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Only "Endorsements" Section missing from RonPaul2012.com

The new revamped website is great. The issue page, the blog updates and the organization of the site are great updates. The one glaring thing that I think is missing is an Endorsement section. Ron Paul has gotten a lot to of Iowa and NH politicians to endorse him already. I think listing these state senators and congressmen on the website would do a great deal to garner more support from the early voters who are still undecided.

It would sure look very impressive if there were pages of IA and NH local politicians that were showing their support for Ron Paul. Because when people see that their local congressmen is supporting Paul, they might too.

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We could use a bump from Pat Buchanan.

Buchanan was one of the few people Dr. Paul ever endorsed - when he ran in 1992. Pat still has a very loyal conservative following who still buy his books and read his articles - like humanevents. An endorsement from Buchanan would not be a bad start. I would love to see an endorsement from some democrats across the isle this time too. Not to mention, Ronald Reagan endorsed him several times and even has it on record. This is a powerful piece of persuasion missing from the site! Hell, even Sean Insannity would have a good old time explaning away that one!

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