Write Fox News in Advance of the Debate

Joseph Ureneck of the Boston Meetup group writes:

Please politely encourage Fox News (special@foxnews.com) to make the NH debate more open (and Ron Paul friendly). My letter to them is below.

Dear Mr. Hume,

I understand that you will be the moderator for the Republican presidential candidate debate on September 5 in Durham, New Hampshire. Your participation in the event is appreciated.

I am disappointed to learn that no questions from the audience will be
sought and that instead there will be questions by pre-selected individuals at an off-site location. I also understand that the placement of candidates on the stage will be similar to previous debates with the "top tier" at center stage enjoying inordinate speaking time while other candidates are placed to the sidelines with more limited exposure.

Those earlier debates were less than impressive and viewers were not well served by the obvious stage-management.

Providing an open and equal opportunity for all candidates to present their views to the American public in Durham would be a wonder drug for the 2008 presidential campaign. This can best be achieved by random placement of candidates on the stage and, to the greatest extent possible, providing equal speaking time to each candidate. Let the viewers decide who the 'front-runners' should be for the Republican Party.

Please help make this presidential campaign worthy of voter participation. Allow all the Republican candidates to have equal voice in the September 5 debate. I will be pleased to receive your response to these suggestions.

Thank you.


Joseph Ureneck

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This is a good idea, but

This is a good idea, but since Fox has shown it's opposition to the message of liberty in the past I would also write to the two other parties involved in hosting the debate, the University of New Hampshire, and the New Hampshire Republican State Party.

University administrators are notoriously spineless, but still we should be very polite in writing to either of these parties since we have no reason to beleive (as far as I know) that they want anything less than to provide a useful, informative debate. In other words, something we haven't yet had. (Well, I guess we've gotten some information about the intentions of MSM, but that's another issue.)

The chair of the NH State republican party is Fergus Cullen and his e-mail address is fergus@nhgop.org. If you are from NH then your should point this out, if not then you might mention that NH plays a particularly important role in choosing the nominee of the party and that you hope that the party will use it's influence in hosting this debate to ensure that the rest of the country gets to hear from ALL of the candidates just as the people of NH do. (The nhgop website is www.nhgop.org .)

For the university, the media relations contact is Erika Mantz. She can be contacted at 603-862-1567 or erika.mantz@unh.edu . Again, I would be polite and point out the importance of the University's mission in providing information to the public about all of the candidates so that people can make an informed choice. The press release from the University can be seen at www.unh.edu/news/cj_nr/2007/july/em18debate.cfm.

fairness in durham N.H. sept 5

i just hope, irregardless of the questions asked, that all canidates not only get the same amount of time to answer questions, but they also get to participate in an equal number of questions!!!! At the end of the debate, all canidates should have had the same amount of "airtime".


My own email

Mr. Hume,

On behalf of millions of voters and potential viewers to the upcoming Republican debate on September 5th, could we PLEASE ask you to depart from the past forums and let "We The People" decide who we wish to elect vs. the rather obvious "staging" done at the last debate with those perceived as first-tier in the middle and with greater time to respond. It is obvious from the Straw Polls that the people's votes are not reflecting your current line-up.

Regardless of who I personally support, I still have respect for several of the other supposed "second-tier" candidates and would like all...repeat ALL...treated more fairly at this debate.

If they have earned the right to be there, then they have earned the right for equal time in their responses and equal placement on the stage, either random or alphabetical.

By "forcing" our choices, you also force our disdain for Fox News. Please be fair!


JM (full name given in email)
Dallas, Texas

Good try

Brit Hume is Vice President Cheney's favorite newscaster. What does that tell you? The deck has been stacked, friends. Fox, and the other networks, are well aware of Dr. Paul's staggering groundswell of support on the internet and in the straw polls and they are not happy.

Remember Sean Hannity's astonishment after the last Fox debate when Dr. Paul won the post-debate online poll? Well, they won't let that happen again. If they are smart, they won't have a post-debate poll, but invite feedback instead.

Brit Hume (CFR, Bilderburg) will be asking about the new terror threats (convenient for Fox, planted by the administration) and nothing about the SPP, the crippling deficit or other matters relating to financial security, personal privacy or freedom. Fox is resolutely pro-war, pro-administration and anti-American. Even more insidious is that they have power and influence over many. (Not me or you, thank goodness).

Dr. Paul has scored victories in the past by sticking to the Constitution; that the messes we are in are due to the arrogance of various administrations who have chosen to ignore the laws they swore to uphold. And, that it is not too late to return to the rule of law

Thats a good point..

Thats a good point..


I believe we should all write in, be very respectful, state our thoughts clearly and see what happens. I have put below what I sent in...

Dear Mr. Hume,
I understand that you will be the moderator for the Republican presidential candidate debate on September 5 in Durham, New Hampshire. I watch you often and think your fairness and experience will add much to the debate.

I know that if you have spent any time on the internet as I have you can see that the people are getting tired of the media and their top six anointed candidates. I believe there are some great men running in this presidential race, yet the media has mostly ignored them. I always thought the media and more specifically the news media was there to educate us and lay all the information out so that we can make an educated opinion. I recently have swayed from that thought, and now I believe that the media wants to lead us like a pack of sheep, making their will, ours. While that may be a little overstated, that is how I am feeling.

What I am asking is that you break that opinion, mix the candidates up, put the less known ones in the middle let the country see who they are, let them hear what they have to say and let us make our choices. I myself support Congressman Ron Paul, and believe that the media has tried very hard to sweep him under the rug, but I know that there are other good men running and I do not believe that they are McCain, Romney, Giuliani or F. Thompson. Everyday that passes we find something else that discredits these men. There are noble, honest men running please give them a chance to be heard in the up coming debate. Thank you for both your time and consideration in this matter.

If "Fixed News" is

If "Fixed News" is organising this debate, I'd be more surprised if the questions *hadn't* been pre-selected. You can bet they'll be vetted or even supplied directly from by the White House - courtesy of Murdoch. Expect questions attacking Ron Paul and and pandering to the establishment.

What I sent

Ms. Mantz,

I hope everything is going well for you.

I am writing you an Email regarding the NH debates. As you may heard, there are some concerns that debate will be unfair to some candidates. Common sense tells me the legitimacy of the debates rests on all candidates recieving equal time and treatment(equal questioning). Please ensure this equal treatment because it is important. Without equal treatment, who can honestly say the debates will be a forum to inform citizens instead of a forum to channel information to citizens.

Please ensure free and equal debates in NH for the sake of our country.