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Video: Ron Paul Talks Gold in Washington on "The Street"

Recent video not sure if anyone seen it so I figured I would post.

NEW YORK (Washington D.C.) -- Congressman Ron Paul breaks down the best way to fix the U.S. economy: the gold standard.


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Better Solution...

Bill Still, the author of The Money Masters, and The Secret Of Oz has looked at the deep history of the Central Banksters and the Goldsmiths and has a better way:

1. Private Banks (profiteers) including the crooked Federal Reserve should never be allowed to create money, or control the supply of money.

This therefore disqualifies Gold, and other "World Resources" as a 'solution' to the problem, because the global Central Banks own far more Gold than you and I, and therefore would always have the capacity to manipulate the supply and the price of Gold (just as we have today with J.P. Morgan, Silver prices, etc.)

2. Number 1 (above) requires that the medium of exchange be something that the Banksters have zero control over, and cannot either create, contract, or manipulate on their own. It really does not matter what is chosen, whether it is "tallysticks", debt-free "Greenbacks", or any other debt-free, Sovereign produced item -- which is then totally free from the clutches of the evil profiteering International Bankers.

As Thomas Jefferson said, the control must be in the hands of the people only (which means Sovereign-controlled money) through the U.S. Treasury -- and which would be completely divorced from any relation to the current, crooked debt-bearing privately-owned FRN system (which would of course be abolished).

3. Private Banks will be allowed to loan money only, but never to create the money. That is the key difference. But there will be no unlimited lending either, and the deceptive practise of Fractional Reserve Lending should never be allowed (which distorts and corrupts the entire money supply). Lending can no longer be a rigged game, but must correlate with the actual money supply itself.

Doing these three things will give us an Independently-controlled, debt-free money system with honest lending and loaning practises. We will then have a strong currency, low debt (and finally have the capacity to retire past debts), and prosperity.


So understand here that Gold does not really help us. Ron Paul has identified the right enemies, but does not have the correct solution. The proof of this is that the International Bankers themselves have been talking over and over about, and even plotting a "Gold-backed" International currency (through the IMF, or the World Bank).

Why? Because they know that such a system would be very easy for them to control -- as the Banking Cabel owns massive amounts of Gold, and can easily buy up any of the Gold Mining Companies, and then use them for their own manipulations and evil purposes.

If you look at history, the Gold standard never once took away the awesome power of the International Bankers -- in fact they were behind it.

However, they were forced to assassinate Abraham Lincoln to retake the control of The United States which is the clear proof that it was this type if Independent, Sovereign type of currency which had scared the International Bankers the most, and threatened to take away all their evil power. That's the proof here that you need.

"If this mischievous financial policy [U.S. Treasury debt-free "greenbacks"]... should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost (i.e. profit to the Banks). It will pay off its debts, and be without debts.

It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the world. The brains and wealth of all countries will go to North America.

That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe."

--The London Times, 1865 (owned by the Rothschilds)

Those same profiteers do not

Those same profiteers do not know how to survive and prosper in a free and just market. They will doubtlessly go broke very quickly.

Gold and silver are the best bet, and if I were free to do business as I please, they would be the only payment I would accept.


There is no such thing as a "free" market.

Great concentrations of private wealth always rig things to their own advantage, and gain control the things of importance like World Resources.

If Gold is the currency, The International Bankers would buy up and control most of the Mining Companies, and restrict and/or manipulate the supply to create boom-bust cycles .. just as they do now .. and just as they have done all throughout history.

The only true freedom comes from having a system that the International Bankers have zero control over, and where there is no means for them to either create it, or control/manipulate the supply.

Cannot believe that

the Bill Still horse stood back up after the logical beating that it took last year.

Ron Paul's actual solution

Let people decide what to use. If they want gold, fine. If they want to use something else, fine.

Commentators keep saying he wants the "gold standard" but he has said many, many times that he doesn't want that because the "gold standard" is a fractional reserve scheme. He does say that would be better than the current state of affairs because at least there would be SOME restraint on the Fed's ability to print money.

The gold standard is just a

The gold standard is just a rebasing of the currency on the road to getting the government back to gold itself.

Basing money on gold makes no sense, because gold itself is money, and not because of some arbitrary government stamp of its value, but because of how many gold atoms there are.

your totally right, and i

your totally right, and i think ron paul also knows this. The reason he want to check the united states gold reserves such as the fort knox investigation proposal is precisely for that reason he wants to prove that we may not have as much gold as the banksters, if we have less gold than they do then the gold standard will be insolvent. and that why theyre trying to make it hard for him to check the reserves so that this same idea that youve posted will stay suppressed and never be surfaced into the minds of the populous. we've got to prove that the banks can manipulate the gold /silver prices, in order for people to see the actual solution. sort of like peeling away the layers for the truth, if done in incriments it will be easier for people to accept/believe, its kind of like doing what the establishment did to get the following of the populous incrimentally taking away rights and propert over many years so they can tain the population seamlessly to go along with their plans. we must do the same, in order for the ideas and goals to be implemented. thats my take. thanks for reading

Let's hope so

According to Bill Still, he tried to contact Ron Paul and have a discussion with him about Monetary reform, but Ron Paul chose to ignore him.

I would personally like to see these two gentlemen get together, and come to an accord on the correct Monetary strategy, but what I had outlined above (essentially Bill Still's solution) is easy to understand, and solves the problem, and also assures that scarcity and Foreign-control could never happen.

And it could never be corrupted unless we just vote back into office people who will reverse the whole process and go back to debt-based, borrow-based, Bank-controlled money again (like we have today).

So let's do it.

I would enjoy watching Bill

I would enjoy watching Bill Still discuss this with Ron Paul, however Ron Paul and others of the Austrian school have already addressed this issue many, many times. Bill Still is a Monetarist. Dennis Kucinich is also. Ron Paul simply doesn't believe it's any better to let the government print money than it is to let a central bank do so.

The ending

Was classic. Made me laugh.

“I have joined your revolution and I’m proud to be part of what you want to do.” - Ron Paul

It takes so long to think

in terms of value, not money. I really don't think I grasp it fully yet.

Wish we could embed it

That video is amazing. The Interviewer challenged Ron and brought out the message so well. That what interviewers are suppose to do!

Share this video for anyone who says gold is nutty.

Jack Wagner

A grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat interview.

Dr. Paul was on fire and explained everything so clearly. Thanks for posting this, it should be kept in a teaching section for people who want to learn about Paul's platform.

Was anyone else severely

Was anyone else severely annoyed by that girl and her cheerleading of spending and borrowing?!?


She was highlighting the current attitude and setting up........

.......Dr. Paul's answers. This interview was amazing, she was a perfect counter-voice to Dr. Paul's philosophy.

Try not to be so annoyed...

but recognize that this is the thinking of the status quo, or the way people think today. I simply LOOOOVE how Ron Paul always cites historical examples in his arguments! Something very very very few politicians or even people do nowadays.

Gold standard for life!

Not Only Great Answers

This interviewer asked great questions and understood the answers enough to rephrase them to make them more understood. This one goes into my "best of" file.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


Actually respect for Dr. Paul!

If the US went on the gold standard today

at $1500 = 1 gold oz and the Fed structured to credit to maintain that price, the real interest rate on houses would rise from 2.5% to 6.5%. The present value, ie. the price, of a $500,000 house would drop to $150,000. The wage share would instantly rebound and the dollar would be the strongest currency in the world. See What if Paul Volcker didn't fight inflation?

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."


Thanks Steve.

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