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The General Media will Push Back Hard

We all know that the National media prefers to have full control of conversation. This is not only apparent in general interviews but also apparent in Presidential election cycles in general.

Every time we see any news outlet pushing a specific candidate on obvious biased terms we know our campaign is being effective.

I can't tell you how many times in the past two weeks I've listened to local radio and watched numerous News programs and all of them (with the exception of Glenn Beck) completely ignored Ron Paul - in fact, one specific station listed "ALL" running Republicans and Paul was not even mentioned. I hear "Bachmann Romney" all day and night.

It's important to know if this is happening we are gaining traction.

So the equation is the less Ron Paul is discussed in any news outlet, the more headway we are gaining and "scaring" the living daylights out of some bigwigs.

The media outlets are terrified of losing control. because if they lose their voice, they lose their business and profits are gone!

This is all the more reason we need to keep the emails, calls, sign waves, messages and anything else we can do going strong.

Do not become discouraged for a second!! Keep spreading Ron Paul videos, Ron Paul quotes, Ron Paul interviews, honest publications, etc... Just keep passing them around in any way you can.

The general media wants nothing more than to make us feel like we cannot defeat them and wave the white flag.

Unfortunately we are American and sadly most of them are anti-American, but it's American tradition to have all odds against us and overcome the unthinkable, so this is our time once more to rise!

Let's push this over the top and promote Ron Paul's message like we've never done before!

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I'm in. RP12

I'm in.


Let 'em.

The harder they push back, the more blame will fall on them if Ron Paul fails. If we win, they are stuck with us. They are in a no-win situation.

create new media and media outlets

We must enlist some high powered knowledgable people in the area of big media who want liberty and to be an alternative to the regular media.
Even if starting out small and delivering weekly newspapers to many areas will accomplish a lot.
You all are doing what you can, but the truth is Americans listen to main stream media and read the newspapers to get their daily brain washing.
You can many times find out our Enemies plans by reading the newspaper and know they often do the complete opposite. They are Masters of Mind Manipulation.
There must be a way to get an Independent news source out to the people

The failure to educate each generation in liberty allows it to be stolen. To educate is to secure it.