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Current Meetup Competition Standings


Irvine, California (in Orange County, south of LA) and New York City now lead. It won't be a bad thing to have Dr. Paul visit the media centers of the country. Especially if our brethren in those areas match the grassroots efforts of other locations.

Personally, I'm still hoping for Columbus, Ohio to sneak in there. It's closer to me than any of the other leaders plus I would get to visit White Castle for some delicious hamburgers.

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Philly and NYC now lead the way

Philadelphia and New York City now lead the Meetup group contest. This is going down to the wire.


The thing you have to remember is that a group had to have raised over a minimum amount of $11,500 to be eligible for either first or second place, as per the rules. So, once we figure out how many breached that threshold, we'll know the winner.

I think Philly raised somewhere between $15,000 and $20,000 on this last day, so New York will have had to have raised at least $13,000 to have won. That's a very rough, but informed estimate.

Anyway, it was a great thing for the campaign, and I'm glad we did this. It really shows our organizational strength and we used it to network even more effectively.

Philly raised...

in excess of $18k on the last day. I know because I was counting the money.

I added up the numbers

I put my calculations here

Until we know how much either the first or last group raised, we can assume the total raised is $100-500K (yes, a 400K difference, so find out!)


White Castle does not serve delicious hamburgers.

I just thought I would give you a heads up. :)

Slyder pilot

You're talking to a slyder pilot with oak leaf clusters here. I can down a dozen at a time.

While I agree MSM Centers are a good place

Rural areas, like Northern California that don't even have MSM press unless one subscribes, there is No NYTs, LATs etc, there are no news stands with multiple choices, there are papers like the PRESS DEMOCRAT that cover several counties with "dailies" and those dailies are battling between HILLARY and Obama. I got into it with the Press Democrat who refuses to publish any letters to the editor about Ron Paul and they informed me point blank, "THIS is HILLARY COUNTRY, we don't serve YOU!". This is what the rural Meetups, who combined, don't have the memberships of the BIG City Meetups are struggling with.

An offer was made and ignored by San Francisco Meetup for the NoCAL Meetups to contribute to their Meetup for the Meetup competition in HOPES they might swing Ron Paul this way, as a chance the media would report on a presidential candidate passing through. But Ron Paul is scheduled to be in San Francisco Sept 13th for power feeds, so they really aren't interested in the competition anyways.

I would like to know how rural areas imbeded in Democrat controlled areas can get some Ron Paul action without having to travel hundreds of miles for a personal experience that NEVER makes it into any media here.

Congratulations to whoever wins the Meetup competition. Now how about the little guys who need the most help?

I think it's good that NYC is in the lead.

Ron Paul needsto get to New York. He needs to be all over NEw York
Specifically the Buffalo Area. I've been reading FreeBuffalo stuff and listening to Paleo Radio
a little bit, and I think that Paul could Beat Gulliani in NY if he would just campaign their. If Paul wins New York, Gulliani is over, and New York is a Winner take all State.

Yes Iowa, NH, and SC are important -- to make sure Paul makes it to New York. But the NY Primery is going to be very important this time too.

Since NY City is so close to winning, I'm tempted to donate in group 50s name. Paul's already been to California a couple times.

If Ron Paul got to New York city so that New Yorkers could hear his message, I think most Republicans would lilke him over Gulliani. Perhaps people should donate in the meet-up contest in group 50's id?


SD Ron Paul liberty Operation up an running.

Donate here https://rally.org/southdakotaforliberty/donate
Volunteer for Phone from Home here http://www.southdakotaforliberty.com/node/4

No need to do that

There's no need to do that, as the there are TWO grand prizes of Ron Paul visits. If NYC finishes second, they'll still get a visit from Ron Paul.

Not quite

My understanding is that one grand prize goes to the group that raises the most money and the other goes to the group that raises the most money per member. That is why there is a group with two people on the leaderboard. A larger group is funneling donations through them to get the most money per person prize.

Drain the swamp!

fair distribution of prizes

It occurred to many of us that funneling like this would happen, and I expect those groups may be disappointed in the final decisions of the campaign. I think the fairest thing, and what I hope we actually see happen, is that those four or five groups that have been hovering near the top, all get grand prizes.

NY, Philly, Irvine, Chicago, and NH can all benefit. Although, I am sure NH is already getting their share of visits, including the rally scheduled on the 29th.

You would probably raise quite a bit at each of these places, and hitting four cities isn't exactly an overwhelming commitment.

That said, my own hope is for Philly, because the other cities have much more money, and it has taken some pretty intense organization across several states for us to keep up. That group has been trying their heart out, and they deserve to get a break.

R3volution Redux

I'm sympathetic to the kick-ass effort by Philadelphia and its associated meetups, but I hope that Philadelphia won the competition for a different reason. As the city that gave birth to the Revolution and the Constitution, Dr. Paul should there announce the Constitution's re-birth. We will win in this task of restoring our freedoms. R3volution redux.

The issues?

How does the Press Democrat stand on issues such as the Iraq War and the DEA raids on medical marijuana users? Perhaps letters on those issues without mentioning Ron Paul could get people thinking. I can't see Hillary stopping either of those things given past experience.

I see you

The first letter I sent to the Press Democrat was to inform them that the Federal Elections Commission quarterly report showed Ron Paul got 52% of the GOP troops support, and 26%, more than any candidate, overall. I included the breakdown of both parties, Hillary's was 11%, and I ended the letter with a question, "Are our troops getting news we are not? Why would they support a candidate no one has heard of? I believe they did not publish the letter because as (I was told later) they are supporting Hillary and she recieved 11%.

Another letter I wrote was about the Board of Supervisors, past and present DA, the Sheriff and many people in the community coming together to support Proposition 215, Medical Marijuana, with a county law, Measure G, which allows Medical Marijuana patients and/or their caregivers to grow up to 25 plants. I applauded the effort of the community coming together whether one is for or against Maesure G and/or Prop 215. I then went on to say, that the Feds have never in 11 years approved of Marijuana in any way shape or form, and that it's important to the county to look at presidential candidates who would respect the hard work our community has done, and suggested that Ron Paul would be the best candidate.

Another letter I wrote was a response to one of our local Green Party protesters who has been waving a peace flag for 5 years and was saying "dissent is patriotic" and basically blaming the GOP for the war. I suggested that he actually desend from the Blue/Green soap box, join the GOP and vote for Ron Paul and wrote many attributes to Ron Paul.

Then I wrote to them complainiing that only twice since the races began, they have Ron Paul's name mentioned in their paper, where he is listed as a candidate for the GOP, and where he is listed in a debate. His name is only in a list, nothing about him.

Then they called me to ask me to subscribe, I told them I wouldn't because I was a Ron Paul supporter and they were censoring Ron Paul, and that's when I was yelled at being told, THIS IS HILLARY COUNTRY, and so I wrote them another letter, but to circulation about the phone call and they said, "You're on our "Do Not Call List". and they hung up.

ALL of the meetups agree we have a problem, a big problem.

Now I have gotten letters into the "weeklys", which they edit...that's fine, I'm happy to see Ron Paul's name, but the weeklies are not what people read, it's what they use for lining the tables for canning berries and fire wood starter. So that's when the idea of the Meetup competition seemed appealing IF we could get some help from a big city. Hmmmm Maybe the big cities should have "Adopt A Rural Ron Paul Meetup Group?" Something, somehow needs to happen.

Now everyone who knows me (and this is a small town and allot of people know me) knows I'm a Ron Paul supporter because i'm one of the few folks that actually has a bumber sticker (I have two), I wear three Ron Paul braclets, I wear one of six tee shirts, or my sweatshirt with RON PAUL, and I wear my "I want you to Make America Amrican again" Apron with Ron Paul dressed as Uncle Sam, and I pass out liberty cards when I work, and offer Slim Jims to folks, most who are at this point mad at me because they are Democrats (I swear I think if the universal healthcare passed out chips that said Democrat they would line up), My cabin looks like Ron Paul headquarters with all the hand made signs I have (before I got some like I see on YouTube videos) so I have ten yard signs and three banners I've been planning on hanging for "Paul Bunyan Days" starts the 31, so I'm going to be putting the signs up in the wee hours of the morning on places I think are the saftest, yet good exposure, and hope no one has me ticketed (like some of the horror stories I've read about here from dirty tricks, which is highly possible). But all this is not enough....now I did start a Meetup Group, but that is another story I'll be happy to tell you if you want to hear it. My point is: I don't think I'm alone in being from a RURAL LIBERAL CONTROLED AREA,that really needs some HELP, like a Ron Paul visit. Hmmm..maybe Ron Paul can come bail me out of jail? That would be good press and worth it (I guess, I've never been to jail so I don't know...I really don't want to go to jail...but this campaign being a rEVOLution..I guess that's the risk?) I HOPE NOT. I don't know...Maybe I can buy a Ron paul mask and pretend to be Ron Paul visiting?