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The Bachmann-CCRKBA Connection - Ron Paul NOT a "Constitutional Conservative"?

I don't know what the people at CCRKBA and SAF are thinking, but they apparently just authorized the Bachmann campaign to send out a funding appeal with the subject line (I'm not kidding):

Finally, a Constitutional Conservative Announces Candidacy for President


I can think of a couple others who announced before Bachmann - and neither of them voted in favor of the "Patriot" Act reauthorization. Bachmann was PROUD to announce that vote - a good indication, I think, of her idea of Liberty: "Let the government spy on Americans for no reason at all and to hell with the Fourth Amendment."

Here's the same message on a web page so you can see for yourself: h ttp://mail.conservativecontacts.com/hostedemail/email.htm?h=f35abeee2525e348fddac43a96b78b38&CID=9178082700&ch=D1AE969E5BAA216FE80AE6C8E5447571

The contact email address for "gunalerts" is: info@gunalerts.com, just in case you want to comment on their, uh, error in judgment.

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