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How to increase the rate of revolution?

Increasing the rate of revolution comes from awareness.

Awareness of what?


Awareness of who?


Awareness of when?

When internet media molds the minds of the waking generation who have realized the corollary to the centralized pyramid schemes of the industrial revolution have been conquered through media.

This natural process of evolving intellect can be sped up or slow down by this new generation.

How to increase the rate of revolution?

To speed up this process one can create a journal, devising their own curriculum and forming a separate micro-economy on their property to widen the gap between the curriculum created for you and the curriculum created by you soas to walk the line between these curriculum.

This way when you learn permaculture, Austrian economics, quantum physics, or any other linear science that has merged with Eastern ideology you will not be isolated as absolutely different from the rest… but rather an extension of the rest effectively creating a bridge for more to follow.

To emerge into the transcendental age takes time, but time is up to the individual and can be sped up according to new age principles.

Please post any ideas, trials, and/or stories to help facilitate this process.