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Video Update: Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 6/27/11


Thanks to RonPaulSwede

I was listening to Beck's radio show and he said Ron would be the Glenn Beck show tonight. And it sounded like RP would be on with Rick Perry at the same time. That's what Beck alluded. Beck said he will be going over solutions to our nation's problems.

On a side note: This is Beck's last week on television. Four episodes left. Will the Judge replace him?

Twitter confirmation from @RonPaul

Live stream here: www.live-news-stream.com/...

And here: www.zahitv.com/2010/07/wa...

(Thanks jeffreylayne)

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Link to the Audio

I got a new nickname for Beck

SAM: Self-Appointed Messiah...

"where do you stand with Israel?" what happened to "where do you stand with Liberty, Truth, The People, getting out of debt, Live and let Live, or any other of the hundreds of priorities here at home prior to some 'entangling alliance' overseas..."


I question Beck's purpose for having Ron Paul on the show. I think Beck understands that Paul's views are becoming more mainstream. Does he think the Beck audience could jump on board with Paul? Or did Beck want to bring him on the show to discredit him in front of his audience? I would like to assume based on the Pawlenty comment that Beck thinks his audience should support Paul. Why would anyone who listens to Beck ever want to vote for the status quo "progressives"? I think that regardless of Beck's motives behind this interview, it was a good audience for Ron Paul and he did well to express his views given the circumstances.

I <3 Ron Paul


Beck steals, as his own, all his best ideas directly from Dr. Paul.

Ron Paul is astonishing.

He keeps getting better and better. I'm so glad I watched it. (It was a challenge... for the obvious reason.)

And RP looked sooooo handsome, so fit and so vital, so youthful. And Beck looked awful.

Home run!

And Rick Perry looked like a Damien version of George W!

And Rick Perry looked and sounded like a Damien version of George W!

Dr. Paul's voice was very scratchy in this interview. Perhaps he was hoarse from a bout of speeches?

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

PERRY Too Much Baggage !!!!

DOSSIER: Perry supported AL GORE in the 1988 Democratic Presidential Primaries, and was CHAIRMAN of the GORE campaign in Texas. In 1984, Perry was elected to the Texas House of Representatives as a DEMOCRAT (Dist. 64). He served on the House Appropriations and Calendars committees for three terms in office. He befriended fellow freshman state representative Lena Gorrenzo of Austin, a staunch liberal DEMOCRAT who endorsed Perry's reelection in 2006.


To be a "legitimate" candidate...

...thou shalt worship it, bankroll it, and have no other nations (including the U.S.) before it. Amen.

hating the tree, yet loving it's roots

I find it ironic that those who supposedly hate terrorists the most (U.S. Christians) are those who most cherish it's origins (the creation of Israel).

"Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East,
I can't help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East."
John Sheehan (Marine general, Supreme NATO Allied Commander, retired)


Andy, because you understand you say ironic. For many others its mystery, paradox, enigma, so give-up to the un-understandable, leave it to the $mart ones. To the misled zealots its a mission.
But those who suffer this crazy mission it$ prejudice, bias, malice, racism, u$ury, cruelty, all that favors zion.

Glen Beck half of a political analyst story . Dig for the rest

Glen Beck: only seems to tackle half the problem and that makes me so mad tell the truth the whole truth if you are going to play the God card Glen. Other wise you look like a charlatan to some of us.

How about tell us about the Globalist/Centrist and how they transcend both the Republican and Democratic parties. You might also go into how they use the US chamber of Commerce as a tool to spread their foreign political dogma to all of our communities an local governments.

I don't know if Glens lack of candor is because of his FOX contract or it's just that he to is a Centrist.?
I don't trust him to much , But Mr. Beck did tell us their was more and to go dig it up.
Ron Paul 2012

Clinton/Bush/Obama: Centrist losers with their hand held out looking for a Government Bail Out Program to keep their Dividend checks propped up with Artificial Stimulus "False Profit. Welfare for stock market Gamblers.

Glen Beck is too mercurial to

Glen Beck is too mercurial to be credible with anything. He's just an online jerk. BTW. I'm convinced the media strategy is to allow Ron Paul to ramble on without interruption so people would tune out. The lighting and make-up is atrociously designed to be unflattering. Ron Paul is exposed to overhead lighting giving him harsh glare designed to make him appear older with lots of shadows. This is enhanced by poor make-up job and the interviewers know it.

It looked like "Old Home Week"...

if you watched the whole show, when Beck was interviewing Perry, after all, the Bilderbergs have their "chosen one". It's already been decided.

Beck had a real chance to make restitution with Ron Paul before his career faded into obscurity like Olbermann's, but instead chose the agenda of the neocons.

Beck is toast, never give him a nickel, never click on a Beck link, ever! He's done.

Glenn Beck disrespectful

Glenn Beck introduces Ron Paul by saying "I used to think he was nuts but I still think he is wrong on some things" Then GB interrupts Ron Paul and then rolls his eyes later.

I used to like Glenn Beck but the more I see of him, the more he shows his true self.

1st time I've seen him in years; what a freakin wacko Beck is!

This is the first time I've seen Beck since his Headline News gig a few years back. Good Lord.... What a freakin wacko Beck has become! A total trainwreck of abject weirdness. Thanks be to God he's going off the air, lest I accidently turn on the TV and find him there. Hasn't happened all these years but hey! You never know...!

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Beck's just carrying AIPAC's water!

Lapdog for the zionists. It's that or back to The Morning Zoo.

I'm a former Mormon myself

I'm a former Mormon myself and yes, Israel's mentioned numerous times in the Book of Mormon. The entire story of the book and its people begin in Israel. Glenn Beck is a typical Mormon idiot who equates ancient Israel with the modern socialist State called Israel which have NOTHING to do with each other. He's a typical Christian who is soooo pro-life except when it comes to slaughtering brown women and children who don't worship the American Empire from Hell. Glenn Beck and idiots like him make me sick to my stomach and if there's a God in heaven I hope he burns in Hell for eternity for using his pulpit to constantly call for murder and genocide.

jaseed's picture

Cyrus I Scofield

Thanks, Revere1776, for your comment!
Mormon-ism and Scofield-ism sure have had their affect on the truth.
Please follow the links to Chuck's slideshow:
left column: Christian Zionism's Roots
It's well worth an hour of your time if you never heard of the convicted criminal turned pastor and bible editor, Cyrus I Scofield.

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson

I remember before the days of political correctness...

...where even a white comedian could make fun of other races without everyone getting up at arms.

Nowadays the only people who can get away with racial comedy are the black comedians.

We have the 1st amendment in order to protect such controversial speech.

Oh yeah. I forgot. We don't pay attention to the constitution any more.

The 1st amendment protects

The 1st amendment protects you from getting thrown in jail for making racialist jokes.

It doesn't prevent the zeitgeist from raking you over the coals.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

wow, RP actually pronounced

wow, RP actually pronounced Carnegie's name correct, is there anything he doesn't know?

If I was Ron Paul

I would answer a question with a question with more than 30 seconds to answer, I would say what do you think the best answer for Israel is because my answer does not seem to gain any traction. F em, F Glenn Beck, and F the millions he gets paid to hold up a country that is not his own.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

I would have answered Glenn Buck just as Ron Paul did...

I think Ron Paul did a great job period. Unfortunately, those warmongering at the very far right do not agree with Ron Paul, and I believe those are the ones that need to be pushed out of the Republican party, they are not Americans, they are scared, and fearful of a ghost that does not exist, and believe that our military can keep them safe from our very own CIA that create these Al-Qaida terrorists. I know quite a few folks that really believe that there are terrorists in large numbers that want to kill Americans, but when I tell them they have been lied to, they say our government would not lie, and I think to myself, what fools they are.

Spot on!

Look, if the neocons from the left could so easily take over the GOP and lead us into all the wrong policies that are the antithesis of the conservative platform, (especially now that it is a skeleton with a few blue hairs here and there) there is no reason we can't take over the GOP immediately.

Israel Setup

If you listen to Glen Beck, you know he is very very pro Israel, which is okay if that is how he feels about it. But, I figured this interview was a bit of a setup, and sure enough at the end Glen popped the Israel question to Ron. I am sure Ron knew it was coming, but he keep true to his convictions and maintained his position with how to treat all countries.

Sure, Ron could have said something more in line with supporting Israel which is what Glen was looking for. And, had he pledged full support in every manner for Israel, I am sure Glen would be his new best buddy. Be interesting to see how Glen treats Paul now.

Glen is a bit 2 faced I believe. I know he gets a lot of info from the Alex Jones site, and no doubt voices Ron's positions now as well. But, he makes the attempt to make it seem they are all his ideas.

Was an interesting interview, Ron did well, and Glen squirmed a bit about it all.

Two faced?

Looks like ol' Glen has also gotten two chins now to go with the two faces.

: )

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Glenn Beck = NeoCon..... Its always about Israel for Beck

Beck really is saying... "I didn't notice Ron Paul before 9/11, then when I heard the guy I thought he was a total idiot. Then I saw his rhetoric was amazing popular and he got lots of money thrown his way for saying such nonsense. Then I quickly realized I, Glenn Beck, could parrot each and every idiotic thing he says, and then still call him 'nuts' on the only issue I've ever cared about, Getting America to do Israel's bidding."

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Yeah, the book of Mormon never even mentions

Israel. So why does Glenn even care about Israel. My understanding as an ex-Mormon is that Jesus came to our Continent after his resurection to teach those from the Americas that were not given the opportunity to hear about his miracles. Joseph Smith was contacted by the angel Moroni, and then the Morman church was born. Never once did I read anything about Israel in the Book of Morman, if it is in there will someone please share that with me, I have since given up the Mormon faith when I learned that we can all be kings/rulers of our own planets after we die, but that depends on whether you make to the right level.

Mormons think they will be Kings of Planets?

Are you serious, are you serious? Glens song on his radio show, is about "we will be the kings". I think Mitt Romney is working on that now with this planet. LOL

I would prefer a constitutionaly elected president of a Republic. Ron Paul.