...

from the doctor that the reporter didn't know what was going on.

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Fox News website..


'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

A great interview.

Paraphrase from Dr. Paul: "...Weiner was an example of a man who was very insecure with himself, which is why he was so aggresive".....

This explains about most people running our country at this time.

I apologize now

for talking about weiner so long instead of important things and now to Nancy Pelosi.

She's rich, very rich

One of the wealthiest people in government. Let's talk about her.

She or her immediate family members stand to make lots-o-moula developing Treasure Island which is a known radiological nightmare. Most of these people don't stand up to scrutiny which is why we should not give government power over us.

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Aggressive insecure destructive character:

". . . sometimes nations do the same thing!" says Ron Paul, the physician!

this coment by RP

was so quick! he doesn't waste a word.

Great performance by Ron Paul.

Great performance by Ron Paul.