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Ron Paul - 'We need greater tax cuts'

In this pre-debate video, Cavuto was almost expecting to pigeonhole Ron with the whining liberals who are always complaining about the Bush 'tax cuts for the rich'.

When Cavuto asks him if he would rescind those tax cuts, here Ron tells him what he would do. He says if Ron expresses his views in the debates, he will create fireworks...

Let's hope Ron will be allowed to talk about his voting record with regard to tax cuts on June 5th.


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Paul is a courageous, great man

different types of conservatives

When people ask are you in the "wrong party" (2 times on Fox and one time on CNN), you may say you are in the paleoconservative wing of the Republican Party (e.g., balenced bugets, sound money, non-interventionist foreign policy, et al), while the rest of the Republican candidates running for President are neoconservatives (e.g., massive debt, fiat money, endless war, troops stationed around the world, et al). From the polls, I know which conservative the people like best.

It's sad...

That instead of shedding spotlight on Ron Paul's true conservative message and honest values, the debate immediately after this interview was spun around and FOX News viciously attacked him afterwards. Part of the reason FOX News is trying so hard to get Giuliani elected is explained here:

NEWS: Giuliani's firm linked to FOX News and Saudi Arabia clients