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First Western country to say no to the banksters

Well done Iceland!


We are behind you all the way. Thank you for your courage and for showing us the way.

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I thought Massachusetts Was The First Country To Say No

I recall something about tea, stamps, and a shooting at Lexington.
Does that Ring A Bell for anyone else?

Of course The Crown Banksters came back once the shooting stopped. They always worm their way back in. The way the Banksters operate is so simple. Like any gangsters they simply "promise" a share of the loot from any country they are about to loot to co- conspirators. These promises of loot are called promissory notes. They are just shares of the loot issued to the intelligence officers, traitors, and other fifth column soldiers the banksters employ to conquer whole countries.
The banksters will simply promise some new group of conspirators in Iceland shares of the loot if they help the Banksters re-conquer Iceland.

We should focus more on the shares of the loot promised by the banksters (Crown Court judges) to the C.O.P.S. (criminals openly people snatching) for every American they collar and bring in to ve sold into bondage. We have the world's worst Bankster Occupation in History! Over 75 % of the banksters on Earth are here on American soil! They call themselves the BAR and buy and sell contracts on humans, that is to say sell bonds and promissory notes on our future labor to their customers, the banks and corporations. Maybe we should deal with our own British Crown Bankster Occupation and although happy for Icelanders freedom this Independence Day perhaps focus on the terrible infestation in our own Land.

Time for a New Tea Party and some Bankster tar and feathering. You need not go far to find a local Bankster Slave trader. They are everywhere in America. They do their dirty business in slave trading pits they call courts. Look there and you will find the black robed Bank of England Banksters who rule our Land.

Massachusetts said no first, just to be clear.

The Oracle


i'm going to research some blogs/newsites so that (we) can comment on their courage and congratulate them.

the best thing we can do, imo, is to privately do business with icelanders via internet and packages.

i like smoked fish.

Somebody go warn Iceland!

We will be on the way as soon as we get done in Libya, Iran, Iraq, N. Korea, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Venezuela.........

Give us clear vision, that we may know where to stand and what to stand for - because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.
~ Peter Marshall, US Senate Chaplain 1947

Are you kidding

The banks got the power to send agents to bribe politicians, judges and lawmakers to eventually own the country again!

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why it may be a good idea to liquidate bad debt - also if you are a country: