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Polling Nonsense

The Des Moines Register poll of Republicans caused quite a stir this week. The congresswoman from Minnesota could not have asked for a better piece of news to correspond with her official announcement: It showed Michele Bachmann down just one point to Mitt Romney in Iowa. Meanwhile, Tim Pawlenty had to suffer through idle questions about whether or not he was a “first tier” candidate.

But just how seriously should we take that poll, and others like it? I say, not very seriously at all.


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This poll sent me through the roof

Not because only 400 supposed republican caucus goers where polled, but because of the manipulation of the comment section in there news article about it. I started posting when their was about 20 comments. I added a few comments with facts and links to supporting evidence for things such as Bachmann not being a constitutionalist. Then the worthless moderators started deleting my comments. Only it was worse than just flat out deleting them, you see they showed up for me but no one else. So I cleared my browser and sure enough they were all gone, but when I logged back in to comment again, miraculously they showed back up. I am a little ashamed I spent like 2 hours trying to keep ahead of the moderator. They left some of the responses to my posts, such as the 3rd reply to the top comment, where I commented that the fairtax is not going to be fair until the federal reserve is addressed.

I wouldn't take it seriously

I live in Iowa, and I'm pretty sure I didn't get to participate in it.


I agree.

The polling business is so manipulative. They can get a poll to say anything they want. Anybody's pollster can, but the real damage is which ones get the media attention. Unfortunantely, a lot of people base their intentions on the polls. Of course, Ron Paul's good polls get minimum coverage, if any........and low and behold, I think the GOP has found their little darling in Michelle. So whatch out. My gripe is that the Ron Paul people should have anticipated this from years of experience, and put a plan of action in place to counter punch the media. How? I'm not sure, but there are some professional media people out there for hire that know how to do it. Ron Paul is getting the brush off again, and it's as if his campaign didn't learn anything from last election.

alan laney

I agree but, ....

the msm has used polls like the CPAC, and others in the past to elevate "their choosen ones." By disallowing the manipulators the opportunity to build status for the "status quo" candidates by Dr.Paul winning these polls can only help our position. Who on a national scale, cares about the Fargo Daily Corant, or have even heard of it? So what if it shows Sarah Palin ahead, or Tax attorney Bachman ahead? See my point?

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ya..a nationwide poll of

ya..a nationwide poll of active voters (and start with calling all C4L members..).