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Ron Paul On Ratigan Talking Afghanistan


Airing Date June.22, 2011

Ron Paul On Ratigan Talking Afghanistan

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Podcast Summary:
"Ron Paul returned to MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Show on Wednesday afternoon, to talk about the President's impending announcement of an Afghan drawdown- which amounts to only a fraction of the soldiers who Obama surged in early 2009. Congressman Paul shares his thoughts on why US troops should have left Afghanistan years ago. How long until someone besides Ron Paul is elected on Ron Paul's campaign platform!"

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For those without YouTube access

Here it is posted on the Podcast. Thanks JT!


Thank you once again, Dylan

Thank you once again, Dylan Ratigan, for giving Dr. Paul the respect he has always deserved.


Happy Libertarian

gotta love Dylan

He always gives the Doc his due...

Ya, LATELY..You can not

Ya, LATELY..You can not really listen to Ron as many times as he has without waking up--or at least starting to. It is impossible. I await O'Rielly..

don't hold your breath...

you'll never make it...

thank you for posting

2 on FOX, 1 on ABC and now 1 on MSNBC! Nice, especially on the day that Obama is going to "announce troop withdrawal". Seems that people are wanting to hear from Dr. Paul.