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Charges dismissed against woman arrested while videotaping traffic stop from her front yard

he case against a 28-year-old woman charged with obstructing governmental administration after refusing a police officer’s order to leave her front yard while she was videotaping a traffic stop has been dismissed.

WHEC reported a judge dismissed the case against Emily Good of Rochester, New York on Monday because there was insufficient evidence of a crime.

Good was arrested while she filmed police officers conducting a traffic stop in front of her home. Good's recording shows the officers saying that they feel threatened by her standing behind them because she seemed "very anti-police."

The arrest added to the already heated debate over videotaping police officers.

In a joint statement, Mayor Tom Richards, City Council President Lovely Warren and Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard said they agreed that the case should be dismissed. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2011/06/28/charges-dismissed-agai...

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It's a pyrrhic victory....

a true victory would have been the cop getting fired. He's still around and he'll still spread his tyranny on good-hearted docile citizens.

This is very good news,But?

Here is the problem,When you decide to sue as it should be,You are only suing yourself and your fellow taxpayers.They will be the ones to foot the bill.Until we abolish absolute and qualified immunities, this kind of injustice will continue to prevail.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Good for her

Now its time to sue the cop and the department for trespassing, false arrest, false imprisonment, and emotional distress.

She should sue the officer

She should sue the officer who arrested her. Filming the police is just plain good sense. It is not an anti-police activity unless the police are in violation.

Why do police have dash cams in their cruisers? It demonstrates what the situation is. It protects the officer from spurious excessive force claims. But it can also expose police abuse, should it occur.

Considering that there are cameras everywhere, and we are constantly being recorded without our permission, the legality of taping without permission has already been established.

If I were a police officer, I would welcome having my activities taped. It could very well protect me. At the same time, I view armed citizenry as back up. As long as the police have the support of the community, their back is covered. It's when they act as agents of the state that they begin to lose public support.

I have always supported law enforcement. But in the few instances where the police abuse citizens, it's good to have a record of it. And when the police are justified in their actions, these videos will vindicate the officer.

It is very suspicious that

It is very suspicious that police are so adamant about citizen bystanders filming their performance on the job. You would think the police would welcome supportive evidence against false allegations that may occur.

I would be happy to donate

To the legal fees to burn the police. Both the officer and his supervisor just to begin with.

sue the bastards


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oh, no!

this ain't over by a long shot...send this volley around the country...

the police threatened? my white arse!

what this did, thankfully, was to again expose the idiocy and lunacy, in fact, the stupidity that wears the badges in this country

this officer should resign and seek other, more gainful, means of employment as he will always be the stupid, cowardly, gestapo type officer thug that people will point to when they need bad examples

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