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Attack - needs educated and eloquent responses

Not only does this attack
the Pauls, but libertarian philosophy.

"The Pauls are associated with an ideology called Libertarianism. Libertarians oppose government social programs and restrictions on the capitalist market . They advocate hyper-individualism, viewing any kind of solidarity as a form of much-despised “collectivism.”

By railing against “big government,” libertarians are able to capitalize on a mistaken tendency to view the abuses of the capitalist state as simply examples of overreaching authority rather than a concerted assault by the capitalist class. On certain issues, like the Patriot Act, the war on drugs and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Ron and Rand Paul can even seem progressive. However, Libertarianism represents a deadend for working people and distorts the key political questions facing oppressed people."

ht tp://www.pslweb.org/liberationnews/news/ron-and-rand-paul-racist.html

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Avoid The Temptation

I wouldn't comment on that site. It doesn't appear to get much traffic and I see no reason to help them out. I don't see any comments for any of their other articles which leads me to believe that no one reads them. It's likely that anything you submit will be sensored anyway. The article misrepresents libertarian ideas and those of the Pauls. You are dealing with ideologues set in their beliefs who can't be reasoned with. I say ignore them.


screw that site. It promotes socialism. We are never going to win there. They love government.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

collectivism is fine as long as

You dont force others to participate. Family and friends or perhaps a community is the most important collective. Notice paul is leading the call for opting out of many failed and doomed public programs. I heard the other day that the unfunded liabilities of social security was more than the world's gdp, not sure if thats accurate but... i'd believe anything ay this point.
Ron paul, as i understand, doesnt have a problem at all with people getting togeher and pooling their efforts, as long as they dont infringe on the rights of their employer. If they start beating up their replacement workers during a strike, or racticing intimidation methods or blackmail, laws have been broken. Boycotts, strikes, and protests are all included in the free market, but as expected, violence is againt the law.
Big government helps the upper classes the most. Subsidies, bailouts, and corporate welfare is the order of the day. People still on the left, as I used to be, haven't yet realized that regulations on industry were and are supported by the industry giants because they protect against new competiton and assure the loss of jobs to other countries (i recommend reading leftist Gabriel Kolbko who realized this in his books Railroads And Regulations and Triumph of Conservatism.) And also that we have in fact had capitalism only as karl marx has prescribed it, a cozy relationship between big government and big business or corporatism with central banking and income tax etc etc... ron and rand seem progressive because they are the true progressives that chose to do some furher research than what they were told in tenth grade history class.
Best i can do, probobly manny errors and typos as i am using a dang cellphone to surf the netthese days.....