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Unrestricted Claim of Right - 1939 26 USC 1341


If you are assessed as a 1099 person or are self-employed or you are a salaried W-2 person, you must learn about IRS code 1341. Why? Because this code will help you to stop the IRS dead in their tracks regarding any IRS liens, levies, or garnishments and allow you two major legal deductions that most of us have absolutely no clue about.

This code states: We have the "UNRESTRICTED CLAIM OF RIGHT" to not only all of our normally allowed deductions but also to be able to deduct all our "COST OF LABOR AND OR SALARY" as a deduction. So what does this mean to all of us????

It means folks that after you have taken all your normal deductions, any so called taxable income left over can be written off as your COST OF LABOR.

!!!! Does this mean you 0 out your tax return??? YES!!!!!! And it's even legal and very, very legitimate. So legal that the IRS has taken great pains to keep us from learning this truth. In fact, if you read the current section of 1341 under Title 26 you will not find written what I just told you. However, you will find a small notation stating: Please see also Title 26 Section 1341 of the 1939 CFR.

Isn't that nice of them to delete the most important part of the code and make us have to look it up in the 1939 CFR edition? And just how easy is it to find a ‘39 code book, well try and find one. Even most of your legal libraries will not carry one. It is next to impossible to find one, thus you cannot find out about your legal "UNRESTRICTED CLAIM OF RIGHT" that allows you to legally deduct your cost of labor and or salaries.

So for those of you who have problems regarding past years and are being assessed fines,
interest, penalties, and are owing terrible amounts of taxes, cheer up. You can now legally amend your tax return for the years in question and 0 out all of your so called tax liabilities and end all of your hassles with the IRS legally, including the immediate end of all liens, levies or
garnishments that have been assessed. paid any amount of taxes in the last three years, once you have legally amended your tax returns for these years you will get back all of your back taxes paid out at a return rate of 8% compounded interest

Oh and by the way for those of you who have no less. Also let it be known that all IRS tax centers have a special section set aside to process all 1341 applications under schedule A. Why? Because 6411d of the CRF requires them to process all 1341's in 90 days or less and to get rid of all liens, levies or garnishments that are applicable.

Would someone, please visit the Library of Congress and get a certified copy of this and post a link to it on this thread. There are thousands, if not millions of "filers" who need to know this, once confirmed.

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The code deals ONLY with "taxpayers" and has NOTHING to do with


A taxpayer is someone upon whom an internal revenue tax has been imposed.

There are 5 types of internal revenue taxes:

  1. Subtitle A - Income Taxes (excise taxes upon the privilege of earning profit from corporate - aka limited liability - activity, either realized as an individual or as a corporation) At this point in time only the following classes of persons are liable for such a tax:
    • Non resident aliens earning domestic source income
    • resident aliens earning domestic source income
    • foreign corporations earning domestic source income
    • U.S. citizens earning foreign sourced income
    • withholding agents for the above classes of persons
  2. Subtitle B - Estate & Gift Taxes
  3. Subtitle C - Employment Taxes This applies only to employees and employers of employees. "Employee" is someone who essentially works for the government, or is a public official, or is working for a private business under government contract.
  4. Subtitle D - Miscellaneous Excises
  5. Subtitle E - Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Excises


So if you don't fit into any of these 5 types of taxes, why oh why would you want to file paperwork or involve yourself with activities that are ONLY DESIGNED FOR TAXPAYERS?

It baffles me that people repeatedly VOLUNTEER to elect to be treated AS IF they were a "taxpayer" when they in fact are not.

And then, even more baffling, is after they make the claim that they want to be treated as if the tax is imposed on them, by filing papers ONLY taxpayers are supposed to file, then they want to claim they don't owe the tax. ...Mind boggling it is...

Thank you, Sam

I was hopeing to hear from you on this. I would like to talk to you in person about a project I am working on. Please e-mail me at dallascounty@live.com

YOUR servant for freedom, Clay Carey

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but try convincing who you contract with of this

as you've said before, it's near impossible.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

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court rulings on claim:


"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

Yes, if you try to pull this

Yes, if you try to pull this stunt in real life, you'll end up paying huge penalties or spend time in prison. Not very smart.

Good link

Time for more study! I would still like to see the original.