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Ron Paul/Gary Johnson

Hi, on here and on the comments sections of youtube in response to Ron Paul videos and else where I see quite a few Ron Paul/ Jesse Ventura as president/vice president. But I fear Jess may be just a little to "radical" for the common folk who are coming to the Ron Paul side. I'm thinking we wouldn't scare newbie Ron Paul supporters away if we promoted a Ron Paul/Gary Johnson as president and vice president and from what I understand (which please correct me if I'm wrong), they run on the same principles.

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Ideally if and when Ron wins, I would like Gary in the Senate.

We need to add to the pool, not subtract from it. So I am a big advocate of not taking existing libertarian-leaning members of congress out, or MSM personalities out of their spots to fill a tactical position, more than a power position.

Johnson would be a good VP, so would Tom Woods. Either way, I would trust ANYONE that the Dr. Know picks for his running mate.

Judge Andrew Napolitano is my

Judge Andrew Napolitano is my choice for VP, although Gary Johnson would also make a great one as well! I'm not sure about Ventura as VP but I do like him and he is great to have on our side.