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Glenn Beck's reaction to Debate and Ron Paul

Glenn Beck's reaction to Debate and Ron Paul:






I know a lot of you hate Beck and don't trust him and I'm not posting this to change your mind.

I will generally give people the benefit of the doubt and think that despite all of his shortcomings, it's possible that Beck could come around. If anything else, I trust Judge Napolitano 100% more than anyone else on mainstream TV and it seems from things he's said, that they are friends and have spent hours debating these issues off the air. I think Napolitano could have gotten to him: not completely but if anything else as a voice that he hears in the back of mind.

I think many people here have this idea that so many people are part of this grand conspiracy. I don't buy that. I do think there are people conspiring but most people believe what they profess to believe. Myself in part, Tom Woods and others are admitted ex-neocon and we wholeheartedly believed what we thought we believed. It was easy for me to make the change because it really only involved me and my wife.

But when you're a media figure, or even a politician, it's hard to make that transition. You fight the change because you fear the repercussions from your audience or constituents.

This is a pretty natural human behavior; to make sure you preserve your livelihood. There were certainly things I didn't talk to others about when I worked at a college and even now there are things I don't get in with clients.

So anyway. Take it for what it is or isn't. If we want people to join in, we have to be open to people joining even when they don't embrace it as many of us have.

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ahh but don't worry..

if you stick around long enough, you will wise up.

A half a loaf of bread...

Beck didn't stand up the first time for Ron Paul, and despite the fact that I feel he is attaching himself to a growing movement this time, we need the votes and he has an audience, so you've got to take the bad with the good. Let's see if it lasts.

Glenn Beck Who?

If Beck can educate his 9-12 groups into realizing he made money off them, and blinded them, he may have a chance at redeeming himself.

If he doesn't support Paul then we have no business bothering with him. He is a waste of time.

He is probably a plant...as for Perry, we KNOW he is a plant of the bilderbergs. He does not have my support. He and Obama colluded about the tea parties two years ago. Perry supported them, while Obama ignored them creating a "polarity" division in America, while BOTH Perry and Obama are Bilderbergs....

Anyone on Face book? Their leader was at the last meeting, still want to be on that program? It is good to reunite and find long lost friends etc, stay off it otherwise, and DO NOT POST ANY INFORMATION ON IT...ONCE ON THERE ALWAYS THERE!!

Well, Glenn says he agrees

Well, Glenn says he agrees with Ron more now, that is good enough for me. He has had 3 years to finally make up his wishy washy mind (is he a Pisces?) Anyway I think you make an excellent point about how a public figure can show he has changed his mind. Hopefully, we can embrace, forgive, and forget--especially if they donate money to Ron. :)


If Perry runs we better watch our back because GB will go Debra Medina on us.

Glenn Beck a Judas Goat. Go

Glenn Beck a Judas Goat. Go Google that. By the way. whoever is on the radio with him here sounds just like him.

Sounds like he's debating with himself or talking with himself. Kind of funny.

"...Everyone gave good answers, INCLUDING Ron Paul"???

I know you mean well, but this is the same old despicable Beck. He wants it BOTH ways. Now that he's managed to get himself thrown off two news networks, he wants credibility with us by tossing us crumbs; meanwhile, he's looking for his next job. Screw him!

Beck should be admired

Anyoe who gets thrown off neocon Fox and Statist CNN is doing something right.

That was Pat Grey.

Suppose Glenn really has become a libertarian and wants to move his audience in that direction. How can he gauge whether they are ready to come with him? Well, he has two neocon guinea pigs right there in the studio with him, Pat and Stu. If he can ease them along the path to liberty then there's a good chance his audience is ready to move.

Of course I have no conviction this is really what he's trying to do but I am wide open to the possibility.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

He's probably doing that in the interest of career...

Self-preservation of career is a POWERFUL motivator no matter what.

Anyway, we don't need to be too concerned with these media types except to hold their feet to the fire. Besides, he turns them onto the message of liberty than he might make conservatives out of them by accident....

Oh yes, there is a long ways to go with some of these types especially Horowitz....they are so ridiculously "pro" a certain foreign country that it can make them sound insane.

So it takes a chess master to turn them back towards small government again, Dr. Paul is precisely that chess master.

The way it works

is that the Establishment lures us in to trust their sources and then when it counts they stab us in the back.

Whether Glen Beck himself knows this or not is irrelevant.

It is almost impossible to not be swayed by the manipulation when watching the news. They get us hooked and we start trusting someone. Then when it really counts they mislead us and we don't see it because of all "the good things they have also said and done before". The only real solution is to stop watching the news at least until this knowledge and understanding is so ingrained in us that it can not be shaken or infiltrated by the evil indoctrination that is the MSM.

Oh trust me, the Tea Party does not trust the MSM....

There is no way they are so clueless or gullible, conservatives truly do NOT trust the MSM.

They will always be watching for a fast one but lets get one thing clear....Even though you can't "trust" them, with enough pressure you can use them anyway. We use them to our advantage then quickly get the right policies in place before they commit perjury and get hired into the media to increase the ratings.

Another thing.....Ending the Federal Reserve brings a lot of ratings and the media would make billions as a result.

The MSM is not created to make billions

Their main purpose is to manipulate opinion and to hold the people enslaved by controlling what we think and what we believe.

Don't believe the "Capitalism" story. Money has nothing to do with it. Money is just another creation to enslave us. The elite don't need money, they own the money system and operate with unlimited "money ressources".

And yes I agree with you, we can use the MSM to spread our message of liberty, freedom and peace but we have to be careful. The controllers have centuries of experience in keeping us enslaved and we are only just beginning to understand a tiny fraction of what is going on. They know how to play us without even trying hard. It's an uphill battle for us but more and more begin to understand how the world is controlled and this awakening cannot be reversed.

Very Wise,

Lars, thanks, for both your comments above. sometimes we give toooo much importance to money, but at the same time its importance canNot be denied. For some it$ a fetish, irrational reverence. For the jokers / yokers and controllers it$ a very useful tool.
Practically & Physically we cannot under-estimate the value of money, - it$ like blood, that circulates, nourishes and distributes. Therefore it$ control must not be with the demons.
You mention awakening, here-in lies our hope, the approaching Dawn.

My point was only

That there is a bigger picture. Money is used to control us no doubt about that but the real people behind the MSM don't really care about money, they care only about controlling the people and staying in absolute power and I am not talking about some random politician.

The awakening is a fact. The irresistible force meets the immovable object.

The Awakening,

your last line is so meaningful, and the last sentence can be translated in various ways. With Light there is Awakening, and hopefully also the criteria, to recognize, the differences, - e.g. true or false, straight or crooked, etc.
Mankind has followed religion over centuries, it was the source of Law, and it was recorded, called holy Scriptures.
Scriptures are believed / supposed / assumed to come from The Most High, our Creator. These books have rules for human society. It was here where some tricks were played, or some traps were laid, putting many to the test. For example and to test our sanity let us refer to a particular verse which has great impact / influence in human affairs.
See Bible OT, Deuteronomy 23:20,
"20 Unto a stranger thou mayest lend upon interest, but unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon interest, that the LORD thy God may bless thee in all that thou settest thine hand to in the land whither thou goest to possess it".

Correction to this verse is necessary, to fulfill what is mentioned in your last sentence, = the result.

A quote...

"No dictator, no invader can hold an imprisoned population by force of arms forever. There is no greater power in the universe than the need for freedom. Against that power tyrants and dictators cannot stand."

~Citizen G'Kar

The Founders of this great nation abhorred tyrrany and loved liberty.

Revolution Has Begun.

right. you may appreciate whats recorded in this video -



Not particularly.

I am always alarmed when "revolutions" call for an end to Capitalism. Capitalism is not the problem. Central economic planning and corporatism is. But very few revolutions, besides the American revolution, have been successful in maintaining freedom of both the people and the market.

The French and Bolshevik Revolutions both grew angry with the powers and saught to overthrow them. But the governments and economic policies they replaced them with were too weak, and so a power vacuum was created. And whenever there is a power vacuum, there will generally be socialists, communists, Marxists or military dictators to fill it.

The American Revolution was somewhat unique in that the old power and economic structure was generally approved of, but there was a need to dethrone its monarch and restore the power to the people through the form of a Free Market. Most other Revolutions are so eager to destroy the old power and economic structure, they have nothing to replace it with. The old power and economic structure is not what needs to be changed, just the leadership of it. Decentralizing, and depowering its corrupt leaders and politicians. Restoring the power to the people through the Free Market system.

Free Markets are always controlled by micro-economic capitalist systems. It is necessary to remove macro-economic controls, but not to abolish the useful microeconomic system. When people grow needful of certain things a socialist or communist economy cannot grant them, they will find ways to purchase these things through a market system. Usually by then, the lack of a free market has established a black market, in which the purchasing power of money is substantially less.

Capitalism is not the problem. Having a central bank that issues fiat currency to the point where the currency is worth nothing is the problem. Having a central power system that requires massive taxes to engage in wars or hold powers it was never intended to hold is the problem.

I'm a little more alarmed by your video then appreciative of it.

The Founders of this great nation abhorred tyrrany and loved liberty.

re Free Markets.

Daniel, thanks for your detailed post in defense of (1)Free-Markets, I totally agree with them, also with (2)Capitalism, without U$ury, and (3) maintaining useful structures.

I picked up the video at Max Keiser's site, it is more of a warning, as to what happens when society is burdened with debts and forced to go through austerity, loss of jobs & incomes. The interest on these odious debts are un-payable, but the lender's terms are harsh.

Order is better than confusion. Most revolutions create dis-order, where innocents suffer needlessly & unjustly.
Hoping for your understanding of my position.


You really believe this? Honestly?

If you don't think money has to do with it, you're spending too much of your time indoors breathing stale air. Seriously.

The elite need money just like everyone else does. They can trade favors and power and blah blah blah, but that's only there BECAUSE of the money. "Unlimited money resources." Such a thing doesn't exist. If that were the case, then the "elites" would all be equal, but it's obviously not.

"The controllers have centuries of experience in keeping us enslaved and we are only just beginning to understand a tiny fraction of what is going on."

Unless they're over 100 years old, they don't have centuries experience with anything. Money wasn't created to control anybody, it's a tool, just like a hammer, for letting people work together. Hammers weren't created to control people, but if you hold it over someone's head, the effect is the same. The same goes for money.

Eric Hoffer

20 billion disappeared in Iraq

hundreds of billions was given as "bailouts", the Federal reserve has given out trillions just in the last couple of years and do a Google search on Rumsfeld announcing the day before 911 that the CIA couldn't find 2.3 trillion.

The elite owns the money and just prints it for themselves. They don't have to earn it like the rest of us.

And the elite has run the entire world for centuries and possible much longer.

Yes money is a tool and it is used to enslave us and just like your example with the hammer whoever owns it don't need to go and earn it, they can just use it to hit nails.

Money & Bankster$.

EH, yes, money existed before the sy$tem was erected. They used money to build-up. I find myself agreeing with you and Lars,- some additional input helps. You made a good point with the example of hammer. Sometimes I do not read posts in their right order / time or posts, at times there are many interesting posts that appear in the "active topics".

"Take your pick, shovel, pen or hammer with handle,
true knowledge is very vie-tool which can dismantle,
the bank."

the elites don't need money

but they use it to control their pawns.

elites create money.

thanks, we agree the elites do Not need money, actually they 'create' it, then lend it at interest / usury, then exchange it to buy real resources / assets. Money is also a recognized tool of control - of govts, corps, markets, and people. The elites' tools are rates, credit policy, etc.
Money is a necessary item of society, as a measure of value and medium of exchange, it$ control must not be with a cartel or govt., it must be natural and earned. Real, not fake.

The controllers are Disinformation artists, they aren't king....

They can easily be stepped over by providing the right facts, using "MEDIA" sources as our outlet to increase ratings.

With enough prudence the message will sail right over the top of them as you need to always remember, they live by what makes good entertainment....if it's addictive enough they'll buy right in & we'll keep squeezing the doors.

There is a bigger picture

Ratings, money and good entertainment are just MSM indoctrination that has nothing to do with their real motives.

You are well taught, and positively correct....

We can beat them at their own game by exposing what that is.


Exposure and education is the only way. Just what Ron Paul has been doing his whole life.