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Peter Schiff Nails Obama on Chinese Debt

Another "Peter Schiff was Right" video in the making:

Peter Schiff the prophet calls out Obama 27 months beforehand.



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Obama's Statement

Thinking about it, Obama might want to be more careful about what he says about the Chinese holdings of US debt. He is fortunate that they keep buying it. If they choose to dump it his career is over.

I can see the Wikileaks report in a few years that shows the statements flowing back and forth about Obama's statements.


...and your research skills are also to be commended.

I like how he gets it all started about 20 seconds ahead of your place mark...

Cuimhnigh orm, a Dhia, le haghaidh maith.

I did it from memory

I saw that one segment and remembered Peter Schiff's interview from two years ago. This piece about paying the Chinese is one of the salient parts.

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Brilliant, energetic and charming. . .

no wonder wall-street exec (= big gov managers) fear him.

lol he is very prescient!

lol he is very prescient!

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Prescient and entertaining

He is prescient and entertaining. His analogies and metaphors are not only illustrative, they make me laugh as well.

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