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LPAC Reno, Nevada Sept 15-18, 2011

I got this in my email from the Campaign for Liberty; I did a search here and didn't see it posted, so thought I'd share it:

This September, Campaign for Liberty will host its biggest and most anticipated national event since the Rally for the Republic in 2008.

And the deadline is fast approaching for you to get discounted tickets to this landmark gathering!

The Liberty Political Action Conference (LPAC) promises to set a commanding precedent for political action conferences across the country. Nowhere else will you experience this level of unabashed enthusiasm for liberty, along with the training, tools, and fiery dedication necessary for us to advance our goals of Reclaiming the Republic and Restoring the Constitution.

LPAC 2011 will take place on September 15-18 at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada.

Campaign for Liberty has done everything it can to make sure we keep prices low so as many people as possible can attend the first of what will become an annual event.

But our Early Rate Special for tickets to the four-day Conference (only $79) ends on July 1, when tickets will return to the regular price of $109.

Book your hotel room by July 1 and receive the Early Bird rate of $79.00 per night for a Standard guestroom and $99.00 per night for a Luxury Summit guestroom. Room rates will increase to $99.00 for a Standard guestroom and $119.00 for a Luxury Summit guestroom after July 1.

So don't wait to take advantage of this tremendous offer!

Attendees will hear from speakers including:

Ron Paul - 2012 Presidential Candidate and Texas Congressman.

Rand Paul - Freshman Senator from Kentucky and author of The Tea Party Goes to Washington.

Judge Andrew Napolitano - Constitutional scholar, Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst, and host of Fox Business' FreedomWatch.

Jack Hunter - Renowned conservative radio host and columnist.

Mike Church - Radio talk show host and producer of The Spirit of '76.

Larry Pratt - Executive Director of Gun Owners of America and former Virginia State Delegate.

Glen Massie - Iowa State Representative.

Jim Forsythe - New Hampshire State Senator.

LPAC 2011 will also provide you with top-notch, unparalleled activism training from seasoned experts, who will teach you what it takes to advance our goals, recruit more Campaign for Liberty members, and achieve victory on the local, state, and national levels.

Visit www.LPAC2011.com today for more information on speakers, tickets, the Grand Sierra Resort, sponsoring the Conference, and purchasing a booth in our Exhibit Hall.

July 1 is quickly approaching, and time is running out to take advantage of our Early Bird rates (just $79 for a ticket to the four-day event).

Don't miss this opportunity to gather with hundreds of freedom-loving patriots from all across the country!

Get your tickets today!

In Liberty,

Matt Hawes
Vice President

P.S. The Liberty Political Action Conference is taking place in Reno, Nevada, on September 15-18 and will feature leading speakers in the liberty movement and the very best in political action training. Our Early Bird rates on tickets and hotel rooms expire on July 1, so reserve your spot right away!

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Ron Paul Sept 16

for now he is scheduled for Sept. 16