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Have you guys ever gotten a picture with him?

Does Dr. Paul take very many pictures with people at his events? I want a picture with him so bad. He will go down in history as the man who saved America. It would be like getting a picture taken with Thomas Jefferson.

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Was hoping for one, but the

Was hoping for one, but the good doc was so busy when he came to NY I couldn't get one at the book signing. I did get a couple of him and One of my back and him as he signed by copy. That was pretty sweet for me

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I took a picture with the good doctor the night of his appearance on Jay Leno. I was having a glass of red wine in the picture with the good doctor. My wife and friends love the pic!

RP is great about taking pics

if you ask! Sometimes he is on a time crunch, but he almost always makes time to talk with and thank the people. :)



No pics but a handshake and multiple signatures

He seemed to be genuinely interested in each person he met. Totally accessible, unlike the other candidates who fear their supporters and set up security so that no one can bother them. Mrs. Paul is lovely and easy to talk to also.

I Want to Meet Carol

I'd really like to sit and talk with Carol some day.

And I'd really like to eavesdrop on a meeting between my Dad and Dr. Paul. Both worked for the family dairy as children, have some German anscestry, were born about the same time, served in the Air Force, and have many of the same values.

I don't need the pictures -- it makes me uncomfortable the same way it does him. He doesn't want hero-worship. I think it's great that he understands that it's important to many people -- most voters, too, unfortunately. (Voters need to stop thinking that big government will work if the right hero is elected.)

And, of course, I would be bored to death posing for picture after picture, myself, and I project that. I'm forever grateful he's willing to campaign!

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Yep. In MN at the rally he

Yep. In MN at the rally he took pictures with everyone, but I never could find mine. Somewhere it is out there though. We just all got in line, and got pics.

What a great experience

it was to meet Dr. Paul. I don't remember if I got a picture with him but he did sign a couple one dollar bills to give to my two sons.

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Yes, april 28th in Reno, NV.

Book signing.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


I have several pics

My favorite is with the Dr. standing between my wife and me while he's rubbing my wife's back and talking in my ear! It's on my desk at... The U.S. Mint!!! LOL (not kidding!)

mine only cost $150...

to attend a small group get together just before his appearance at FSU in Tallahassee. Dummie me got to the event and realized my little memory card was still in my computer, not in the camera! Was lucky enough to get a young lady to take the picture of me shaking hands with Ron Paul and email it to me. My wife mailed it to him, he signed and returned it, we framed it. I'm proud of it, needless to say.

In person he is just about the nicest man you'll meet.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose


$500.00 for a great lunch in SF/ no Shrimp cocktail though we did have some good wine. I waited over an hour and then shook RP's hand and gave him a gift basket filled with goodies from Mendocino County (no marijuana) and I thanked Ron Paul for representing my interests, and that is my picture. Once you meet him in person, you will be sure you are supporting a great man, and the bonus was I made some great friends there too!!!


Recently in New Orleans the good Doc.
Hung out for over an hour for pics and
Autographs. What other candidate would
Do that? Or who else would you wait in
Line for an hour to meet?

My wife -- fiancée at the

My wife -- fiancée at the time -- got to give Dr. Paul a kiss on the cheek. I was recording. I was also trying to get my NOFED Ron Paul Liberty Dollar autographed at the same time. I got so caught up in the activity of Dr. Paul signing my coin, that I panned the camera away for a brief second and missed (on video) her giving him a kiss.


Yep! Has been my "wallpaper" on my computer screen

ever since....2008. By happy-chance, pulled into a diner in Gettysburg, PA to grab breakfast before attending his rally...and he was THERE....having a coffee and danish. He was very sweet and humble. My son said I acted like I had just seen/touched a rock star :)

however....as this campaign heats up, I'm hoping

that appropriate security measures are taken. Can not be stated enough!

Jesse Benton looks like Secret Service

just give him sunglasses.

Not mocking him...he DOES look protective and I appreciate that.

Yep. Two in fact.

Yep. Two in fact. One with me and the Doc. Another with the two of us and my friend Steve Dore.

They only cost me two grand, and there was shrimp cocktail also. :-)

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