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Bill Kristol on Fox News "Ron Paul Is Anti-American"

I was watch Fox News today at 12:15pm and they said Ron Paul is "criticizing" and "taking on" Abe Lincoln. I knew a hit piece was coming so I kept watching.
They had Bill Kristol (editor for the weekly standard) on to "discuss" Ron Paul comments about the civil war on Meet The Press. Kristol said Paul is "a crackpot", "a crank" and "anti American" among other things, he also said Paul "hates liberty".
This was the most ridiculous un"fair and balanced" thing I've seen on television yet.

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Paul "hates liberty"!

I can't take it... the irony is too much!

LOL, I think even he

LOL, I think even he realized how stupid that statement was after he said it.

There's somethin' happenin' here...

They are so desperate

and if they keep stuff like this up, they will loose whatever remaining credibility they half left, which isn't much.

Bill Kristol and his slander on Ron Paul

I was sickend by the slanderous remarks made by the war monger, stating that Dr. Ron Paul was anti American, He is more American then any of the other Candidates running, You should be ashamed of youself for those remarks, when Dr. Pul was not able to defend himself.
You are the anti American and pro establishment, and in my mind a real looser.

Not surprising at all

Kristol is one of the KingPin Neocons. I think he was just "let go" from TIME magazine too.

The Time Magazine is OWNED by the Rockefellers!

The Rockefellers are one of the owners of the Fed. they like to stay invisible. If they fired Bill it is not because he's a neocon but likely because he's bringing to much attention towards our landlords!


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