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Ron Paul on NBC Today Show: 'I'm Not a Fringe Candidate' 6/20/2011

Ron Paul's interview NBC News 6/20/2011


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Someone needs to have some makeup...

on hand for these interviews.
The Doctor looks a bit shiny in this one.

Look Oracle!! ....Ron Paul Hits Are Back Up!!

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Ron Paul is on Fire!!

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Why stop talking about drugs masonbonar?

Are you even listening to RP's message of personal liberty and responsibility? He should never stop talking about it!. I just wish he would explain that legalizing all drugs would steal the money motive away from the brutal Mexican Cartels. This in turn would make our border more secure and safe. Any State that would try to keep prohibition going would only end up with corrupted politicians, violent drug dealers, and misery, just like we have nationally now. Hardcore drug addiction is a medical problem, not a criminal one! Pot no doubt should be legal and sold in stores and bars, as it is proven much safer than most Americans drug of choice alcohol. Prohibition creates violence and turns one serious problem into two. There will always be free individuals who choose to experiment or use drugs for recreation. Stop judging their personal choices. Who is to say what the right way to live life is anyway? Let people live their own lives for Gods sake!

This is a "fringe" idea...

You can't win on fringe issues no matter if principled.

The "drug war" cannot be torn down or regulated by the Federal Government. Period.

Get those progressive ideas out of your head, it is brainwashing. Federal Funding? What is that propping up again?

The Federal Government doesn't need to be involved in drugs, period. Whether for or against this needs to be decided by the States. Whatever they choose, can very clearly get people the answer they want for their budgets.

Nobody likes drugs....All they will reiterate, is that the States need to settle the drug issue. Not the Federal Government who created this war on drugs.

All you folks who are questioning the campaign, take note

of this interview and how Dr Paul handled this silly "fringe candidate" question.

And the "old guy" question, too. We should all be so well when we reach 75, 77, both mentally and physically. Sheesh! What about the recently invented adage "70 is the new 60, 60 is the new 50" ad nauseum?

Phil. 4:13

Poor Matt

Repent Matt, there is hope for everyone.

The sad thing is I used to like NBC shows way back when they were not vindictive, arrogant, and ignorant.

Today I have no respect for NBC, CNN, or ABC, even though CBS is unAmerican as well at least they have some decent news stories now and then imo.


Debbie's picture

Nice try Matt Lauer, but you're so-o-o 2008! You are out of

your league with Ron Paul. So sad . . .



If Ron Paul would stop talking about the legalization of drugs in his speeches for the next 6 months, mainstream Republicans MIGHT actually pay attention to everything else he stands for.

Why which drugs...

do you think should be illegal?

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012


hey mr masonbonar,...what part of the mainstream,are you paddlin'on?going over a few rappids are we? Ron paul is not mainstream,he's the only path thru BAD WATERS! HE HAS a complete plan, a package so he likes to call it.You see, my friend, what you call mainstream,...is same oh same oh . RON Paul on the other hand has a anser for just about every problem we got. WHY? the package brudda!drugs is a issue of personal freedom, i don't like drugs, i don't like prostitution' i don't like alot of thing's ! BUT I LOVE FREEDOM ! LIBERTY ! the right to make my own choice's. RON PAUL stands steadfast on "nearly every" "MAINSTREAM REPUBLICAN ISSUE" pro life..fiscal conservative..small goverment'..and then he takes it to a whole new level...or should i say ,a whole,old level? the CONSTITUTION...MAINSTREAM?..i don't think most republicans know where there boats are much less what stream there on.


Ron is talking about the

Ron is talking about the federal drug laws. I don't know any states attempting to abolish their drug laws, except for maybe mary jane, so it wouldn't be a problem. WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND!!

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. - John Randolph of Roanoke


masonbonar, google Ricky Ross and then come here and defend the federal drug war


How many States would legalize cocaine from Colombia, heroine from occupied Afghanistan ? How many Governors would do that ?

The real question is why do people need protection from themselves, their local governments and their Governor ?

At the heart of this issue is a federal monopoly of all drugs and medicine. When you hear end the drug war you think of crack smokers running your schools, lounging in your yard and stealing your property. The fact is the number one killer is prescription drugs controlled by the federal monopoly, not illegal drugs. Crime to support a narcotic addiction created by centrally controlled bureaucrats is far greater than the crime associated with the black market created by the federal drug war. Besides, the CIA dumps dumps foreign dope on our society all the time and they do this under the guise of National Security in secret. Does your Governor do that ?

Federal monopolies are predatory to free people, this is the issue. Its not about smoking crack, its about sustainable and just government and society.

Its not what Ron Paul says, its what people hear (fear).

Mainstream Republicans need

Mainstream Republicans need an enema.


When I read mainstream republican I think George Bush.
When I think of George Bush I see Rick Perry

When I read enema I think George Bush
When I think of Dubya's enema I see RON PAUL !!!!!



way to go Ron!!!
that's the way to do it.
in my humble opinion one of the most powerful 5 minutes yet.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul


2012 looms as a test of competing economic theories

USA Today
June 20, 2011

Dr. Paul is only mentioned in the photo for the article showing Romney, Paul, and Pawlenty from the NH debate. The great theory difference is that Pawlenty wants to spend 18% of GDP and Romney wants 20%...The Great Divide indeed.


youtube has been removed

Know your stuff, learn real history and economics @LibertyClassroom.com

Typical media propaganda hit piece

Here's the video:

Bwahahahahaha typical media propaganda hit piece.

Yes Ron did exceptionally well to defend all the subtle smearing in this interview but the negative frames in viewers minds were set nevertheless. The subconscious message of this interview was that:
-his straw poll wins are meaningless
-he wants to legalize hard drugs and prostitution
-he wants to eliminate health care
-he wants to weaken national security by eliminating HLS
-he is nuts
-he is too old

I'm telling you even if Ron delivered a stunning performance, and he did, this interview could only sway people who actually listened and studied Ron's positions and turned off everyone else which unfortunately is the wast majority of viewers. Simply just typical propaganda bullshit, get's me sick to my stomach just listening to this crap.

Don't loose faith!

The more they try to deface him ,the more people look to see why. twenty years ago thats what made me look ! i have been in his camp ever since. ITs our JOB to make sure,propaganda can't stick, by the way , we spread the truth!the man is only telling the truth !Don't think the common man is stupid,..the common man is starving!!..and RON PAULS the PORTER HOUSE STEAK! don.t let the media bootlickers get you down. it will be the grass roots that gets DR paul thru this primary, not favorable press.


If States Rights

would be used as an excuse to deny the personal liberty of non-violent individuals then I would ammend the Constitution to ensure that states couldn't do that. If you support Ron Paul it wouldn't make any sense to want to vote in your state to make drugs, prostitution, or any other freedom of choice illegal.

What States?

I challenge you to produce proof that there is a Union State left today. Read the current so called Constitution of STATE OF WHATEVER. They are all federal district states. They don't even have borders because they are just federal corporations like Amtrax or something.
There are no State Citizens in STATE OF INDIANA. That jurisdiction was abandoned decades ago.
Only the U.S. Government and its federal district states exist today and U.S. Government is really just a tool of the U.N. With no real sovereignty left.

The bank foreclosed on U.S. Government 99 years ago. Now the liquidation sale is going on.

States Rights! Hah! That War was lost 146 years ago, there are no "States" anymore. Completely extinguished.

The Oracle

Ron absolutely must counter the fringe questions

I liked what Ron Paul had to say, but bemoan what he has failed over and over to say when it comes to questions about the scare questions such as him wanting to legalize heroin.

What he should be saying more clearly and emphatically is something along the lines of

"You are missing the point of what I have said. What I have said goes to the issues of personal liberty, freedom and the powers reserved for the states by the Constitution."

"I am not in favor of legalizing heroin. I am simply saying that we should adhere to the Constitution instead of overstepping it and let the states handle it, the same as the states should be handling a great many issues where the federal government has overstepped their constitutional bounds."

"We are supposed to be a Constitutionally guaranteed Republic of sovereign states and sovereign individuals with freedom and unalienable rights which are served by the Federal government - not a group of servant states and citizens who are dictated to by an overpowering Federal government which takes away more and more of our liberty and freedom and tells us how and what we can do in just about every area of our lives."

He needs to counter such questions very emphatically and specifically - and keep doing so every time they come up. Otherwise, the mainstream is going to hound him with such issues endlessly and scare off a lot of voters.

I love the suggestion another poster made about Ron Paul also slipping in the fact that most of our founding fathers who created this great nation would likely be labelled fringe candidates if they were running today.

And I agree with the need for wardrobe and makeup work. Substance over style count most with those of us here - but style does sway many voters and there is no need to just disregard those voters.

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Spot on!

Spot on!

Columbus, Ohio

Well said

Although Ron did better than I would have at re-framing this guy's attack. I do like the idea of blasting the Federal government for overstepping it's Constitutional bounds though.

Bill O'Reilly

Just gave his answer to his question about the Whole Package thing a "pretty good answer" rating in his reality check segment. If he likes it imagine what others thought of it.