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"Skateistan: To live and skate in Kabul" Building skateparks not bombs

Check out the trailer for this documentary that will be featured at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.


This just about sums up what I've loved about skateboarding the past 19 years. The independent spirit it creates and the people who are attracted to it. A competitive yet non-contact sport that encourages creativity, friendship, freedom and the sometimes necessary rebellious behavior. Can't wait to see the full movie!

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Request on Netflix

This would be a good one to request on Netflix so more people can see it.

Also, the one posted here earlier about Dr. Burzynski and his cancer treatment.

Educating voters should be entertaining!

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


If we can get a walk organized I will work to get some of these skaters to the states for it.


I think that this has just become my favorite post on the DP ever.

"Skateistan is becoming a bit of a hub of female sporting activity which is very exciting. There is nothing like watching an Afghan women roll down the ramp for the first time and she has achieved something that she never thought she would."

One of the kids is rocking a ZERO skateboard. I skated with that team one day at Acasia park, CO Springs. I have been skating for 17 years, check my profile pic, rocking a Ron Paul sticker on my board. I wonder if I could bring in the skaters with RP's message....

Nice! Thanks, Gmartine

A fellow skateboarder! Been shredding since I was 11. It's slowed quite a bit these days, I've got a 40 hr. work week, a bum knee and a girlfriend that are really killing my board time out here in Phoenix. Plus, the 100+ temperatures bother me a lot more then when I was younger. I don't know why I never thought to put an RP bumper sticker on my board. Duh. I've seen you commenting on this site often, but had no clue you were a skateboarder. Nice to know.

It's nice to see a non-state funded project such as this can have such a profound impact and best of all it's for the youth of afghanistan. We need to win hearts and minds, not bomb people to oblivion. I think the people who started this are proving that people can be won over with the message of; education, freedom, individuality and charity. Unfortunately, this probably wouldn't exist if it wasn't for our occupation, but since we're there (even though we shouldn't be), it doesn't hurt to have an organization such as this around. I'll be donating for sure.