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The FIX is in!!! Ron Paul wins!

I just cannot BELIEVE all the "negative" attention Ron Paul is getting, all the name-calling by the right talk radio & tv pundits.

Ron Paul is no more of a relevant threat to what THEY are in favor of perpetuating anymore than he has ever been...and with their incessant position that he is but a single-digit minority candidate with a less-than-mainstream(fringe libertarian) following; WHY would they bother bashing him, or give him and his views any press at all? BUT they are doing it...negative press is still press...and their target audience is the establishment!!!

Honestly, I cannot believe these guys say on the one hand they won't waste any time analyzing the debates because it is way too early(and then they do it); as they also say "we're not going to discuss Ron Paul" because he drives down ratings, repels advertisers, and then they call him a "crack pot" every chance they get, as well as let callers in that support him!

This is a sham of the highest degree...I am, for the time being, going to remain a Bix Wier optomist...I say there are people in powerful positions in our government that have already laid plans to collapse the dollar, in an attempt to throw off the central banks NOT because they hate the banks or know the system is unsustainable, and not because they want to save their own hides; but actually because they are patriots, they inherited this corrupt mess from a corrupt sold-out generation before them that chose money over God, and truthfully this is a national security issue(defaulting on some "loans", as well as keeping our natural resources, technology, innovation, productivity, and will to be a sovereign self-sustaining economic world super-power a SECRET underneath all our exterior failures and broadcasted trends and economic vulnerabilities).

Oh yes! There will be a transition; a very PAINFUL transition for those who refuse to heed the warnings that...if you don't get out of paper ASAP, you are going to be left holding the bag...but I think we will return to sound money, we will bring the troops home, Ron Paul will be in the White House, we will "stick it" to some of our enemies(one of those being the FED, who, also has a boss!!!), and we will re-embrace our heritage...because this is how some other "wars" are fought...

There will be both condemnation and judgment upon the heads of those who TRIED to undermine our greatness, those who killed the innocent, and commanded the killing of the innocent without mercy like sociopaths because they KNEW they were serving the WRONG SIDE, those who willfully engaged in selling us out to foreign interests and our enemies through debt enslavement vehicles, and those who attempted to destroy us through using the vehicle of government, the printing press, infiltration and subterfuge; but there will also be rejoicing, understanding and a return to hard work and wearing our patriotism on our sleeve as we once again become neighbors, rather than suspects of one another.

I see a GRAND theater, and all of this too much too soon with respect to the slamming of Ron Paul who is a Barry Goldwater fiscal conservative Republican BY Republicans is just them showing their hand...we're being set up(for VICTORY, not defeat!)...things will get worse, precious metals will hold and rise, government obligations/entitlements/spending will be realized as unmeetable, and the whole of the nation will come to support him overwhelmingly once the clock passes January 1, 2012 I think...

Again, being an optimist; but also with a hint of seeing through the matrix of deceit and propaganda. The sheeple will not prevail, they will actually be spared; and we will restore this Republic, it's creditworthiness, and it's integrity!

The sins of this nation do not reflect or represent the whole of us; we are still a nation of individuals; and character counts...so, do what is right, promote the message of Liberty and the absurdity of our Federal Reserve System; but take comfort...we've won...the people are tired from being led around in circles all these years, chasing a prosperity that can never be realized nor sustained; they are coming our way, whilst the evil ones are still blind, ignorant, selling bogus synthetic derivatives and ponzi schemes, and daily heaping more and more judgment upon their own heads in their arrogance and pride.

There is a Creator, there is Natural Law; we are due for a reset, as well as another chance...AFTER the great purging!!!

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...we now have the "super congress"; wealth and power concentrated in the hands of a FEW...ALWAYS a fear of the most prominent architects of our founding, and subsequent patriots...(perhaps this makes Ron Paul's Presidency ineffective)...

...and, now that reprobate World Net Daily shill Michael Savage is praising Dr. Paul as though he had an epiphany...

Seriously; the NWO has decided(a while ago in my estimation); "let them have their revolution...let them think they've won without bloodshed...give them what they want"...bread and circuses, my friends; until the printing press is SHUT DOWN and gold and silver are sound money once again...

The whole world is run on credit; America is a great nation...but our CREDIBILITY, which is tied directly to our HYPOCRISY(killing in the name of THEIR "Christ" in order to gain control of the majority of the world's natural and HUMAN resources), is what is waning; and wholly displeasing to our Creator...Dr. Paul is a great man, but the power lies in the laws the men(both foreign and domestic) have crafted and thrust upon us for decades now...this, again, will render his Presidency(won on the sole platform of fiscal responsibility) of none-effect...

We'll see...we'll see...

Lord would you spare the city for 10 rightious ?

The Lord said yes.

good call!

...I am the glass is "half full" guy with respect to us surviving the coming transition!


The other day I flipped on Bob McLain..instead heard one of his stand ins..OMG the guy was so Anti-Ron Paul it was un freakin real!!! It sounded like the NEOCON CALL IN HOUR...
Start streaming
Get those txt in..emails...calls....Let the words of true freedom be heard. We need to get the south on board. So many are still hurting from all the (cotton) mill closings and think their only support is government...(at least thats how it is here)
Some (ok maybe a lot) of you can call in and word it much better than I can. But people here need to know just how they'll get back to work if (when) Ron Paul wins. They need to understand why hemp should be made legal, amoung other things. They need to know that a Ron Paul win does not mean they'll be cut off and they can still feed their families, but that a Ron Paul win will set the country on the right course for their children and grandchildren. They need to hear it in plain simple, easy to understand, words that they can remember, and take to heart.
What I hear a lot of, and I do mean A LOT, is that if Ron Paul wins..they wont have food, shelter, medical care, and they think thier SS checks will stop coming the day after he takes office. They need to hear something their not use too...THE TRUTH

OMG they should be a book out called RON PAUL....WAKING UP ISNT THAT HARD TO DO!!!

sorry for the typos..its been a stressful morning

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

Well, you don't actually say it,

but it seems like you imply that the schemers of the New World Order (CFR, Bilderbergers, Skull and Crossbones, Luciferians) who want to knock the US off its high horse and destroy the dollar are in fact Christian stalwarts who want to remake America once more as a just nation "under God" with sound money and Ron Paul as president.. Is this a mis-impression? If so, please relate a bit more of your vision to clear up my confusion.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I think the war is between primarily REAL Christians...

...and FAKE Christians in America...and the fake Christians are locking arms politically with the terrorist state Israel in racist fashion, to simply wipe out Muslims and take land...none of this makes any sense anymore to moral Americans who are starting to ask "why?" more and more these days...fiscally or morally, Ron Paul is making a whole lot of sense...WITHOUT talking religion like I am willing to, you know?...because simply put; killing, stealing, lying are WRONG in ANY religion the world over!

I think that outwardly religious Jews, Christians, and Muslims in ecclesiastical power/political power and bible-believing followers of Jesus, as well as truly sincere seekers of God have been at war since the beginning...especially real Christians versus religious Jews since the first century church...as the book of Acts records...all of a sudden those who reject Christ are locking arms with those calling them "deniers"???

This collusion of the religious evil is for population control, a money grab, control of what they assume are finite naturals resources because they ultimately crave security; but not the security the Creator provides...they seek only the temporal pleasures of this life, and they serve those as idols...humble, salt of the Earth people understand real peace can be achieved without so many "things" to distract you!

Religious, expressive, boastful Christ-rejecting Jews HATE real Christians(and have since Jesus came along), and they still manipulate and deliberately work to dumb-down "seeking" Christians because we have been drawing away their paying followers for 2000 years!; primarily because they work for the devil, as do MOST ecclesiastical tyrants and other emphatic Christ-rejectors.

That being said; the war is between the New World Order who claim they have God's express permission to run this planet because all the "money" has been deposited in their accounts, and free people, meek people, PATIENT people who actually believe in a Creator and KNOW that money was moved through less than honest dealings!!!

See, our founders vision was religious freedom...Jews, Muslims, Christian can ALL get along and maintain a free society, and self govern themselves with a simple tacit belief in a Supreme Being, a Creator; which well over 98% of human being on planet subscribe to because the Creator gave us all conscience and creation revelation that in fact he does exist...strict obedience to the derived whims of mankind in the form of what a bunch of pseudo-intellectuals TELL YOU He is all about and what His laws are is NO BASIS for a system of government(and it always causes pain and ultimately fails - theocracy)...but conversely...a REASONING by free individuals about certain common threads of a moral code of conduct found in every named religion under the sun forms community standard that are most often NEVER rejected because respect for life, liberty and property are something the majority of learned/educated/informed human being will always agree with...

Anyway, non-Christian and pharisaical Jews are in collusion, and they are the utopian New World Order crown; and, humble and respectful, sincerely seeking, peaceful Muslims, hungry Christians, Orthodox Jews(as well as a whole host of all sorts of other individuals with a tacit acceptance of a Supreme Being that is good) are the ones who want to throw off tyranny!

But, we still need LEADERSHIP; and, just like it was in our founding...those seeking the BEST INTEREST of America are meeting in secret, discussing an almost identical contemporary byproduct of the exact same 27 reasons we separated from Great Britain which parent government always seeks in cyclical fashion to impose upon its "subjects".

So, "behind the scenes", the Luciferians are trying to make their move; but, be comforted that I believe there exists an opposition that exists - one that they arrogantly do not fear, but also one that they cannot see...pretend this internet rumor is true...Ron Paul is a 33rd Degree Mason; well, Masons(and all there derivative groups) are but a club of do-gooders...and...just as is any organization; some insecure sociopath(s) will creep in unnoticed, study to know how to gain power and control, and steer the direction of the organization to their own selfish way...but ultimately, good always triumphs; these guys get so arrogant, so prideful, so ahead of themselves that they manifest who they are to the rest on the group, and cunning plans are made to remove them because GOOD people know evil exists in this present world, what evil is, what its ends are - and they don't want to be a part of it, nor, give and answer for it.

Sorry for the highly convoluted answer to what I consider a black and white situation! Biblical discernment, a humility to receive wisdom from the Creator affords me to spot some of these self-serving idiots from afar nowadays...just as good people fell for the carrot of money and began serving the WRONG side unknowingly(which may be the case with a Glenn Beck...I will still him space)...the BAD people can be used by the good people as well(that's the Creator's business, He has a history of doing that to achieve His good purposes!!!)...what is in the hearts of many of these actors/players(their personal standing with the Creator) is unknown; but their fruit is always up for inspection, and I have been watching and making conclusions for myself...in the case of the New World Order types, their fruit shows that have been given up and over to their reprobate mind and their obvious service to Lucifer...so I just avoid them most of the time...

Again, the "New World Order (CFR, Bilderbergers, Skull and Crossbones, Luciferians)" only THINK they are on top, have a stranglehold, and are running the whole show...they are also proving ready to deal the death blow to America...but remember, Abraham was also ready to kill his son Isaac when God stepped in...

The notion of "real" and

The notion of "real" and "fake" Christians is a ridiculous argument. That's like saying one is a believer in John Wayne... a man who was an actor, whose real name was Marion Morrison!

You're close.

the whole Revelation is about seperating real from fake.
The Judgement of God CLEANSES.

Therefore, there is NO condemnation to those in Christ Jesus. They have been pre-cleansed. Whatever Rapture means it will happen.
The rest of the World prepares for what cannot be prepared for. How shall ANYONE escape, if they "neglect" so GREAT a salvation ?

They believe they have express permission because they believe they are the ROCK. Christ was talking of Himself being the Foundation Stone , THE ROCK. Peter made the statement of awareness. Christ affirmed Peter's statement.
THE ROCK existed LONG before someone adopted the title.
WATER issued from THE ROCK.

I watch for...

...the spirit of humility in these players; Ron Paul has it, Michael Medved DOESN'T!!!

Glenn Beck looks confused, and scared...Jesse Ventura was government-trained, and Alex Jones has been making a ton of cash off immature fearful and suspect people, while also provoking them to do stupid things(confrontation) which makes us all look bad!

Honestly, at the end of the day, I can only control myself and struggle to keep myself from dabbling in vices common to man...the snares that even the "religious" now promote as an acceptable avenue to generate revenues, as well as employ to trip up their enemies who have seen them for what they truly are!

God will have mercy upon whom He chooses; He also has a scorecard on every individual and their participatory role and intent towards their fellow man...let's watch it all play out...and I am going to remain optimistic that a purging is coming to our nation's "leadership", and those who think they are righteous based merely on affiliations are going to be humbled; and the truly evil wrapped in exterior religiosity and fame are going to get severely punished no matter how big their bank account is!

Yes God will have Mercy on whom He will have Mercy.

But HE tells you and I who it is that He will have Mercy on.

Those who believe on the Only Begotton Son. HE was here and was handled and He is returning, to do away with the anti-christ and his influence. HE shall cleans HIS Temple and HOLY mountain. I believe His Temple is HIS CHURCH. HIS BODY. His body is the Temple of HIS SPIRIT. Where HE resides. In the HEART of believing men and woman. He is also coming to cleans the Earth, for it too groans from the effects of sin. There will be NOwhere to hide from HIM who sits on the Throne. THE CHIEF cornerstone, cut out without hands. THE ROCK of my salvation.


...yet, what I have learned in walking with Him was not only how horribly guilty I was in my knee-jerk propensity to judge and repel the "unbeliever", but...that each and every individual is granted more space and time to repent than we(who are growing impatient with evil) are willing to tolerate!

The poor are not merely "saved" because they are the poorest of the poor; some choose to remain that way on purpose, and they can "game the system" as do the wealthy on top!

America's contemporary presentation of the gospel is so commercialized, so managed from the top, it virtually numbs people FROM hearing the truth. In God's sovereignty, through His unique ability to reach every man(He created) right where they are; He still orders their steps, He still presents them with the truth(that He wants to save them from the penalty of sin); and He still manages all of it in ways that none of us could conjure up, nor manage...and again, that makes me HOPEFUL.

I probably went a bit too far with my "religious" explanation, but, Ecclesiastical Tyranny has become my specialty in recent years because religion is Satan's number one tool to keep men from God, and it is the ultimate, and easiest way to divide and conquer.

A good God, a holy God, an all powerful omnipotent Creator God sits on the throne over this planet; and in His righteousness He ends up being glorified time and time again by extending grace to those who have done nothing to earn it, and extending mercy upon those who deserve judgment...we DO NOT understand it...but yet, we end up benefiting from it indirectly in our eyes; but in all actuality directly from His perspective.

America can be spared, purged, reset, relieved, comforted, recovered, and restored from the obvious grip of the New World Order...the New World Order could also be allowed to create the NAU...I don't know what is going to happen, but what I do know is that I need to worry first and foremost about my relationship to Him, my stewardship responsibility over my family, talents, skills, abilities, and assets no matter how few I have...worse things have happened on this planet, empire's do collapse; but, empire's only come to be because the people choose dictators to rule over them either by economic coercion, or, a severe lack of self-restraint with respect to obeying His natural laws during a time of Liberty.

I am with you brother; Jesus came, was handled, and will return again...but how I would love to experience an era like the early years of this Republic; where respectable, learned, moral men of primarily renown Christian character occupy the seats of government...and I, a lowly laborer, would be working my medial job along side a Muhammadhist; talking about my God, and His story, one on one!

It still happens today, but it happens less and less because of propaganda and the pressure of political correctness...it is a shame we have to hide who we are these days, when we KNOW there was a time in this country when men wore their faith on their sleeve, saw every man as his human equal regardless of race or "status", and habitual sinful behavior, deceitfulness, and outlandish immorality was publicly shamed.

Will we return to those days? Do Americans YEARN for that again? I think so, it's that groaning you mentioned; and I think, in God's mercy, He might just give America another shot at it in this New Testament era...but...a purging must occur(it's cyclical, it's necessary, and...it's sometimes bloody! - nothing to look forward to)...and so, I think we are being EARLY WARNED to prepare; and God is extending space to us who still have not prepared...again, it all comes down to free will choices once the information, the TRUTH, has been presented to the individual!!!

Ron Paul is that man of exceptional Christian character in my estimation...and...he is a hero to a great many in privileged position who simply CANNOT show their support...it will be interesting how he will come to get the party's nomination; but economic collapse, the evils perpetrated unto us by the central bank(and their tentacles of lobbyists) and the recipient of bribes in Congress, will become more evident than it is now...

Be ever VIGILANT!!! Ron Paul must face down the tyrant OBAMA!

Though Ron Paul ascends, keep spreading his message to the four corners of this country in each direction.

Many Central Bankers are getting arrested left and right as the system comes crashing down.

Ron Paul will have to face down the TYRANT OBAMA, who is a false-witness and whom has created the largest Communist army the world has ever seen.

OBAMA is Redder than Hitler after spending a few weekends with good buddy Geithner!

This is all ILLEGAL.....OBAMA is simply put the Anti-Christ. He has deceived the nation. He is the Liberal Bush and Bernanke's first cousin. He is a CHAMELEON.

He must be DEFEATED on the BIG stage in the rotunda, as the entire Democratic Party is going to hiss louder than they ever have in defense of him!

Only a Doctor can get us out of our mess and only he can expose the CHAMELEON'S colors. OBAMA must be imprisoned.

In my opinion, it is not

In my opinion, it is not obama who is to blame but solely the fed im not saying obama is not responsible for not fighting for the people, but it is the central banks that must be torn down they are the ones who have obama and every president before him by the balls they can play with his popularity at will. i believe obama is a good man between a rock and a hard place, though this does not make him less guilty of treason. he simply doesnt have the balls to stand up to these criminals. think about it they always put into power people who have something to lose, obama has two young children and his first instinct like anyone elses is to protect them, all it requires is one death threat to have him rethink fighting back he has to much to lose personally so he is powerless.

You're Right...Obama isn't Just Bad....He is 'Very' Bad!!

You are absolutely right, in the usual accidental fashion. Obama is the man who promised "Hope" and "Change", while calling out the International Bankers for being criminals.

He said he would take good care of our problems once in office.....Not only did he NOT do that, he barely punished the liberals practically at all!!!

It is almost too Orwellian to believe. Not only did the liberal traitors like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Paulson receive hardly any punishment....but they also received absolutely NO jail-time while Obama proceeds to appoint his good Banker buddy Lawrence Summers to his cabinet!

I assumed it couldn't possibly get any worse but it is obvious I assumed wrong. Under Bush, there was the Communist Hurricaine Katrina incident where people got shot and Rumsfeld & Chertoff should serve a prison term for that...there's no questions at all. There was also the abominable Military Commissions Act sponsored by traitor-republicans to detain everyone if they appeared Muslim. These liberals earned their disdain and severe anger all across the nation for the blatant abuses.

However if I may, it APPEARS they simply 'hopped' right on over into the Democratic Party once Democrats became the majority and in fact some switched back outright. This became more obvious than ever before after the furious rise of the Tea Party, so it is QUITE clear the crimes merely multiplied all over!! For it became obvious to me, that OBAMA was a bad man once he expanded our wars from 2 to 4.

Then as if it was something right out of a dream, the country got even worse. Whereas before I only rarely had to be concerned of being stopped by Police, suddenly I had FBI agents and vigilantes going through my trash! The Spying program EXPANDED and got twice as large under OBAMA, larger than the Republicans could even stomach. And then out of nowhere, a HUGE Swine Flu outbreak went nation-wide where Obama's Gestapo actually FORCED young children to buy health-care and get "vaccinated" for THEIR OWN GOOD. We had an emergency broadcast in our western state, that all citizens need to report immediately for vaccination. THIS is the sort of evil tyranny that did not even occur under Bush! But that wasn't the end. OBAMA then expanded the indefinite detention of civilians which makes me sick. I then got to see first-hand, an actual FRIEND of mine get shot at by a Police officer for being a Republican. This is beyond absolutely insane. They called "right-wing" extremists by the name "leftists" under Bush's day but never bothered anyone. Now the Police just opened fire and correctly pegged him as right-wing, apparently because he was AGAINST the health care system. I was demonized and had to buy a lethal weapon under Barry OBAMA.

I have never seen anything so sadistic in my life, and luckily for them they fired back with a taser and got these "Troopers" to leave the premises. Obama mandated a ID card and FEDERALIZED National Health-care for all, with the IRS commanded to force you to buy Health Care & on top of that he made over six billion dollars in General Motors. He appointed Czars to every car dealer. I swear to God this country could never have been more Communist. OBAMA is a bad man and he needs to reflect on his crimes. He ceded the legal system to the United Nations UNESCA, beyond treason. Once these liberals like Paulson, Blankfein, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bushers, Michael Rubin and Bernanke are safely behind bars for a year it's time to put Obama on trial for war-crimes. The rest can go to jail for a year.

Obama needs to go to prison for two years, a maximum cell where he can reflect on his insane mistakes. I would never trust a Liberal or vote for one, as they are nearly all the same; vouch for big-government taking care of "EVERYTHING" like a soccer mom....and pretend to be something they're NOT. Liberal traders have always been in favor of Unions & destroying the South, no matter what party they hide in. You better believe that when this has all finally ended, I will join the movement that wishes to "BAN" the Democratic Convention and Liberal bureaucrats from the United States for their totalitarian ideas.

Speaking of...

...Rumsfeld...What prompted me to write this piece yesterday was when my Neo-Con buddy called to say Michael Medved had "Rummy" on yesterday.

My buddy has developed an inability to think outside the box. He now has a knee-jerk anti-Ron Paul myopic perspective because he listens to way too much right-wing talk radio, he is a sheeple; but I will keep working him, and he will understand Ron Paul is the ONLY fiscal conservative that would "cut and slash" the size and scope of government...and he doesn't need to understand fractional reserve banking to get that!

Medved has been calling Ron Paul a "crack pot" all week now since the debate...Medved had Jesse Ventura on a couple days ago, and even plugged his "63 things" book...to which he acted like Jesse was also a "crack pot", pretended to treat him with disrespect and scorn during the interview, and followed up that "fair" interview with an "open invitation" to any Presidential candidate and of course this big interview with Rummy.

Anyway, I see AJ and Ventura as "in the know" now; I think a great number of Americans have gone out of their way in recent years, and have studied on their own things like the FED, building 7, the "63 things" and other "conspiracies", our current foreign policy activities(knowing going into Afghanistan bankrupted Russia); and, I do not TRUST that all these people claiming to be anti-Ron Paul as truly anti-Ron Paul(more subterfuge) ... they are merely paid actors behind a microphone.

Ron Paul said: "you cannot turn an aircraft carrier around on a dime"...and again, I think there is a plan in place already for this country to reverse course as a matter of serving our vital self-interest; we do have real enemies after all...2008 was just not the time to "rip off the band-aid" of dependency, and, we still had "someone" there who would buy our treasuries; but things are so much worse now in 2011...and so, WAY EARLY, I believe the seeds of Ron Paul's philosophies and approach to less government and sound money are being laid, wrapped in all sorts of different packaging, while the pain of this collapsing economy is the spade in the dirt turning up the soil.

No doubt there is a war going on between our nation and those who would like to enter us into global governance against our will through debt enslavement, and that is the war a great majority of us opine about(the New World Order), and, sides have been chosen in this battle...but at this point, I do not think we know ALL the players!

Some anti-Ron Paul personalities are truly anti-Ron Paul(the over-the-top pro-Israel people in media, making suckers out of unsuspecting Christians and pumping them for money for religious and other social conservative lobbying causes" for one); and others pretend to be, but I can tell that they choose their words carefully...they are "tip-toeing between the raindrops"...either way, the media is getting our message out; and that has my antenna up!

Medved's handlers are Liberals, guaranteed....

HIS handlers are definitely dyed-in-the-wool Liberals, and have nothing to really do with right wing radio.

I can tell just by the way he tries desperately to ignore Paul and Thomas Woods....he knows what's up.

YOU are of course correct, many of them are paid to push the Rumsfelds....because these "Liberals" need to be propped up as agitprop propaganda! Even after being arrested while visiting Germany, they still need to seem like credible celebrities for the sheep.

maybe Orwell knew something,

maybe Orwell knew something, and his writings were his way of warning us.

I agree....

...as unemployment will most likely double going into next year's election...will America elect a Hitler(re-electing him), or, do we KNOW better?

I think we're a nation of self-learners; auto-didacts...this internet thing is AWESOME...and...so is this Ron Paul MOVEMENT that has woken up the masses to the deceit and game of the banksters!!!

We KNOW they cannot deliver on their promises...time to "throw them off"...we got this one!!!

I am glad I was a part of it...I learned MUCH more than I taught anyone...THANK YOU fellow Paulites!!!


an inspirational post!!
Thank you for that.

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

Very well written, and a

Very well written, and a great source of energy and hope thank you for taking the time to write this outstanding piece.

Viva La Revolution

To that man... Well put and very concise. Victory is inevitable though the means are unknown.

Viva La Revolution!

Somewhere there are men planning the next destructive and evil ploy to make this world their own... The common man is not part of that plan as we would see fit... Merely pawns to be used against one another.



"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown