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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 6/20/11: End Obama's Illegal War in Libya

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 6/20/11: End Obama's Illegal War in Libya


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End the Wars or No Debt Ceiling Increase

Its pretty evident what needs to be done. Stop ALL the wars now, or no debt ceiling increase. Unequivoca­l terms. End it immediatel­y or no more money--for anything. If the walls come tumbling down, so be it.

The government deserves not one dime if they continue these wars, for anything, from anybody, for any reason. If it means elderly and children go without food, they did it because they thought more of their wars than they thought of their people.

Let them deal with the fallout from the ramificati­ons of such a decision as the markets crumble and economic catastroph­e hits the world. Its their war, they have to justify the reasons why the multitude of wars is somehow, in their twisted world, more important.

97% say Dr. Paul won the debate


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By now this is

what I wish to see. Coordinated, peaceful but direct and feisty conflict with the decision makers.

Bilderberg meeting 2011

Globalist calling for a big war. "It will have to be a big war involving several countries to advance our goals of a global economy. Keith Alexander, Director of US National Security. On June 10, 2011 Gate addressed the Bilderberg meeting and spoke for one hour. He spoke of esclating the war in Libya. He was upset with Dennis Kurinich(Democrat Ohio) for introducing a bill in Congress to stop the war in Libya. Congress failed to pass it by a large majority.With invasion set for either Sept.or Oct this would have upset their carefully laid plans.I find it interesting that only six countries that have no centeral bank controlled by the Rothschilds. Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea,Sudan, Cuba and Lybia. Just wondering!

Bob Marshall

Just make sure you do not go

Just make sure you do not go on the Libertarian party on facebook because they do not look through party lines. I spent 2 days not even saying RP is the perfect Libertarian but that he is pushing people that way and that bashing him would be stupid. I eventually got blocked. They had a swat team of 6 that if anyone who supported RP they would just bash them.


Yes I have had this argument with them many times....they are a small group of regulars who make the whole party/movement look bad. I say we do go on there and just out number them

Advocating Liberty all the time http://tinyurl.com/4yhzbjo

I tried but they blocked me

I tried but they blocked me and now i cant post anything... i cant even like anything on the page.

Thanks Dr. Paul.

As always, enlightening, informative and truthful.

We are getting more than our money's worth from the great work by Congressman Paul.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

pls add text to the audio


Congressman Ron Paul
Texas Straight Talk | June 20, 2011

Strange Definitions of War and Peace

Last week I joined six Republican and three Democrat colleagues to file a lawsuit against the Obama administration over its illegal war against Libya. Now that more than 90 days have passed since the president began bombing Libya, no one can seriously claim that the administration has complied with the clear requirements of the 1974 War Powers Resolution.

In a remarkable act of chutzpah, the administration sent to Congress its response to the growing concern over its abuse of war powers. Its argument, in a nutshell, is that the War Powers Resolution is not relevant because US armed forces are not actually engaged in hostilities because Libya is so militarily weak it cannot fight back! This explanation would be laughable if not so horrific. The administration wants us to believe that there is no real violence because the victim cannot fight back? Imagine if this standard was applied to criminal law in the United States! I am sure Libyans on the receiving end of US and NATO bombs feel hostilities are quite definitely taking place.

We must recall the origins of these attacks on Libya. The Obama administration made no claim that Libyan leader Gaddafi was killing his civilian population. Rather, the claim was that Libya might begin killing its civilians in the future. One need not defend Gaddafi's regime -- and I most certainly do not -- to object to this flimsy and dangerous rationale for violating the sovereignty of another country. Imagine a scenario where the UN approves military action against the United States as a preventative humanitarian measure over US enforcement of its immigration laws, for example!

Now in Libya we see the possible use of depleted uranium shells, we see infrastructure destroyed, we see universities bombed, we see all the "collateral damage." Yet, this is a "humanitarian intervention”?

In our lawsuit against the administration, among other critical issues we are demanding that the courts provide relief and protection to the country from the administration's policy that a president may commit the United States to a war under the authority of the United Nations and NATO without authorization from Congress, and that previously appropriated funds by Congress may be used for an unconstitutional and unauthorized war in Libya or other countries. These are fundamental Constitutional issues and I expect the judicial branch to treat our challenge with the same level of gravity as we do in the legislative branch.

Remember, we were told that this attack would last "days, not weeks" and we are already three months and likely nearly a billion dollars into it. As the bombings obviously target Gaddafi's houses, even killing some of his family members, we can see that the real goal is regime change rather than protection of civilians. Do we know much about the rebels whose side we have taken in what is, in fact, a civil war?

Although it is a bit late, I am pleased to see that congressional leadership has started to listen to our constituents, who are solidly against this war on Libya. I commend Speaker Boehner's expressions of dissatisfaction with the administration over this war and I sincerely hope he will use the full constitutional authority granted to the legislative branch to bring into check an administration clearly out of control.

Polls show that the American people increasingly favor a truly conservative foreign policy: one that rejects the leftist, utopian doctrines of nation building and preemptive war, and one that is NOT funded by debt. Forcing the Obama administration to obey the clear letter of the law is one step towards restoring a traditional, patriotic foreign policy that serves American interests.

I can't add the text

I wanted to add text but I can't edit the post anymore(it was front paged).One of the Mods or Michael perhaps can add it.

Thanks so much -- many people can't watch videos on their computers so you posting the text is perfect for them.

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Another classic Ron Paul message - logical & common-sensical

Perhaps Congress is going through the American Spring awakening as well! Catching up with the grassroots ;-)


Every Ron Paul Straight Talk video was always posted on the front page in the past -- please add this one as well.
I am sure when MN comes online he will agree.


LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Obama says it's not really a war

because the victims can't fight back.


Libya not only has oil. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), its central bank has nearly 144 tonnes of gold in its vaults. With that sort of asset base, who needs the BIS, the IMF and their rules?

Discussed here:

I researched that and you are

I researched that and you are right. Also, don't forget, like Saddam, Gaddafi was going to use his own currency. The gold denar and stop accepting the weaking US dollar for oil payments. That made Washington mad.Since they couldn't duplicate his currency.

Bob Marshall

Ohhhh, okay! So the German attack on Yugoslavia wasn't war

Ohhhh, okay! So the German attack on Yugoslavia wasn't war either! They couldn't fight back because of overwhelming odds. Belgrade was bombed, 30,000 killed, and the whole country conquered in a week.

That must've been one of Hitler's kinetic actions, eh?

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Ask any warmonger who claims

Ask any warmonger who claims this isn't a war one simple question - if China was doing "precision air strikes" to the US, without troops on ground, would you consider it war?

The first Iraqi War was for

The first Iraqi War was for all purposes over in three or four days. The Revolutionary Guard was marching back to Baghdad waving small white flags. The USAF bombed then until there few left. The US Army dug mass graves and buried trhem with bulldozers. Like My Lai in Vietnam the Army tried to cover it up. Literally!Many legs and arms were sticking out when they were photographed by foreign news media because the US News media was kept away. Not that they would have said anything anyway.That is why Saddams' Army was so small in Kuwait.

Bob Marshall

war is peace...

in Big Brother's language war is peace -- therefore Obama is waging peace & receives Nobel Peace Prizes for doing it.

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