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National Journal: Foreign Policy Opens Fissures in GOP

Ron Paul is winning even when this kind of articles completely exclude him. This is because GOP is finally again debating about foreign policy.


What’s driving the sudden fissures between Republican presidential candidates on foreign policy?

Whether history, deficits, or politics, the foreign policy splits amount to the most substantive disagreements among the candidates on any policy issue. Even as economic concerns remain paramount, those differences could go a long way toward determining which candidate wins the nomination.

“It’s actually the makings of a big debate in the party,” said Charlie Black, a longtime GOP political operative.

Consider how two of the field’s top candidates have treated Afghanistan: Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty criticized President Obama for withdrawing troops from the Middle East country before the military had won the war outright. But ex-Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman flanked the president on his left, saying Obama made a mistake by not cutting troops faster.

The president, whose own candidacy was propelled by his opposition to the Iraq war, suddenly finds his own foreign policy representing a middle ground of sorts in the GOP primary. Such a reality was unthinkable as recently as 2008, when the GOP candidates—led by eventual nominee John McCain—each espoused a decidedly hawkish view of America’s role in the world.

But the shattering of that consensus isn’t revealing new divisions within the party as much as laying bare old ones. Dating back to Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge, R-Mass.—who took on Democratic President Wilson over the League of Nations and won—an isolationist strain has always run through the party, even if it remained on the fringes. The more prominent battle within the GOP, however, has been between Republicans arguing for aggressive foreign intervention, as President Reagan did, or those wary of overseas involvement and promoting a more pragmatic view, like President Nixon.

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Foreign Policy of Freedom

Ron Paul's Non-interventionism is *NOT* isolationism. This article is about why friendship and detente is the best policy (morally and pragmatically) in foreign affairs, esp. with Iran.


Let's honor our troops by ending America's military-industrial complex, and bring the brave men and women home. Happy Veterans' Day!

Actually, this article works for us.

By not mentioning Ron Paul, the NATIONAL JOURNAL" accuses Huntsman of "isolationism."

This video hits the nail on

This video hits the nail on the head! Anyone who can't see what is going on ought to be able to figure it out after watching this video.

What video?


Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

My National Journal post...

Come on National Journal, flip the switch, Americans are starving for courage in the media, stop supporting the status quo, where dying out here and falling asleep listening to this stuff. Your families, our families, everything is at stake. Our kids fighting and dying for corporate profits. PLEASE, go with the honest guy, just ONE election cycle, just 4 years. Stop humiliating a total gentleman and a statesman who has served his country for over 30 years with integrity and only wants to save what's left. With honor and dignity from this moment forward, for what is right for our country and our children...just give him a fair chance...Ron Paul for President in 2012!

I saw what you did...


Well played, sir.


It would appear the GOP is

It would appear the GOP is going to pummel Huntsman into front runner status by mouthing Ron Paul's ideas and feigning Ron Paul's position Policies. We all know darn well that Huntsman is going to use growing popularity of Ron Paul doctrine and pull another Obama by totally proceeding with global agenda as planned once elected. This is NOT a good thing.

Ignorance is bliss

Ignorance is bliss apparently. Ignore Ron Paul from 2007 who was leading this charge!