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New Hampshire Poll, Ron Paul 3rd at 8%

Ron Paul beats.........

Sarah Palin
Rick Perry
Tim Pawlenty
Herman Cain
Rick Santorum
Newt Gingrich
Jon Huntsman
Ruby Guiliani


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This is where Ron Paul's PERCEIVED Weakness needs to be

Addressed again and again and again by the campaign.

Whatever they see in Romney, Ron Paul has got more of it.

That must be MUST be the focus of the RP Campaign.

Doing MORE OF THE SAME will just get you more of the same.

Its time to SELL Ron Paul THE MAN and get people to LIKE him over Romney.

Its Marketing 101. Its packaging. Its emphasis on what the electorate needs or wants to see in a candidate. Ron Paul needs to understand that SELLING LIBERTY 100% of the time is NOT what the voters WANT TO HEAR. So obey the voter Marketplace, and give them WHAT they WANT, (that is without of course changing your positions). SO learn fast what it is they are liking about Romney and show them that you HAVE MORE of that quality. Is it "looks presidential"? Then buy $1000 suits, watch your mannerism and give off the authority that we and the Revolution need you to have. Of course you Ron Paul do not WANT to Run our Lives, but people like the Leader, so OUT-Leader Romney.

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What you are talking about is

What you are talking about is called "positioning". It's finding the optimal way to package your candidate (aka "product") so that it is able to capitalize on the largest possible number of voters (aka "consumers").

Ron is different from Romney is different from Michelle is different from Barack. Telling Ron's story in a way that appeals to the voter to maximize on their perceived benefits by "trading up" to Ron Paul is the assignment of his campaign (aka "the ad agency").

Romney and Bachmann

In my view, I can see Romney getting good numbers because he is a media darling and is loaded, but Bachmann to come in second is pretty sad.


I don't see it as "sad". It

I don't see it as "sad". It is the state of things. Apparently, there is a big demand for a Sarah Palin-like conservative voice. Whether you choose to agree with that or not, it seems to be a fact. I don't like it, but whether it is Bachmann, or Palin, or someone else, people are ready for "her" to step into an underserved segment of the political "market".

how true

I still would rather see someone like Lady Thatcher there then. At least she was correct about what would become of the EU.


listen guys, polls do mean something..

for those of you who survived RP's 2008 run with me.. we held all the same hopes & arguments state by state we were saying "polls mean nothing.." "margin of error?.." etc etc

but when the primaries actually happened, those low poll numbers turned out to be VERY accurate.

..so what i'm saying is, we have A LOT of work to do!!

americans worship satan, what

americans worship satan, what can i say. i thought they got down hardcore in iowa, but i at least thought 50 percent of new hampshire would vote for ron paul. thank god i have a job now, it was almost 3 years without one, couldn't even get fast food. so.... i don't know... 8 percent? christ. americans worship satan.


they thought john mccain was

they thought john mccain was the peace candidate last election. is that true? who are these people? the majority. who are these people?


There were 400 likely

There were 400 likely republican voters in that poll.Another poll that says absolutely nothing.

Just a slogan

If New Hampshire residents don't see the "Live Free or Die" value in Ron Paul, they need to trash their slogan. I mean, come on. Maybe their State, like the entire United States, has moved way away from their foundations. The United States had a Constitution once upon a time, but it's only vaguely followed now, only when it "fits" the agenda.

alan laney

i saw ron paul's eyes squint

i saw ron paul's eyes squint in the interview last week on cspan. while he was squinting he was saying that the americans will choose their own enslavement if they beg for more of the status quo. It's a universal judgment coming down on the people, the rothschilds were able to train their kids to stay kids.


New Slogan: "Live & Die as a Prisoner" - I know New Hampshire h

as America in their blood! Please New Hampshire let America know you are the champion of the Constitution and Freedom!


3rd ... come on - I think the slogan "live free or die" should not be in New Hampshire. How can those people not vote for Ron Paul. If Ron Paul does not win New Hampshire something is terribly wrong with those people and don't abide by their slogan.

RP 2012

Margin of error 5%

I wonder how many times the margin of error is used against Ron Paul to lower his real number. For example they say he is at 8%, but he really could be close to 13%. Bauchmann is at 11%, but it is possible she is really at 6%.

Then you throw wasted votes for Rudy and Palin when they are not even running. I would say the margin of truth could be really off.

margin of error

When the poll crooks state it's 5% it's probably 15%.

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Poll's Pollsters

The pollsters are the error and their margin of being so is large, no, humungous. So, just add 15 or 20 percent to RP's number so that you get the accurate number.

Besides, who believes 1.3 million people voted for Ron Paul in 2008? One and a third million people voted for Ron in 2008 -- really? No candidate signs were what Ron's signs were, all over the place -- in yards of course, on freeway overpasses, in countryside, in woods, along hills, on porches, in windows, in cars and other places. So present was Ron Paul support that Rudy Guiliani in my favorite RP video acknowledged it. Speaking of accuracy, the counter of that video changes more often (in the wrong direction, down) than a chameleon in the sun changes his colors. In '08, it had more than a million views. (*chuckle* That analogy reminds me of politicians' nature, except that of Ron and Rand.) That video is Ron Paul Rising, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRTDynbHVYQ. I'd embed it but I don't know how to embed videos. Moderator, if it's possible, would you embed this video? Thank you.

That 1.3 million voters is as close to accuracy as this poll or any orther poll Ron is in where he's at the bottom or middle of. The pollsters are frauds, just as the author of an article someone here today posted about saying Ron and Rand are against anything group oriented. A person who says that is: 1) dumb as dumb is or 2) has a screwed agenda. That's right. There's no option where the person is ignorant because the claim Ron is against groups is a-b-s-u-r-d -- patently. Yes, that claim is so absurd it could be patented. And its owner needn't worry about it being infringed on. Rightfully so because everyone would veer from that patent because it and its holder because of it are dumb. Chances are, though, that person isn't dumb, making him or her one bad boy or girl.

Ron Paul, 2012. Be free. B-) <---- sun glasses and smile

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

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If the poll is done scientifically

Then the margin of error has nothing to do with the number presented.

The margin of error is determined by how many people were polled out of the total targeted group/population. The numbers given as the results of the poll should be just that.

If 100 people were polled, and 8 voted for RP, then he has a 8%, but say, that 100 people were polled and the opinion they were trying to poll is from a population of 10,000, what ever has been determined based on statistics to be the margin of error (100/10,000 actually polled, there is obviously a chance it doesn't accurately represent the total views of the 10,000 people desired) is what is given.

The margin of error doesn't allow the pollster to move numbers up-and-down or back and forth.

If he is polled at 10% and the margin of error is 5%, then what the numbers are saying is in a FULL POLL of the target populations RP would poll anywhere between 5-15%. If the were like, "Oh 5% margin of error, let's make his score 6% then" it wouldn't work. Then his margin of error would be -1/+9. It'd no longer be a "margin of error."

I hope that makes sense.

It's statistics.

Jack Wagner

What you left out:

If Ron is at 8%, and Mrs. IRS Prosecutor is at 12%, with a 5% margin, then it is possible that, if the actual election were today, Ron *could* get 13%, and Mrs. IRS *could* get 7%.

In other words, polls mean NOTHING if the margin of ERROR is greater than the difference in percentage.

Further, conservatives are NOTORIOUS for not participating in polls. Only Ron Paul "conservatives" are outspoken about their (our) candidate. That's why Ron wins online, text, phone, and straw polls.

We get out the vote.