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Patriot Action Network

Do any of you post on the Patriot Action Network blogs? Most of the moderators seem to be very anti Ron Paul. There were quite a few Ron Paul supporters posting on there that I saw before I got suspended, and they won't even tell me why I was suspended:
whenever I tried to log in I would get this message and it would say that if you think you were suspended in error send a message to them. I sent 3 and never received a response back. Now I get the message on the link I provided above, and no way to contact them shows up anymore. I posted a reply 2 weeks ago about Gov Perry's selling out Texas highways to become tollways to a foreign company owned by the king of Spain with links to articles talking about it. I was told by a "Bubble headed Bleach Blonde" moderator named Darla, that it was propaganda, and that the links were propaganda, and not to post propaganda. I then posted a link to:
http://www.satollparty.com/ that had stories about Perry, and how he sold us out, and asked if this was propaganda too, and that it came from a grass roots organization much like Patriot Action Network. I received no response, but 3 days later I was banned. These people profess to be a Tea Party group, but they seem to be a bunch of neoconned morons who are still falling for the neocon rhetoric of the status quo. Boy they LOVE Cain and West and Bachman, and think that our only hope for the future lies with them.

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I used to get emails from them

and your right they seemed worried about the wrong things.

neoconned would be a fair desciption from what I saw, I never tried to post.

I forgot about them and just realized because of your post they dont send me email anymore.... I wonder why?


The Question is, do these idiots fit the famous

quote by Lewis Sinclair, "When fascism comes to America, it will be draped with the flag and carrying a cross"? In my opinion, these fools are just brainwashed by the traitorous propaganda, and don't have a clue they are helping to sell themselves into slavery to a Totalitarian Collective World Government