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It's Different This Time

There are some noticeable changes in the 2012 Republican primary for President. The differences are very noticeable, but the uphill battle continues. For me, the biggest difference is that we are starting half-way up the hill.

Of the Paul grandchildren, I would argue that I am the only one with any clear memories of the first presidential election attempt in 1988. I remember the Libertarian Party Convention in Seatttle, WA in the fall of 1987. I remember being in an elevator with Russell Means and thinking this was the largest man that had ever lived. At seven years old, anyone over six foot tall was huge and Means was probably the only Native American man with traditional beads and braids that I had ever been standing with in such close proximity.

1988 was about ideas, and it was an introduction to a third-party candidate who believed in the ideas about which he spoke. The crowd was small, the newspaper articles were few and far between, but it was about the message.

In December 2006, my grandfather announced to our family that he would be running for President in the Republican Primary. Everyone was together…all five of his children, all of his grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. It was Christmas Dinner, and there was anticipation in the house about what this might mean.

It would be unfair to say that I was excited or that I thought my grandfather had a chance. In fact, I was worried. I saw a ten-term U.S. Congressman who stood for liberty and limited government putting himself in a position to be mocked nationwide. I just didn’t know what to think – but I knew he had no chance of actually winning. My best hope was for him to make a good showing – and further the message.

What I didn’t expect was for my grandfather to take Rudy Giuliani to task and make him look like the fool he is in front of the “once” free world. It was a pretty amazing experience. I got to see firsthand what my grandfather and his message meant to people. My fondest memory was my attendance of the New Hampshire debate and the amazing people from that state we met.

This time, however, things are different. Yes, I know…the media continues to pretend Ron Paul doesn’t exist. But, this time we aren’t trying to convince anyone that we belong in the debate. This time we have a veteran group of volunteers and staff in early states like Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. This time, ignoring Ron Paul will only work for so long…his message has turned the corner and now places him as the leading statesman on these issues because he has been so consistent on them for so long. Not even a Newt Gingrich speech on ending the federal reserve can trick people.

This time, Americans are looking at wars that have now dragged on for ten years. This time, Americans are waking up to the devaluation of the dollar by an unconstitutional central bank. This time, they are feeling it at the grocery store. This time many of them have lost their job because of these monetary policies. And like me, many have wondered if their jobs are secure, and if so, for how long. More people are watching the actions of our Federal Reserve and questioning its authority and whether or not such corruptions should be permitted. At the very least, legislation to actually audit the central bank is popular and gaining steam.

Several weeks back, my wife and I were in the kitchen when a very good introduction piece followed by an interview of my grandfather came on TV. This was not one of those interviews where family members called each other and said, turn this station on because your grandfather will be on in twenty minutes. This was a surprising interview we saw simply come on the station that was on in our home at the moment – a news station of some sort. After the interview, my wife turned to me and said, “You know what, he could win this time.” Ever the pessimist, I could not reply with anything to dispute her statement. I said, “I think you might be right.”

I challenge everyone here at the Daily Paul to reflect on how far we have come since I joined this community in January 2007. Momentum is picking up, and people from all walks of politics and life are joining together because they understand that less government and more freedom is the only way to bring back this great nation that was founded on those principles. This is still a democratic republic where we, the people, determine who will represent us at every level – including our executive.

Our nation cannot continue to exist with government acting and spending the way it is. We will never see the things that made America great again unless we direct our elected officials to quit giving away what is not theirs to give. I am certain that if I spend more money than is in my checkbook – I will be held accountable for those actions. Why has the government not been held accountable for spending more than it has in its checkbook?

I don’t know how the election will turn out, but I do know that it is different this time.

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