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Dr. Ron Paul signs Susan B. Anthony List Pro-Life Pledge -- Romney, Cain, Johnson Refuse!

This is great news! And is especially important since there are still people who try and argue Ron is not really Pro-Life. There are also many Johnson supporters who try and make believe that Ron Paul and Gary Johnson have the same (or similar) view. This should clear this up once and for all.

Here is the announcement: http://www.sba-list.org/2012pledge?s=0617SBAP

Here is the actual pledge with its exact wording and Dr. Paul's signature affixed: http://www.sba-list.org/sites/default/files/content/shared/r...

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Paul Campaign Slams Romney for not signing the Pledge.

“Given Governor Romney's past flip-flops on the Right to Life issue and his support for Obamacare-like individual mandates, this stance is very troubling. Right to Life conservatives must question Gov. Romney's commitment to our cause.”

-- Statement from Jesse Benton, Paul's campaign manager, emailed to Huffington Post on June 20, 2011.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!


It's fortunate they wrote this pledge the way they did, because, except for item 4, all of this was written within the scope of things a president can do without violating Constitutional prohibitions. Of course, Dr. Paul would probably prefer to get rid of some of these departments rather than appoint someone to them.

He has been very clear that abortion is a state issue like murder, assault, and manslaughter, and as such, not within Congress' jurisdiction, and, of course, the president does not make law. Only counterfeiting and treason are federal crimes, really.

He will appoint judges who understand and respect the Constitution.

Item 4 is never going to happen.

Even those who believe that individuals bear final responsibility for abortion decisions can live with this pledge from him, I think. Anyone else? Who knows what they'll do...

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Actually, that is not a fair

Actually, that is not a fair representation of Dr. Paul's position.

In fact, Dr. Paul's Sanctity of Life Act (which he introduces time and time again) does allow for federal action to prohibit abortion. Dr. Paul is no fool, and you have to read the wording of his bill.

His legislation would bar any federal court from ruling on state laws that PROTECT LIFE OR RESTRICT abortion, however his legislation would continue to allow federal courts (inluding the SCOTUS) to further restrict or even ban abortion. The way he has it worded is pure genius.

Number four (or some variation of it) will not only happen, but happen before the end of the decade. It's good to know that Dr. Paul as president would be using the bully pulpit to advance that or similar legislation. Dr. Paul has delivered more than 4000 babies and says life begins at conception. Because of that alone, you have to believe that this is something that he takes very serioulsy though is smart enough not to make it the focal point of his agenda, as so many others do.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

good for Dr. Paul--

boo for the others!

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

i wouldn't sign it

some of it is good though.

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Rand Paul 2016

Certainly, you are free to "focus on economic issues and...

ending the war;" but if you really like Gary Johnson better for his "pro-choice" views, go support Gary Johnson.

Can we please focus on...

the economy and ending the wars?
Social issues do nothing but divide. Honestly, this makes me like Gary Johnson more.
I understand people that are pro-life don't want to have an abortion...so don't. But I do not support an organization that wants to take away a woman's right to choose. I understand not wanting taxpayer funded abortions and federal funding of planned parenthood, but trying to outlaw abortion is not an issue I want to focus on. This is where a lot of libertarians disagree with Dr. Paul...and it will completely lose the independent vote and any hope of gaining democrats to our side.

Who made YOU the Decider?


No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

yeah, it was all me...

that made the economy the top issue in this election.

wars are the side effect of

wars are the side effect of an immoral country.

Individuals have morals

Individuals have morals (well, at least some do). Countries do not.

oh please...

Wars are a side effect of rich, arrogant royalty and dictators who want to transfer wealth, obtain more power, and destroy groups of people.

Hmmmm.. Can you see the

Hmmmm.. Can you see the similarities? Abortion is used to destroy entire groups of people as well.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!


a poor, single 19 year old girl who decides to terminate a pregnancy is equal to evil royalty and dictators. Seriously?

We will have to agree to disagree on this...as long as you don't try to legislate away my freedom to choose.

Yes, seriously

Murder is murder. I know you don't like to hear that, which is why you keep asking for people to drop the subject. Remember what they said about Goldwater? In your heart...

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

I ask to drop it...

because freedom is what brings us together. Those are the topics we should discuss: personal liberty & economic liberty.

Also, I ask to focus on those topics because this election is going to be about the economy and the wars. If you want Ron Paul to get votes, focusing on abortion is the quickest way to alienate half the voting population.

Murder of a PERSON is murder, yes.

Using your logic...Why should

Using your logic...Why should you (or anybody) have the right to legislate my freedom to choose.....To kill my teenage daughter? Or my annoying neighbor?? Or the jackass that cut me off on my commute home?

If your idea of freedom is that you can trample on the rights of others in the name of your own freedom to choose, then we don't just disagree on this, we disagree on the very concept of freedom in general.

In fact, if your idea of freedom is that you can set aside of the right to life of another in the name of your own freedom, then you are on the same wave length with the Dick Cheney Neo-Cons who make the same case for unjust wars....The wars that take place in the very name of freedom.

I am glad Dr. Paul supports legislation that would ban abortion even at the federal level and its one of the many reasons I support him.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

your argument...

implies I believe a 2 month old fetus is a person with rights. I do not. So to compare that to killing a teenage daughter or annoying neighbor is a false argument.

You will never convince me a non-viable fetus is a person with rights. It is a completely different argument when the person has been born.

Forgive me if I take Dr. Ron

Forgive me if I take Dr. Ron Paul's word (a Scientist and Physician who has personally cared for more than 4,000 unborn babies over some unknown discussion board poster.

When we allow ourselves to become sidetracked by non-sense arguments over viability we end up with those who argue for legalized murder up until the very second before birth. This is the same mentality that leads some to argue for unjust wars where many are killed in the name of freedom.

Once we as humans decide that some life is more important than others, it leads to a very slippery and dangerous slope. Dr. Paul argues that it is not consistent with the liberty message to say that some life is less important and therefore not worthy of rights.

It gets so nutty that a drunk driver who kills a pregnant woman is charged with two deaths (as he should be) but if that pregnant woman employs a doctor to kill the child, its just a choice.

We can not complain about unjust wars, or the TSA, or the police violating our rights if we are so willing to trample on the rights of others in the name of freedom simply because we have discounted their worth as a person because they are less developed than we are.

If we do not allow liberty for all, we will soon live in a world where its liberty for none. Looking around at the world we live in, I am afraid we are far closer to the latter.

My argument does not at all imply that you believe a 2 month old fetus is a person with rights.

My argument implies that Dr. Paul is correct (And as his Sactity of Life Act dictates) that Life begins at the moment of conception and that ALL life is worthy of the protection.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

I disagree with Dr. Paul.

The man is not my king. I agree with a lot of what he says, but not everything. He also says abortion should be decided by the states.

Your argument for the rights of a fetus seems to discount my rights as a woman.

I speak from this thing called reality. The situation isn't pretty, and I'm not a fan of abortion. But, I would never take away a woman's right to make that choice for herself. It is none of your business what a woman does with her body.

We can argue this all day long. The difference between our solutions is that you want to take away another person's choice. That is not freedom. So what do you want, abortion to be illegal? Yeah, that will stop it. Are you going to put young women in jail? How about the guy who got her pregnant and into the situation? FREEDOM to choose is the answer. If you are pro-life, fine. Educate those in your life and influence your community. But making abortion illegal will work as well as drug and alcohol prohibition.

RPjay, this was (is) actually

RPjay, this was (is) actually my only disagreement with RP (which amazes me) but I have become a little softer on my stance over the past 3 years. Although I agree with everything you said, there is the case that the Constitution gives everyone the "right to life". Ron sees this fetus as a LIFE because, as a gyn doctor, if HE did ANYTHING to harm a woman's baby during treatment, he would be held accountable. It translates into his current position. There would, however, be a lot less abortion if unwed mothers were prohibited from any sort of government assistance, other than childcare if they could show gainful employment.


What does geography have to do with it?

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

They both kill kids. Heck,

They both kill kids. Heck, one could argue that killing ones own kid is the evilest of the two.

But either way, just as so called evil dictators around the world is no business of US government, neither is possibly evil 19 year child murderers. Most, quite possibly all, problems in this world is self correcting as long as government stays the heck out of the way.

I agree--

not sure how that explains the pre-Roe Versus Wade wars, but I still agree with the principle.

John Adams said it best--

Those who pushed Korea and Viet Nam (the 'elite' in government at that time) did not have morality in mind for the future of America--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Well said!

Well said!

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

I think

it can be argued that Ron Paul is staying in line with the constitution here on two counts.
1. Every man has the right to his life. (Ron believes life starts at conception)

2. The federal funding issue.

This will certainly improve his support from the conservative right and we need all of that we can get.

like I said...

I can get on board with opposing federal funding, as I would for anything not listed in the Constitution.

I understand Ron is Pro-Life, and I respect that. I am a pro-choice libertarian who chooses to support Ron Paul despite this difference.

My point was that this is no time to focus on social issues when it is all about the economy and war at this point. If our country is broke and our military is killing people all over the world in undeclared wars, the social issues that divide us in this country should basically be irrelevant in this election.

I am not here to argue when people think that life begins. You will never convince me a fetus should have the same rights as people.

Conservative R's would never vote for a D in a million years, so like I said earlier, the social issues are irrelevant. Social issues divide, that is my point. Liberty brings us together. Stay away from the abortion talk, it alienates people.

I like Gary Johnson just as much as I like Ron Paul, so I would be happy voting for either.

Yeah, come on

Let's not quibble about killing babies. That just divides people. Forget life, let's just worry about liberty and property. Oh, wait...you can't have liberty or property without life, can you?

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

Isnt't it amazing.... We

Isnt't it amazing.... We complain about unjust wars, the violation of our 4th ammendment, the TSA groping in places they shouldn't.....But so many of our fellow patriots (who say they want liberty and freedom) come unglued when you talk about protecting the life of the most vulnerable of all? It's fine to accuse Bush of personally being involved with blowing up the world trade center (as if there is nothing divisive in that) but talk about unborn children and all of a sudden you are divisive and have crossed some imaginary line.

There should be nothing divisive about Liberty, Freedom, and Justice for all.

Dr. Paul gets that.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

I was unaware that any of Dr.

I was unaware that any of Dr. Paul's views should be avoided, and frankly I reject the notion that protecting the lives of babies is any more or less important (or any more or less divisive) than stopping the killing that happens in unjust wars.

It would seem to me both issues are important. In fact, in the GOP primary, ending the wars is more divisive than is Ron's solid pro-life position. Furthermore, Gary Johnson has stated that in some cases he supports intervention in other countries.

All of that really makes you like Gary Johnson?

I am anti-war and pro-liberty for everybody, even those that Planned Parenthood want us to believe are not really people. So Ron's signing the pledge makes me like him even more, if that were even possible. :)

It is a good thing Ron signed this pledge and leaves no room for debate about where he stands on this issue. I am proud to support him.

Make no mistake. Ron Paul is the ONLY Liberty candidate for president that supports Liberty for ALL.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!