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What woke you up?

I'm a newbie around here, and I wasn't a supporter of Ron Paul in 2008. I'm somewhat ashamed to say I voted for John McCain last time (primarily because I thought his anti-earmark stance would help limit corruption). I'm wondering what issues led you to support the liberty movement?

The issue that woke me up was the TSA pat downs that started 7 months ago. It made me ask what is wrong with our country? I've done a lot of reading since then (including two of Dr. Paul's books), and it has changed my world view. I feel like a veil has been lifted. I can no longer stand listening to Rush, Hannity, or O'Reilly any more than I can stomach Maddow, Matthews, or Olbermann.

I had hoped Obama would end the wars, torture, and secret prisons. I was one of the many thousands who called and emailed my legislators to oppose the TARP program of Paulson. At least I understand better now why the government ignores the will of the people. Honestly, I have little faith that the oligarchy that runs our system will allow Ron Paul to win. However, I'm supporting him monetarily as much as I can. I have deep concerns for my children's future, and I can see no better cause to support than liberty.

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A friend said to me, "you

A friend said to me, "you should read this book by this republican from texas." This was 2003 and I remember thinking "what do I want with a republican from texas?" But I trusted my friend, read dr. pauls book and something clicked. Suddenly the world made sense. History came into focus. My attitudes and beliefs changed.
Now im more aware of our precarious situation but thats alright because now im also preparing myself.
In a purely platonic non homosexual way I Love Ron Paul!

I have been studying

Liberty issues since the mid 90's. The income tax was my first issue which led into many others.

I did not give a thought to the government being as corrupt and evil as it apparently is until 9/11. There was nobody more pi$$ed off than me and, for the first time in my life, I actually WANTED to kill someone. At 45 years of age I actually considered enlisting!

As the 9/11 investigation was conducted I began to realize that there was a lot of 'smoke and mirrors' concerning the investigation and the 9/11 commission even said the report was flawed when they released it. Nothing "fit" together until then.

I do not know what involvement out government had in the attacks but I do know that the line of sh*t they are feeding us is incorrect. Many things now "fit" that did not previously and things happening the way we are told is IMPOSSIBLE.

I distance Ron Paul's campaign from these issues but I do want another investigation. The Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth LIKELY have it fairly well sorted out by now. Dr. Paul accepts the report as he does the birther issues, etc. Our mission should be to get him elected and THEN pursue these issues!

Give us clear vision, that we may know where to stand and what to stand for - because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.
~ Peter Marshall, US Senate Chaplain 1947

New Ron Paul supporter video bomb


Are you like I am? A new Ron Paul supporter? I have to admit, I didn't vote for Ron Paul the first time around in 2008. But I am now, and am proud to be doing so! Join the New Ron Paul Supporter Video Bomb and show the nation how much this movement has grown!



Just to clarify: This is from Trey Stinnett, not me. I'm just passing ti on.


Change. Then Dr. Ron Paul, Steven Jones, Richard Gage, William Rodriguez, John Schroder, David Icke and others.

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

I've already commented on

I've already commented on what woke me up but I have to add that once I was converted from a neocon to a peace loving individual that's when I realized I was truly ready to fight.


I was a little more statist in my thinking early on, but then I started wondering why all these silly things were being done.

Then my senior year of high school (07-08), my government teacher mocked Ron Paul. I went home and searched him on the computer. Stuff started clicking and I was hooked.

My Libertarian leaning

My Libertarian leaning thinking started really to take of in 2006 while watching Olbermann speaking about the "Death of Habeas Corpus" when the Military Commisions Act was signed, back then I was a Liberal because I came from a Liberal Country (Iceland)

After that I slowly started to shift into more and more liberty thinking, watched Zeitgeist after a friend recomended it to me and from that started looking into Aaron Russo because of the interview with him in Part III of the original Zeitgeist.

Found Freedom to Facism and liked what RP said in that and final straw was when I saw RP at the SC debates knocking everything out of the park. Rest is history and research is still on going.

I'm in my mid 20's, and I was

I'm in my mid 20's, and I was kind of stuck between being a warmonger and not caring enough to learn more than was fed to me from the books for most of my teenage years, a real "us or them" misplaced anger case. As the first bailout was being "debated" I just flipped entirely when I stumbled across something that was just the basic description of what they were doing because I overheard part of a conversation that just seemed to stupid to be true. It seemed so insane, so absolutely counter to the intended goal and the sheer ignorance of almost everyone I spoke with about it was staggering. It took me about a bit of sifting through nonsense researching why everyone was insane enough to think it was okay that the government was buying completely non-valuable assets with money that didn't even exist to find Ron Paul, and I latched on immediately. Before I found all you guys I thought I was practically alone in my sanity. I spent most of my younger life asking questions like "if the paper isn't backed by anything of value, how does it have value?" and "What the heck could gun control possibly do to save me if all it does is disarm me so a criminal will have an easier time killing me?".. albeit in much simpler terms when I was younger. And wholesale I got the answers "It's just the way the world works" and "You'll get it when you're older." Well I finally got it, just not the way all the idiots hoped, and now I spend my time trying to figure out how to get away from them because they keep trying to talk "sense" into me, and I'm tired of being repeatedly insulted.

2008 debate in South Carolina

When the "establishment" is laughing at someone...I start listening "to" that someone...!

When The Media During the Debates Ignored Ron Paul

When the media during the 2008 debates ignored Ron Paul, my curiousity of what they were trying to hide is what woke me up. I wonered why all of the other candidates would be respected and then the laughter and coy questions of the "moderator" were always tossed at Ron Paul.

When I started reading up on him I feel in love with his anti-war stance and freedom stance, but dismissed his Federal Reserve and sound money talk as "crazy" just like the media told me to do.

Once I understood monetary policy and what the TARP program was about I was protesting at the Federal Reserve and infiltrating Tea Party protests with End the Fed literature. I haven't been able to stand down yet. In fact, I can't wait to hand out Ron Paul material on the Independence Day parade here in Mentor, Ohio. The cars in the parade will be decked out with Ron Paul material, our children will be tossing out candy, and dozens of volunteers will hand out Ron Paul 2012 flyers and balloons. I could not think of a better way to celebrate Independence Day than to promote the ONLY Presidential candidate that believes in freedom.

Ron Paul 2012

This is why they play such a dangerous game

when they try to manipulate the conversation. It always runs the risk of waking up a few! Great story and great plans for pushing RP

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!


The great thing about even the smallest light of truth is that it is always enough to repel away the dark of lies.

Obama really needed to be elected so that the left could see that their man (and their party) has become the neocon right.

Light of Truth.

TimG, you just typed/posted a great line, very meaningful, -
"The great thing about even the smallest light of truth is that it is always enough to repel away the dark of lies."
If you could reduce it to a single line, or as it is, place it below as your Signature, - then it will show at the bottom of each of your posts. It will be there as a reminder to the rest of us when-ever you post a comment. See the right side of this page, - there is "My account" under your name, here you will find the space to type-in or paste.

Darkness has never seen

Darkness has never seen light.

Light Banishes Darkness,

right, they canNot stay together.


Was 911, then the MSM propaganda machine and the Bush lies, then Ron Paul..

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

The movie Zeitgeist. When you

The movie Zeitgeist. When you understand that money is actually debt created by the Federal Reserve you see how it (the Federal Reserve)is the basis for almost every problem we have. By the way once you have an awakening I believe it's impossible to go back.
Wakening up was like going through withdrawl symptoms from an addiction. I had to sometimes question whether or not I was losing my mind because you do not want to belive it's all true at first.
Eventually though you climb out of the rabbit hole with a great level of clarity and conviction.

It's still difficult at

It's still difficult at times, because evil is so easy and seductive.

People like us who understand true evil and the methods used could be a greater threat to the world than Soros, Obama, or even the communists in China. They are "true believers" who never critically thought through what they believe and espouse. We have, and we understand not only how evil works, but how to accelerate it.

That is true power.

It is only the unwillingness of people like us to do evil that keeps the world free.

My awakening actually

My awakening actually happened before the 2008 elections. In 2003/2004, I was working hard to help a close friend in a bizarre child support case (that started in 1989) that threw a good father into the deadbeat pile due to handwritten errors made by a county court clerk's office. I and family members all did our homework on the Constitution and Declaration of Independence to understand our rights. We essentially won due to the constant pressure against those who made the errors (we considered it a win considering the current laws). I wasn't fully awake yet but definitely realized how important it was to make sure our political candidates took their oaths of office to the Constitution seriously. I did not vote for a Republican nor Democrat in the 2004 election. As far as jumping on the Dr. Paul boat, this is how that happened. In December 2007, a cousin 10 yrs older (I'm in my 40s) called me and said "Google Ron Paul". I didn't do it for 2 weeks because she made these suggestions so often. I finally did it (about a week after the big Tea Party fundraising) and the first thing I saw about Ron Paul was that he thought people ought to have the right to drink raw milk. I was very perplexed as to why my cousin made the suggestion so I looked a little further. I found he was running for president and that he had never taken part in the lucrative congressional pension plan! BINGO! I learned about it during the child support fight and was outraged because some of the family court laws seemed so unconstitutional. I was so mad at Congress for passing these laws that I didn't think they deserved a pension. From that point on, I continued to learn about Dr. Paul and watched every video online I could find. I saw many home videos too and what I was impressed with was the honesty, perseverance, consistency, and tenacity which Dr. Paul has shown over the years. He never backed away from a serious question; not once. And his debate answers (although he didn't have a lot of questions) made more sense than all the mouth music that came out of other candidates. I knew in 2008 we desperately needed someone who understood the Constitution and our history so as not to repeat the mistakes. I realized how little I knew about American history and started brushing up on it as fast as I could. What do I remember about American history in my public school? Let's see; Columbus discovered the New World, The Mayflower and Thanksgiving, George Washington was our 1st president, Andrew Jackson and Manifest Destiny (because Jackson was from my state), Lincoln ends slavery, World War I, there was a Great Depression and FDR and the New Deal, World War II, , , , , . That was about it. Since I've been attempting to re-educate myself (and I have a long way to go), I realize what we've allowed to happen with our apathy and ignorance. Now, I can't wait till the next election. If I don't understand where a candidate stands, I don't even vote blindly. I don't vote for a party. I vote my conscious. And in the past two presidential elections, I was proud of my vote. I voted for Ron Paul in the 2008 presidential primary and wrote him in at the end because I would not have felt right voting for someone I felt was wrong for the job. I knew he wouldn't win and I didn't care. In my opinion, Obama's win was the best thing that could possibly have happened to us because it has awakened the Sleeping Giant. But I don't put all the blame on him; Paul has pointed out many examples of where we've gone wrong and it's not just on the presidential level. It starts at home too. This is the kind of awakening that doesn't go away once it's happened. And that's what has given me hope for this country.

The Federal Reserve

When I learned about the Fed I decided I'd only give credence to media outlets, politicians or economists who spoke negatively regarding them.

Because after all, unless they're ignorant or benefiting from the Fed, how can anyone possibly see no public harm in a cartel system created by a group of international bankers meeting in secret?


If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

Former Bushie and neocon

I voted for bush both times. I noticed something wasn't quite right about the reporting of 9-11 but couldn't put my finger on why the whole thing seemed fishy and it didn't make sense to me that they attack us bc "we are rich." In my heart I believed Bush when he said they had WMD in Iraq. I wanted to make someone pay for the fear I felt and I am completly ashamed to say I wanted blood shed.

Then there were no WMD found. Bush passed no child left behind and the medicare prescription drug plan. I knew that SS was soon to be insolvent and that I would probably not see any of the money I had paid in so it didn't make sense to me that in the face of these financial problems, they were increasing spending instead of dealing with the problems. I became suspicious and could feel that something wasn't quite right in our contry and with our government but I still couldn't put my finger on exactly what the problem was.

In 2007 I talked with my dad about how it seemed everyone was living so far beyond their means. EVERYONE has a huge flat screen TV. EVERYONE is able and did buy big houses. EVERYONE is driving expensive SUVs. I told my dad that there is no way that this is sustainable. All the manufacturing jobs were already mostly gone. Outside of the GM plant, our town looked like a ghost town. I told him that I feared that there wasn't going to be nearly enough jobs and that I thought the housing market was going to collapse because of high employment. I thought this would take years....little did I know the crash was already underway.

I was extremely disgruntled with Bush and the Republican party but realized the democrats were no better. It seemed to me instead of dealing with the problems they just wanted us to keep our heads buried in the sand. The major news outlets ran hours of coverage of brittney Spears meltdown but I never heard one serious discussion about the problems this country was facing. To hear them talk, everything was sunshine and lollipops but I knew better. I could feel in my gut that this country was in trouble.

By his point, I was no longer in support of the wars and could see them in a more realistic way. It was about money and oil not democracy and freedom. I felt lied to and had honestly given up hope that any politician even cared much less was honest enough to help us. Then I saw Ron Paul in the SC debate and thought "My God! Did he actually just say that?!" (about the wars) I voted in the poll for him that night. When they started saying that he won but didn't win, I knew something was up because we could only vote once. So Fox news dowplaying and lying about that poll is what actually made me go to the internet and search Ron Paul. From there I was able to educate myself enough to make all those things that had made me suspicious over the years make sense.

Ron Paul woke me up and gave me back some hope. For that, I am ever grateful.

This sounds so much like me

Add in the detentions at Guantanamo Bay and the abuses of the PATRIOT Act and slowly my eyes began to open. Then a friend of mine showed me a video clip of a Ron Paul interview in late 2007 and it was all over.

Not an active poster here,

Not an active poster here, but this is an interesting and important question. Like most people, I was raised unaware of alternative points of view. When I was 18, I was interested in conducting a personal experiment by not watching television. I committed to three months, zero TV. During those three months, I had to work to inform myself and I found myself stumbling across more and more alternative points of view that fascinated me. After my three months was up, I perceived my life to actually be *better* and so I continued the experiment. It's been 15 years now...and it's been continual and progressive growth for me. I stumbled into Ron Paul's writing in 2000 and this began my interest in the Federal Reserve, the deficit, the debt and alternative economics. Many years later, I singularly attribute "waking up" to the act of unplugging from the system.

Awesome story! Never know

Awesome story!
Never know where life can take ya. :)

I have a TV

I have a TV but only watch DVDs and play Wii on it. Haven't had any channels since they made the switch to digital two years ago. Haven't had cable in longer than that. I do miss it some times but realize how much better off we are without it. My daughter reads more than any other kid I know because of it. I read more than I would if we had it. We spend more time together playing board games and cards without it.

The only thing I really miss is being able to watch baseball and football from the comfort of my couch in my pajamas. lol

I am now 53 years old and I

I am now 53 years old and I haven't owned a television for my entire adult life. I don't miss it at all.

Ron Paul and Alex Jones

Ron Paul came first. I wanted an anti war candidate and I was still in the left/right paradigm. Ron Paul made me realize that there was such a thing as being fiscally conservative and anti war. I also learned from him about the Federal Reserve and the role of government.

After that I discovered Alex Jone's radio show. He shared the same ideas but expanded on them on how the UN and the establishment of world government would replace America with a fiat world currency which we will pay carbon taxes too. In addition he alerted me on how the wars were for the military industrial complex and the banks who financed the wars. Once I learned that Wall Street financed the Soviet and socialists in order to collectivize the money and it only being kept for themselves I took the red pill. Once I understood how world extermination comes from fluoridated water, GMO foods, vaccinations, and the dumb-ing down of society through psych warfare I woke up. In addition after learning that we created Al Quada and they carried out the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks we were under psych warfare so that we believe that we are under attack from under armed enemies from a cave for world domination by the private banking families.

Live Free or Die

reading a book about Noah Webster...

...a very forgotten "founder"...

In 2007 I realized that at

In 2007 I realized that at last that we had an honest man running for President. A man who realized that our military empire is both immoral and economically unsupportable. A man who knew that the mainstream Republicans who claimed to be fiscal conservatives were a joke, giving us bigger deficits every year. A man who would not throw away the Bill of Rights just because some terrorists hijacked some planes. Do I agree with Ron Paul on everything? No. But if I had to agree with a politician on every issue I'd never be able to vote.

At the personal level Ron Paul is impeccable. He is a good husband to his wife, a good father to his children, a man who gives time and money to charity, is rigorously honest, and can not be bought. He is more pro-peace than any Democratic politician. If all Christians acted like Ron Paul the religion would be in much greater repute.

As for McCain, he was just George W. Bush with incipient senility. I do not want a president who never met a war he didn't like.

I was/am a Republican

I was/am a Republican committee person, a former neocon, and only watched Fox News. I had never heard of Ron Paul until I watched a debate in May 2007 and heard the Julieanni exchange. My first reaction was, "Why am I agreeing with that guy everyone is booing." I thought, "What is he going to say to Julie's challenge to take it back." I couldn't believe it when he calmly explained blowback and I thought, "OMG that just made so much sense."

Like so many other people, I immediately googled Ron Paul and was absolutely hooked. I knew something was wrong with "they attack us because we're rich" slogan and knew I was so unhappy with the Iraq war, all the broken promises and out of control spending. Hearing Ron Paul have the guts to tell these people the truth on live TV rocked my world.

Then he won the poll! What a night!