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Funds for Ron

Several prospective contributors from the Philadelphia area who are nearly maxed out have agreed to let Dr. Paul go through their wallets and take the last of their money. I'll explain how this works.

One person will match up to four $200 online contributions to Dr. Paul for a total of $1,600. Two persons each have agreed to match up to five $100 contributions (ten contributions total) for a total of $2,000. A third person will match up to five $50 contributions for a total of $500. In the aggregate, that's $4,100.

To make them pay, go to https://www.ronpaul2008.com/donate/. That's the official Ron Paul 2008 campaign website online donation form. To verify that this is legit, go to Dr. Paul's website, click on the Donate button or tab and you'll see that that internet address is the same one.

Complete the form. You must in the form's section 1 (Contact Information) type in "MU25" in the Project Code box. Once you've donated, you'll get a quick email confirmation directly from the campaign. Forward that email to schvenzlerman@yahoo.com (that's me). When I receive that email, the "wallets" will get emptied in amounts equal to your contribution, but subject as mentioned to the above-stated maximum number of hits. I will then send to you an email confirmation of their equal payments.

Yours very Truly,


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